The Vera

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The Vera is a boutique and beautifully decorated hotel. This hotel offers a luxurious environment along with pleasant surroundings. The beautiful Vera stands at Rehov Lilenblum, Israel.

This hotel offers many facilities, including free wifi, street parking, rooftop terrace, buffet breakfast, bar, and 24-hour security. In addition, the staff can speak different languages, so you should not face any communication problems here. Besides, enjoy the fresh air coming from the sea.

In the morning, have your complimentary breakfast. This hotel is well known for mouth-watering meals and complimentary wine and coffee.

Vera represents Israel the most because you will find the stuff they are using is also made in Israel. Because they support local artists and manufacturers. Besides, many restaurants and markets are nearby. Explore the locals while having a stroll. Many travelers enjoy visiting Ben-Gurion House, Bet Bialik Museum, and The American colony.

Vera’s magnificent beauty and natural environment are perfect for honeymooners. Want an ideal wedding vacation? The Vera is waiting for you!

How much does it cost to stay at The Vera?

The average cost to stay at The Vera is $190 to $317.

How many rooms does The Vera have?

The Vera has 39 rooms.

Is The Vera All-Inclusive?

Yes, The Vera is All-Inclusive. 🍹πŸ₯‚

Is The Vera Adult-Only?

Yes, The Vera is Adult-Only.

Does The Vera have villas?

Yes, The Vera has villas. 🍹πŸ₯‚

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