Tet Rouge Resort

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An adults-only resort, Têt Rouge is the perfect place for a relaxing and romantic honeymoon or for the adventurous newlyweds looking to create lasting and treasured memories.

Watch the tranquil boats go by on the calm blue of the Caribbean sea, glance over your shoulder at the majestic Gros Piton (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), cool off in the infinity pool, enjoy a book on the terrace, sip your favorite drink as you watch the sun setting over the sea.

Or hike to the top of the Gros Piton, take a swim at the beach, snorkel or scuba-dive, visit one of the waterfalls in the area, tour a local plantation, explore any of the many natural and cultural attractions that St. Lucia has to offer.

How much does it cost to stay at Tet Rouge Resort?

The average cost to stay at Tet Rouge Resort is $229 to $417.

How far is Tet Rouge Resort from the airport?

Tet Rouge Resort is 40 minutes from the airport.

How many rooms does Tet Rouge Resort have?

Tet Rouge Resort has 6 rooms.

Is Tet Rouge Resort All-Inclusive?

No, Tet Rouge Resort is not All-Inclusive.

Is Tet Rouge Resort Adult-Only?

Yes, Tet Rouge Resort is Adult-Only.

Does Tet Rouge Resort have villas?

Yes, Tet Rouge Resort has villas. 🍹🥂

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