Villa San Michele

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A Breathtaking Paradise High Above

The life-work of the Swedish physician and author Axel Munthe (1857-1949) at Capri is Villa San Michele. It is surrounded by an impressive garden, recently awarded as the most beautiful private park in Italy. Behind it is the mountain of Barbarossa, which Axel Munthe transformed into a sanctuary for migratory birds.

In Villa San Michele, in its rooms and garden, and in the Egyptian sphinx, the story that then captivated countless readers all over the world, lives on, quietly watching the sea from its balustrade.

Every summer, hundreds of visitors come to Villa San Michele to follow the cultural events. Internationally acclaimed musicians and singers from Sweden and Italy entertain the audience from the stage of the open-air theatre in the garden, with the sunset over the island of Ischia as a breathtaking backdrop.

How much does it cost to stay at Villa San Michele?

The average cost to stay at Villa San Michele is $137 to $226.

How far is Villa San Michele from the airport?

Villa San Michele is 22 minutes from the airport.

How many rooms does Villa San Michele have?

Villa San Michele has 12 rooms.

Is Villa San Michele All-Inclusive?

No, Villa San Michele is not All-Inclusive.

Is Villa San Michele Adult-Only?

No, Villa San Michele is not Adult-Only.

Does Villa San Michele have villas?

No, Villa San Michele does not have villas.

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