If you want a romantic honeymoon without leaving the country, Kansas has plenty of what you are looking for, and a few surprises, as well. Dodge City has some great golf. Get a relaxing couple’s massage in Wichita. And if you are feeling like indulging in something different, you may be interested in one of Kansas’ best-kept secrets – several romantic hidden castles. 

Dorothy’s life in Kansas was far more interesting than you might have imagined. There are even lakes with beaches. Your Kansas honeymoon will likely take many unexpected twists, like camping out by Lake Shawnee to going to the opera or the theater in Pittsburg. That’s Pittsburg, Kansas. 

Don’t miss out on the magic in Topeka, which is the capital of Kansas. Why not arrange a dinner date with your honey at the Wayward Bar-B-Que, which is reputed to have the best BBQ in the state. 

Overland Park is a half-hour drive from Kansas City, and it is a fabulous place for sharing some romance. The botanical gardens have hiking trails and 800 different types of flowers. You’ll encounter lovely sculptures as you wander throughout. The farmer’s market is an extremely popular meeting place.

While in Overland Park, take advantage of the classes offered by the Culinary Center of Kansas City. Start your married life by learning how to create a few delicious meals for each other. Whether you are struggling to boil eggs, or you already know your Hollandaise from your Béarnaise, the Culinary Center in Overland Park has the perfect class to take together. You can also participate in their wine tasting and pairing. When you get back home, you will be ready to throw your first big bash. Talk about impressing friends and family.

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Ambassador Hotel Wichita

Nestled near Wichita, Ambassador Hotel is one of the excellent hotels in Kansas. Offering many luxurious facilities, Ambassador Hotel is famous amongst travelers.

They offer property amenities, including free airport transportation, meeting rooms, a banquet room, gym, ATM on-site, bar, and so on. Also, they offer car and taxi services. Rooms are spacious, decorated with modern features and lots of furniture.

Have your complimentary coffee and enjoy the views of the city from your room. They serve mesmerizing delicious dishes, and drinks from their bar are excellent. Besides, you can enjoy breakfast in your room.

In addition, Ambassador Hotel offers many activities for guests refreshment. Rent a bicycle and explore the city. Besides, you can visit many nearby attractions and restaurants in your free time.

Pet-friendly Ambassador Hotel can be a great choice for your romantic vacations. You can try Ambassador Hotel and experience your dream vacation in reality.

More Information on Ambassador Hotel Wichita

Average Price Range: $181 to $314

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: No

Number of Rooms: 117


Hotel at Old Town

Located at the heart of old town, Old Town Hotel offers many facilities and services. This hotel is one of the excellent hotels in Kansas.

They provide facilities including airport transportation, a banquet room, meeting rooms, hot tub, gym, bar, etc. Besides, they offer free parking to its guests. Guests love the rooms as they are spacious, comfortable, and decorated with many furniture. This hotel will feel like home far away from your home.

The meals they serve are amazing and healthy. Drinks from their bar are excellent. Try a breakfast buffet and enjoy yourself. In addition, the staffs are friendly and helpful. They will help you with everything that you need.

Old Town Hotel is one of the top-rated hotels. This hotel can make your vacation romantic and fantastic. Try Old Town Hotel for your upcoming vacation and make memories.

More Information on Hotel at Old Town

Average Price Range: $116 to $198

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: No

Number of Rooms: 150


Homewood Suites by Hilton

Experience the first-class facilities and services at Homewood Suites. This hotel is one of the 5-star hotels in Kansas.

They provide many facilities, including meeting rooms, a banquet room, ATM on-site, outdoor furniture, BBQ facilities, pool, gym, and so on. Rooms are spacious, comfortable, and decorated with lots of furniture.

In addition, they serve amazing dishes, and the drinks from their bar are excellent. Enjoy a complimentary breakfast. Besides, the hotel staffs are accommodating and friendly. They will guide you with everything you need.

Moreover, you can enjoy golf, games, and swimming. If you’re a pet lover and want to travel with your pet, visit this hotel as it’s a pet-friendly hotel. Also, many restaurants and attractions are nearby, and you can visit them in your free time.

Homewood Suites is available for honeymoons, romantic getaways, and other trips. Try Homewood Suites for your upcoming vacation and make great memories.

More Information on Homewood Suites by Hilton

Average Price Range: $131 to $190

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: No

Number of Rooms: 104


Drury Plaza Hotel

Looking for a relaxing place in Kansas? Then Drury Plaza can be on top of your list. They will welcome you cordially and offer first-class services and facilities. Drury Plaza is a 5-star hotel and one of the luxurious hotels in Kansas.

They provide airport transportation, bus service, meeting rooms, banquet room, hot tub, bar, gym, etc. Rooms are spacious, comfortable, decorated with modern features.

The meals they serve are mesmerizing and healthy. Have your complimentary breakfast and try their buffet breakfast. Drinks from their bar are excellent, have a glass of wine and enjoy yourself.

In addition, If you’re a pet lover and want to travel with your pet, remember this hotel is pet-friendly. Also, you can enjoy many activities here. Rent a bicycle and explore the city.

Moreover, Drury Plaza has the perfect vacation for you. This romantic secluded hotel can make your dream vacation a reality. Experience luxury and make memories.

More Information on Drury Plaza Hotel

Average Price Range: $ to $

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: No

Number of Rooms: 200


Midland Railroad Hotel

Midland Railroad Hotel welcomes guests cordially and offers many facilities. This hotel has a wonderful historical past. Nestled near Wilson, Midland Railroad Hotel is a travelers choice.

Here they offer many facilities including, restaurant, bar, wi-fi, and so on. Parking is free for its guests. The unique decoration of the building attracts guests the most. Besides, rooms are spacious, comfortable.

They serve guests a complimentary breakfast. Drinks from their bar are excellent. Hotel staffs are friendly and helpful.

In addition, you can enjoy many activities here. Rent a bicycle and explore the downtown. Besides, many attractions and restaurants are within walking distance. You can visit them in your free time.

Midland Railroad Hotel is famous amongst travelers as it is secluded, romantic, and friendly. You can try this hotel for your upcoming vacation destination. Midland Railroad Hotel can be a great choice. Experience the history and make this hotel a part of your memory.

More Information on Midland Railroad Hotel

Average Price Range: $102 to $116

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: No

Number of Rooms: 28

About Kansas

Kansas is primarily known for two things: “The Wizard of Oz,” and being the country’s agricultural center. It also has a reputation of being “flatter than a pancake,” but that is pure slander. It has hills.

Kansas Territory played a critical role in the slavery issue. After considerable unrest, Kansas sided with the Union and suffered high fatalities in the name of freedom. Kansas sent more soldiers to fight against slavery by population ratio than any other state. This innate sense of freedom is still deeply ingrained in its citizens.

When in Kansas, you should really visit its major claim to fame, the magical Oz Museum in Wamego, which is a part of Metropolitan Manhattan. It is a celebration of the story of Oz. Here, you will find thousands of collectible items and the author’s entire set of books. Get into the spirit of things and have tacos at the nearby Toto’s Tacoz.

Wichita is the largest city in Kansas and situated along the Arkansas River. It is filled with culture and has 33 museums, such as the excellent Wichita Art Museum.

The Botanica Gardens in downtown Wichita are a collection of several bright and fragrant gardens. One of the most interesting is the Shakespeare Garden with its paths leading through florals and herbs mentioned in the Bard’s works, such as the wildflowers in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Another gorgeous garden in the Botanica is the Garden on the Rocks with its waterfall and layers of rocks among the wildflowers and alpine plants. This is rare beauty in the middle of the nation’s prairie.

Topeka is the capital of Kansas with a lot of history. Ward-Meade Historic Site has gardens with 500 different types of flowers and is in bloom all year round. The onsite Old Prairie Town is a re-creation of a 19th-century street, with a general store and old-fashioned drug store.
One of the buildings in Old Prairie Town is an old Victorian mansion that is said to be haunted.

If you are a racing fan, you will enjoy the Evel Knievel Museum in Topeka.

Dodge City will transport you back to the Wild West, with its rodeos and steer-roping. Watch a gunfight or learn the can-can. For some added fun, visit the Boot Hill Casino and Resort. The resort is luxurious and has an authentic Old West flavor with over 600 gaming machines for you to try your luck.

Best Time to Visit Kansas

Something is happening in Kansas all year. You can schedule your Kansas honeymoon around one or two favorite activities.

Sunflower Festival

The Sunflower Festival during Labor Day Weekend in Buhler is fun to stroll through and take photographs. Kansas is, after all, the Sunflower State. They have sunflower painting classes for anyone with an artistic bend.

Kansas City Restaurant Week

In early January, Kansas City restaurants celebrate food with a special two-week food appreciation event. Hundreds of restaurants offer special menus and great, affordable deals on their best dishes. Learn about the latest hot restaurants or old favorites.

Gatsby Days

Excelsior Springs honors F. Scott Fitzgerald each May on Gatsby Day. Go back to the Roaring Twenties and explore its culture, fashions, and old cars. There will be plenty of vintage cars to admire.


Riverfest in Wichita happens in September. It’s a four-day musical extravaganza taking place at two different venues. The festivities include food and fireworks.


The dancing and music continue 24/7 non-stop for three days in La Cygne during the second week in September. Thirty-five performers on four stages will celebrate life for three straight days. This fest in the Emerald Forest is one of the U.S.’s most high-energy music events.

Camp out by the lake and enjoy a canoe trip and helicopter rides. There is nothing to do but have some undiluted fun.

Christmas in Topeka

Topeka dazzles during the holidays. Lights are blazing for two miles around Lake Shawnee. The Zoo Lights allows you to celebrate with the animals and Santa.

Top Things to do in Kansas

Secret Castles in Kansas

Does anyone expect hidden castles in Kansas? It seems very unlikely, which makes them such a find. Let’s take a look at a few:

    1. Matrot Castle. The history of this castle is a bit obscure. We know a French wine merchant escaped his homeland to Topeka to avoid assassination attempts. His correct assumption was that no one would be looking for him in Topeka. He decided he’d be protected in a massive Renaissance-style castle with turret gun ports. Whatever the story, the basement of this amazing castle now serves as a wine-tasting venue for the adjacent Davenport Vineyard. The vineyard itself has a great view. Take a tour of the castle and its garden.

    1. Campbell Castle. Located in Wichita, this castle is a replica of an authentic Scottish castle, complete with a carriage house and two acres of gardens. It is a wonderful example of European architecture with a luxurious interior. The original owner, a Colonel Campbell, imported most of the furnishings, woodwork, stained glass, and fireplaces from London. He imported a rare luxurious and regal style to America. The rooftop provides a spectacular view of Wichita. What could be more romantic than a tour through a castle?

    1. Kalida Castle. The once prosperous town of Kalida in Woodson County is now a ghost town. All that remains is the castle, which was constructed as an above-ground cave. The structure is fascinating, and the current owner of the property invites visitors to explore.

Lake Shawnee

A stunning lake within landlocked Kansas is an unexpected and welcome sight. Lake Shawnee near Topeka is man-made and built literally to beautify the area. The lake area attracts thousands of people for swimming, fishing, sailing, and camping.

The Adventure Cove section has a beach and volleyball courts. You’ll find plenty of gardens for a romantic stroll. Chill out in the Meditation Garden, enjoy a picnic in the Ted Ensley Garden, or take in the gentle waterfalls. Everything here is serene and tranquil.

Indoor Skydiving

Surely, you consider yourself a brave person. After all, you’ve been dealing successfully with all the new in-laws. If you ever wanted to skydive, but aren’t quite ready to jump out of a plane, iFly in Overland Park has the perfect solution. Get an adrenaline boost by free-falling indoors. A wind tunnel will keep you floating through the air while you wear a proper flight suit and helmet. Every honeymoon needs some thrills. The airplane jump can wait until your first wedding anniversary.

Grace Hill Winery in Whitewater

Heat up the romance of your Kansas honeymoon at the Grace Hill Winery. Enjoy a wine tasting accompanied by live music.  The wine will be served with charcuterie platters and paninis. They hold monthly events, such as Grape Stomp or Harvest Day.

Museum of World Treasures

This is a no-miss museum in Wichita. It has something for all levels of interest, from ancient civilizations, Egyptian artifacts, to artifacts from the World Wars.

Check out the remnant of the Berlin Wall, an exhibit depicting the Ice Age, or explore the lives of European royals from the Dark Ages through today. There are also plenty of treasures from the Spanish conquistadors. This museum truly has something for everyone.

Healing Spa

The Bohemia Healing Spa in Wichita is a place for true healing of body and spirit. After months of planning a wedding, don’t miss out on the spa’s holistic healing treatments, reflexology, and couple’s facials to make you glow. Every marriage should begin by eliminating all stress. The Bohemia Healing Spa also has a special men’s package.

Getting to Kansas

Kansas has moderate temperatures. The summers are comfortable, with a high temperature in the mid-80s. Winters are far from severe, only reaching the freezing point on occasions. Although the weather can vary from year to year.

The one thing Kansas can count on is the pleasure of four distinct seasons. The sunsets are fabulous regardless of the time of year.

Kansas does not get too much rain. June gets the most precipitation at around 5 inches. January barely gets an inch of rain. Kansas is actually one of the driest states in the U.S.

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