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A Canvas to Paint Your Dreams

Tania Milos is situated on the enchanting island of Milos in the picturesque coastal village of Pollonia. Our primary concern is to satisfy your every need. Enjoy our amenities under the sun of the Aegean sky, which in its brisk mornings colors the Aegean Sea light blue and gold as the sun reflects on its waters during the sunset.

Our Home is our childhood, enchanted by the sea, waves, sunrise, and the sunset that paint the landscape in such a way that the creator, nature itself, is jealous of the most aspiring artists. So we decided to share with you the experience!

Luxurious rooms await your arrival at Tania Milos, as well as a suite ideal for couples. Our main concern is to provide genuine hospitality and all the comforts of luxurious accommodation in luxurious rooms, in an exclusive location surrounded by pure natural perfection that can boast of selective places in the world.

How much does it cost to stay at Tania Milos?

The average cost to stay at Tania Milos is $217 to $315.

How far is Tania Milos from the airport?

Tania Milos is 20 minutes from the airport.

How many rooms does Tania Milos have?

Tania Milos has 10 rooms.

Is Tania Milos All-Inclusive?

No, Tania Milos is not All-Inclusive.

Is Tania Milos Adult-Only?

No, Tania Milos is not Adult-Only.

Does Tania Milos have villas?

No, Tania Milos does not have villas.

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