Split Apple Retreat

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An Exclusive Intimate Luxury Lodge

Located on the edge of the Abel Tasman National Park on the South Island of New Zealand, the Split Apple Retreat is an exclusive luxury lodge and wellness retreat featuring some of the best bushwalking in New Zealand, as well as secluded beaches, sea kayaking, and a drop-off helicopter service at even more remote areas.

Private paths lead to two beaches- neat the base of the property and the other through a private easement via adjacent land to the beach with the famed Split Apple Rock, 120 million years old, after which the retreat was named.

Immerse yourself in the pristine landscape, infinity saltwater swimming pool, beaches, spa and sauna detoxifying, a plethora of massages, acupuncture, meditation, and other remedies for stress reduction.

The hotel’s culinary artists produce exquisite dishes with the best health benefits in a collection of fresh, delicious, gourmet dishes, taking into account your food preferences, as well as dietary requirements.

How much does it cost to stay at Split Apple Retreat?

The average cost to stay at Split Apple Retreat is $1002 to $1883.

How far is Split Apple Retreat from the airport?

Split Apple Retreat is 22 minutes from the airport.

How many rooms does Split Apple Retreat have?

Split Apple Retreat has 3 rooms.

Is Split Apple Retreat All-Inclusive?

No, Split Apple Retreat is not All-Inclusive.

Is Split Apple Retreat Adult-Only?

Yes, Split Apple Retreat is Adult-Only.

Does Split Apple Retreat have villas?

Yes, Split Apple Retreat has villas. 🍹🥂

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