Privacy is a must for honeymoons. That is, if you want to experience the romance and the bliss that honeymoons are usually made of. Almost all couples long to spend a private honeymoon together. It can be spent in a private villa or a private island, depending on your preference and budget. Getting as much privacy as possible is an excellent way to know your better half better. It is also the best way to start married life. Honeymoons provide the time for couples to spend unrestricted and uninterrupted moments together before embarking on a life that will be spent encountering joys as well as trials.

The Right Atmosphere

The quiet and tranquility of a private villa sets the stage for your private honeymoon. Getting the right atmosphere is essential if you want to get the best of this longed for and often dreamt of moment. Most people regard weddings as one of life’s highlights. The honeymoon that follows ensures that this chapter in your life is spent right. There are many places in the world where you can spend your honeymoon. These places may be popular honeymoon choices or may be less preferred. Usually, a private villa may be rented out from the actual owners or may be provided by a honeymoon package. Your choice of destination often directs this option. Renting private houses directly from the owners usually cost lower. These are characterized by a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere which is not usually the case with commercially rented ones. A lived in atmosphere often adds to the comfort of a home. The privacy it offers add to the charm and serenity that only private villas provide. The actual owners of the private villa can provide tips that only actual residents of the place know. This advantage often makes your private honeymoon more enjoyable and meaningful.


Villas also offer honeymoon privacy as well as those rented out by actual owners. These villas can be part of a honeymoon package offered by various travel agencies

Bali is a popular honeymoon destination and you can make planning for it easier on yourselves. These villas also allow you to schedule the wedding ceremony itself right within the villa, making it a more private and exclusive occasion. A private villa provides just the right amount of privacy and the luxury you would expect from an exclusive package. A Bali private honeymoon villa provides first class facilities and is usually located close to the beach front.

A tropical beach is often among the first choices for a private honeymoon. A Bali private honeymoon villa will not disappoint if you do decide to spend your honeymoon privately, set amid the pristine beaches of this island.

Private Islands

Renting private islands for a honeymoon? Most people would think it would set them back financially. These islands though can be ideal places for a honeymoon and wouldn’t cost you as much as honeymoon packages in the more popular honeymoon destinations. Honeymoons are all about privacy; for some people, the more secluded the better.

If you take the time to do a little research, you’ll find that a private island honeymoon can be had for an affordable price. Some of these private islands are owned by private individuals and some are owned by companies. The main point however, is, they can be rented to accommodate your honeymoon needs. Given a choice, most people would be lured by the idea of honeymooning in a private island; and why not? Honeymoons are made just for a newly wed couple in love and most of you will hardly find a better place where you can truly be yourselves.

A private honeymoon is “a dream come true” for most couples. Getting to spend this wonderful time in your lives in a private and memorable setting is important. This is where you start making memories of a lifetime and it should be able to give you the best.

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