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Mauritius is ripe for discovery, drenched in tradition, and full of humiliating heritage and modern culture. And we’re going to show you the real Mauritius. That’s why we created the Palmar SALT. Its colors, stories, customs, sounds, and flavors form a brilliant, heady mix that is impossible to ignore or forget.

When designer Camille Walala saw the clear blue sky, the pink sunsets, the green sugar cane fields, and the explosion of colors used to decorate the houses in the village, it was love at first sight. And with local producers making furniture, sculpture, and finer details, Mauritian influence comes through loud and clear. It makes the boutique hotel special. This is inspiring. And this is a very happy place to be.

The chefs cook up super-healthy and downright indulgent foods. Good food makes people happy – and that’s the point of SALT of Palmar. Food is a huge part of Mauritian culture. It says it all about this island’s story. It’s African. It’s Indian. It’s Chinese. It’s French. It’s down to earth and high in flavor.

How much does it cost to stay at Salt of Palmar?

The average cost to stay at Salt of Palmar is $98 to $298.

How far is Salt of Palmar from the airport?

Salt of Palmar is 70 minutes from the airport.

How many rooms does Salt of Palmar have?

Salt of Palmar has 59 rooms.

Is Salt of Palmar All-Inclusive?

Yes, Salt of Palmar is All-Inclusive. 🍹🥂

Is Salt of Palmar Adult-Only?

No, Salt of Palmar is not Adult-Only.

Does Salt of Palmar have villas?

No, Salt of Palmar does not have villas.

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