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Natural Beauty Through A Luxury Lens

Set along the scenic Lake Chuzenji, The Ritz-Carlton, Nikko is hidden in the northern Kanto region of Japan and offers a pristine haven where nature and culture are revered. Graceful and minimal, through dining and spa experiences and accommodations that overlook Lake Chuzenji or Mount Nantai, the hotel demonstrates the subtle feeling of luxury. Improve your well-being with an indoor and outdoor Onsen facility that is unique and extensive, combining luxury expertise and sublime service to complete this remarkable Spa Escape.

With a traditional Kaiseki multi-course dinner, crafted from fresh, locally sourced Tochigi ingredients, experience the full width and depth of Japanese cuisine. From the moment you step into the Japanese Restaurant, immerse yourself in culture, where every detail pays homage to local traditions and craftsmanship. This offer is a must for anyone seeking that unforgettable, signature Nikko experience accompanied by onsen hot springs and a breakfast of your choice.

How much does it cost to stay at The Ritz-Carlton Nikko?

The average cost to stay at The Ritz-Carlton Nikko is $811 to $1738.

How far is The Ritz-Carlton Nikko from the airport?

The Ritz-Carlton Nikko is 25 minutes from the airport.

How many rooms does The Ritz-Carlton Nikko have?

The Ritz-Carlton Nikko has 97 rooms.

Is The Ritz-Carlton Nikko All-Inclusive?

No, The Ritz-Carlton Nikko is not All-Inclusive.

Is The Ritz-Carlton Nikko Adult-Only?

No, The Ritz-Carlton Nikko is not Adult-Only.

Does The Ritz-Carlton Nikko have villas?

No, The Ritz-Carlton Nikko does not have villas.

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