The Midwest couldn’t be more conveniently located for your ideal honeymoon getaway. Indiana has beautiful Lake Michigan, and it abuts the metropolis of Chicago. It has exciting cities, charming small towns, and lots of history. Racing fans need no reminder of the Indianapolis 500.

When you think of Indiana, romantic beaches probably aren’t the first thing that come to mind. It should, because there are several beautiful beaches along Lake Michigan that will make you think you are by the ocean.

Explore our guide to the best honeymoon destinations in the USA.

Porter Beach is in Indiana Dunes National Park. The waters are perfect for swimming. The dunes beg to be explored. The beach has restroom facilities.

Lake Street Beach is a small beach in Glen Arbor with the bluest water that will make you think you are in the Caribbean. The lake is beautiful, and the nearby Sleeping Dunes hiking trails let you explore the surrounding. In addition, this could be the best place in Indiana to watch a sunset or a sunrise.

Dunbar Beach in the Indiana Dunes National Park is just off Rt. 12. The water is clear, and the sand inviting. What makes Dunbar Beach unique are the five homes built for the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair that can still be visited. These homes feature what was in 1933 the latest in modern technology. Take the Century of Progress tour that takes you through all five homes. You’ll be shocked at how modern they still look.

Beaches and history are all a part of your fabulous Indiana honeymoon.

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Bottleworks Hotel

Here comes Indiana’s one of the luxurious Bottleworks Hotel. Nestled near Indianapolis, Bottleworks Hotel offers the beauty of the city along with first-class services.

They provide many property amenities, including a restaurant, bar, gym, wi-fi, etc. Besides, rooms are spacious and decorated with lots of comfortable furniture. In addition, they serve amazing healthy meals, and drinks from their bar are excellent.

Bottleworks Hotel is famous amongst travelers. Guests can enjoy many activities here. Explore and experience the lifestyle of locals. Moreover, many attractions and restaurants are within walking distance. Visit them in your free time.

If you’re looking for romantic vacation destinations, honeymoons, and other vacation destinations, you can try Bottleworks Hotel.  This hotel can make your vacation amazing and memorable by offering a romantic environment, secluded area, and private space. Try Bottleworks Hotel for your upcoming vacation and experience luxury.

More Information on Bottleworks Hotel

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Number of Rooms: 139


Morris Inn

Experience a romantic environment and first-class services in Morris Inn. Standing at South Bend, Morris Inn is one of the 5-star hotels in Indiana.

They offer many facilities, including airport transportation, car hire, ATM on-site, meeting rooms, banquet room, gym, bar, etc. Parking is free for its guests. In addition, rooms are spacious,  decorated with modern features, and comfortable furniture.

Morris Inn serves delicious dishes, and drinks from their bar are excellent. Enjoy a complimentary tea during your stay. Besides, you can enjoy breakfast in your room.

Rent a cycle from them and explore the beauty of the city. Many attractions and restaurants are also within a few distances. You can visit them in your free time.

Morris Inn is a romantic, secluded, and comfortable hotel. Hotel staffs are friendly and helpful. If you’re looking for a romantic hotel to celebrate your honeymoon, getaway in Indiana, try Morris Inn.

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Average Price Range: $134 to $458

All Inclusive: No

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Number of Rooms: 150


Blue Gate Garden Inn

Blue Gate Garden Inn is located in the heart of Indiana. Offering many facilities and services, Blue Gate Garden is top-rated.

They provide many property amenities including, an ATM on-site, sun terrace, meeting rooms, banquet room, pool, gym, and so on. Parking is free for its guests. Besides, the design of the building attracts guests the most. Rooms are spacious, decorated with modern features, and comfortable furniture.

You can enjoy their delicious dishes and drinks. A complimentary breakfast is waiting for you to arrive. Besides, try their buffet breakfast.

In addition, you can enjoy many activities such as swimming, tennis, and games in the game room. Many restaurants and attractions are within walking distance. Visit them in your free time.

Blue Gate Garden is famous amongst travelers as it is romantic, secluded, friendly, and comfortable. Try this hotel for your upcoming vacations and make memories in Blue Gate Garden.

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West Baden Springs Hotel

West Baden Springs is a 5-star hotel standing near West Baden in Indiana. West Baden Springs is famous amongst travelers for its services and facilities.

They offer many property amenities, including free taxi service, meeting rooms, banquet room, spa, gym, restaurants, etc. In addition, rooms are spacious, comfortable, and decorated with modern features.

They serve delicious dishes and healthy drinks. Besides, you can enjoy many activities including, horseback riding, hiking, golf, swimming, and evening entertainment. Also, you can rent a cycle and explore the city with it. Many attractions and restaurants are nearby, visit them in your free time. If you have a pet and want to travel with them, remember West Baden Springs is pet-friendly.

Moreover, hotel staffs are friendly and helpful. Their warm hospitality and service will please you. West Baden Springs is secluded, romantic, and friendly. Try West Baden Springs for your upcoming vacation and experience your dream in reality.

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Ironworks Hotel Indy

Nestled near Indianapolis, Ironworks Hotel Indy is famous amongst travelers. Offering many services and facilities, Ironworks Hotel Indy is one of the excellent hotels in Indiana.

They provide many property amenities, including ATM on-site, spa, meeting rooms, banquet room, bar, gym, etc. Free parking is free for guests. In addition, rooms are spacious, decorated with modern features and comfortable furniture.

Ironworks Hotel serves delicious dishes, and drinks from their bar are excellent. You can enjoy a complimentary coffee and tea during your stay. Besides, you can have your breakfast in your room.

Moreover, you can enjoy many activities in Ironworks Hotel. Visit nearby attractions and restaurants in your free time. Besides, explore the city and experience the lifestyle of locals.

Ironworks Hotel offers a romantic environment and luxurious interior. The unique design of the buildings attracts guests the most. If you’re looking for a honeymoon destination, try Ironworks Hotel. This hotel can make your vacations wonderful, enjoyable, and memorable.

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About Indiana

The state of Indiana sits at what is known as the “crossroads of America.” Its capital is Indianapolis, which is a destination in its own right. Perhaps Indiana’s quaintest town is Santa Claus, located a three-hour drive from Indianapolis. It’s a fun place with a theme park, but it has retained its original Mayberry quality with a Santa Claus Museum, Santa’s Castle, and Christmas Lake Golf, Santa Claus Post Office, and Santa’s Toys.  

Santa Claus is a mere four miles from where Abraham Lincoln grew up. How many trips offer Santa Claus and Abraham Lincoln during one visit?

For any sports fan, an Indiana honeymoon is the ultimate dream. It isn’t known at the Hoosier State for nothing. The state consists of avid basketball fans. South Bend’s Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish is one of the country’s most legendary football teams, and its games are one of the most-watched in the country. Come see the live version. 

The Indy 500 is, of course, the number one worldwide racing event, on par with LaMans and Monaco’s Grand Prix. Strangely enough, and apparently no one knows why, but the Indy 500 winner is toasted with a bottle of milk, which he chugs down. 

Indianapolis is Indiana’s largest city. It is sophisticated, with beautiful skyscrapers, and plenty of art and culture. One of the city’s favorite destinations is the Indianapolis Museum of Art, one of the oldest museums in the country. The museum itself is a marvel exhibiting 50,000 pieces of art, many of them Asian and African. It stands on 152 acres of sculptured parks made for a romantic stroll, which includes the famous LOVE sculpture. How appropriate. The statue is one of the country’s top locations for a proposal. 

Take a romantic carriage ride through the city of Indianapolis. The breeze is lovely during the summer and a warm blanket is very cozy and snuggly in the winter. It’s the perfect Indiana honeymoon date. 

When in Indianapolis, visitors should not miss the 250-acre White River State Park, the only urban state park in the country. It includes museums, the zoo, and the not-to-be-missed Indianapolis Canal Walk. The walk is a favorite for jogging and biking, etc. But its also a great place to soak up downtown Indianapolis. Sip a drink by a waterside café. Take a pedal boat and get a different and unique perspective of the city. 

The White River Gardens is a landmark with both indoor and outdoor gardens. Flowers and butterflies are everywhere. Take a romantic stroll and just enjoy.  

The Canal Walk has a treasure trove of museums along the way. The Indiana State Museum has relevant exhibits from the Ice Age through the 21st century, especially with artifacts relating to Indiana. The Eitlejorg Museum of American Indian and Western Art is all about Native American and Western art, but it also exhibits works by Andy Warhol and Georgia O’Keefe.

Best Time to Visit Indiana

Indiana is visited by tourists from around the world, and it celebrates art, culture, and music of every type. The best time to visit Indiana is when you can celebrate your favorite activities.

The Bean Blossom Bluegrass Festival 

If you’re a fan of bluegrass music, this is the place to be. It happens at the Bill Monroe Music Park in Bean Blossom in mid-June.

Amish Acres Arts & Crafts Festival

Celebrate the arts and crafts of the Amish culture as this festival showcases some of the best Amish masterpieces. Check out the woodwork, sculptures, pottery, jewelry, and art in August in Nappanee.

Indiana State Fair

A state fair has something for everyone. The Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis takes place in early August. There are balloon and auto races, concerts, and rides. And a fair will always have the best comfort food.

Jasper Strassenfest

Everyone is a bit German when there is an oom-pah band playing polka, dancing, and a juicing bratwurst. This German festival in Jasper at the beginning of August has performances, music, and food booths. There are even free polka dance classes so you can get down on the dance floor.

Marshall County Blueberry Festival

There are blueberry aplenty here. But there is also a lot more. Count on a parade, musical entertainment, fireworks, and a 9.3-mile run. It happens in Plymouth during the first week of September.

Pierogi Fest

Indiana is filled with immigrants and celebrates them all. The Pierogi Fest in Whiting honors Polish culture with more Polka, beer, arts and crafts, and limitless pierogi. There is even a pierogi eating contest. This is Indiana’s third favorite festival, and it takes place at the end of July.

Auburn Cord Duesenberg Festival

Auburn is where classical car fans come during the first week in September. This is known as the world’s premier classic car show. There are tours, classic cruising, and parades of the favorite classical cars. Here, cars are turned into art. 

Indiana Wine Fair

The Indiana Wine Fair happens annually at the Story Inn in Nashville during the first week of May. Prepare for wine tastings and lots of food. 

Top Things to do in Indiana

Jasper Train

Enjoy the comfort of an old-fashioned train ride from Jasper. There are several regular trains and a few special events. Take a ride to French Lick and spend an evening at the casino or do a romantic dinner train ride.  

River Lights

In South Bend, people eagerly await the sunset. That is when the nightly River Light Show comes alive. The night lights up the St. Joseph River with vivid light displays. Built-in sensors add to the fun as they change color or form when someone passes by. Indiana has no other attraction like this. To see the lights, arrive at Island Park, Seitz Park, or the Colfax Bridge half an hour before dusk. The show continues until midnight. Bring your beloved to one of the parks for a romantic picnic

Oliver Winery

Oliver Winery in Bloomington is one of Indiana’s largest wineries. Begin with the tasting room. Choose your favorite type of wine, then select some delicious snacks. You get to keep the souvenir glass.

You can also arrange for a picnic package. This includes patio seating. Oliver packs you a basket of delectable and utensils. The food will include cheeses and meat, dried fruits, and other goodies to go with the wine.

French Lick

The town of French Lick is one of Indiana’s favorite places. At the French Lick Resort, you will be pampered at a luxury spa, ride a horse, play golf, or indulge in snow activities during the winter. Best of all, there is the French Lick Casino. 

The Las Vegas-style casino has a huge floor for gaming and slots 24/7. Make it a date and enjoy the live entertainment, fine dining, and bars. A couples massage is the perfect ending to a casino evening.

Valparaiso Memorial Opera House

The opera house in Valparaiso has the latest Broadway musicals and lunchtime entertainment. What other reason to do you need to get dressed up and go on a romantic date?

Indy 500

When you think of Indianapolis, the Indy 500 automatically comes to mind. The big annual race is held around Memorial Day. Drivers speed through a heart-pounding 500 miles. This is the greatest one-day sports event anywhere. If you are not in Indianapolis in May, you can still visit the stadium. However, if possible, being there on race day and taking part in the world’s most gigantic tailgate party is what memories are made. For an extra $100, a driver will even take you for a fast (and we mean fast) spin around the track. 

Clegg Memorial Garden

The Clegg Memorial Garden near Lafayette overlooks the beautiful Wildcat Creek. Meandering through the trails with its colorful flowers and streams is the perfect Indiana honeymoon romance activity. It’ll remind you why you fell in love. The garden is glorious in the summer. But it is also stunning in the winter, when the creek turns to crystal ice.

Weather in Indiana

Midwestern states tend to have hot summers and cold winters. Indiana is the smallest of those states and falls in line with the rest of the Great Lake states. It rains regularly throughout the year, up to 40 inches. The southern part of the state can be a few degrees warmer than the north.

During the winter, the areas close to Lake Michigan can accumulate around 70 inches of snow. The southern part of Indiana only gets 15 inches. The snowfall can last from November through March. January is the coldest month, and the temperature will hover around the freezing point.

The summers can get humid, even with temperatures in the mid-80s. The occasional thunderstorm can cool things down a bit.

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