Kauai, or “The Garden Isle,” as the locals call it, is arguably the most beautiful of the Hawaiian islands.

With its expansive beaches, tropical rainforest, magical waterfalls, dramatic sea cliffs, and unbelievable hiking trails, Kauai has endless amounts of natural beauty and fun activities for newlyweds looking to share a truly unforgettable tropical island honeymoon experience.

Kauai is only the fourth most visited island, genuinely making it the perfect destination for a secluded, romantic getaway with lots of alone time.

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Grand Hyatt in Poipu, Kauai

Located on Kauai’s sunny south shore, the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa makes for the perfect honeymoon getaway. This luxury oasis makes for a romantic escape with lush gardens and acres of pools offers ocean view dining, rooms with private lanais, championship golf, and the Anara Spa.

Set on the soothing white sands in Poipu, the Grand Hyatt Kauai spreads over 50 acres of lush gardens. The resort’s classic Hawaiian architecture with open courtyards welcomes the refreshing tropical breeze. Freshly renovated rooms blend clean simple lines with Hawaiian design elements to create a private honeymoon.

A honeymoon-friendly water wonderland awaits with a quiet adult area, lava-rock river pool, and saltwater lagoon. Play championship golf with your spouse at Poipu Bay Resort and savor delicious island flavors at one of six restaurants. Unwind at Anara Spa where open-air treatments use island-fresh botanicals to refresh and renew.

More Information on Grand Hyatt in Poipu, Kauai

Average Price Range: $545 to $1006

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: No

Distance to Airport: 30 minutes

Number of Rooms: 604


Princeville Resort, Kauai

Perched above legendary Hanalei Bay, Princeville Resort brings unmatched sophistication and serene luxury to one of the most remarkable destinations in the world for your honeymoon.

Unwind on sandy beaches, snorkel in crystal-clear waters, and treat yourself to bespoke service during your honeymoon. Elegant living defines Princeville Resort’s guestrooms and suites, each with sweeping views of Kauai’s spectacular North Shore.

More Information on Princeville Resort, Kauai

Average Price Range: $427 to $835

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: No

Distance to Airport: 11 minutes

Number of Rooms: 251

About Kauai

Created by a volcano almost six million years ago, Kauai is the oldest of all of the Hawaiian islands. It is also the smallest of the four main islands. The island is about thirty miles wide by about twenty-five miles long and making it manageable to pack tons of activities into one day with minimal driving time. The island moves at a very relaxed pace and definitely operates on “Hawaiian Time,” essentially meaning that there is no rushing and there are no worries.

The local people are incredibly kind and helpful to those who respect them and their land. In the southeast, the city of Lihue, the location of the airport, is the main and largest city on the island. Here you can find a large amount of the island’s best restaurants and shops.

Over on the southwest side of the island is Waimea, the location of the famous and unmissable “Grand Canyon of the Pacific” rightfully deemed so due to its uncanny resemblance to the actual Grand Canyon. The northwest side of the island is where the strikingly otherworldly Na Pali Coast is located. This unbelievably gorgeous coast can be seen via hiking, boating, or by helicopter. Up in the northeast, you will find the beautiful beaches of Hanalei and Princeville. These fun little beach cities have a lot of excellent restaurants, resorts, and shopping.

Best Time to Visit Kauai

No matter which time you choose to plan your romantic Kauai getaway, it is likely that you will need a raingear at least once throughout your holiday; the excessive rainfall is, after all, what makes Kauai so lusciously green and beautiful, so don’t let the rain in the forecast every single day deter you.

Although there really is no poor time to plan your honeymoon to Kauai, it is noteworthy to keep in mind that hurricane season does occur from June through November, so it is important to keep yourself informed and updated on the weather patterns if you are visiting during these months.

If you’re okay with the extra rain during January, February, and March, these are great months to visit Kauai because they’ll be the least crowded. Hence, couples get to enjoy more secluded beaches and less crowded scenic areas.

A couple of fun events that occur during the winter months are Prince Kuhio Celebration Day and Waimea Town Celebration Day. Visiting in April, May, and June, you will find the best weather of the year and The Taste of Hawaii festival in June, which is an enjoyable event for foodie couples and wine-lovers. If you plan your honeymoon during July, August, and September, expect it to be bustling and very hot.

There are many fun events during the summer in Kauai, including The Koloa Plantation Days and Kauai Mokihana Festival. If you are planning your honeymoon around the winter months, expect the weather to start getting much cooler and wetter. In return though, you’ll see far fewer other travelers, and you’ll definitely see some whales as it is prime whale-watching season. For chocolate and coffee-loving honeymooners, the Kauai Chocolate and Coffee Festival occurs in October and is supposed to be a deliciously good time.

Top Things to do in Kauai

Perhaps the most spectacular adventure for couples to experience together on their honeymoon is to hike the Na Pali Coast to Kalalau beach. The Kalalau Trail is definitely for couples on the adventurous and active side. The hike is about eleven miles long, and because you will need to carry all of your food, water, camping gear, etc. in your backpacks, it is challenging to complete in one day and only really possible if you start before sunrise. There is a camping site towards the middle of the hike for those that would like to take it a little slower. Hikers will immediately forget about the grueling eleven miles behind them when they turn the corner and see the views of the Napali Coast sea cliffs and the Kalalau beach, which can easily be considered not only the most beautiful beach in Kauai but possibly in the world. Aside from the shockingly beautiful shapes that the mountains take behind the beach and the gorgeous and abundantly flowing waterfall between the mountain’s crevices is and the vast emptiness of the beach itself. Because it is such an enormous beach and so difficult to get to, you’ll be close to the only people on it no matter what time of year you go. Keep in mind that you cannot drink from the waterfall or the river, so bringing a water purification system is an absolute must.

Now, if that all sounds like a little too much strenuous activity on a honeymoon that you would rather spend sipping Maitais on the beach, not to worry because you can still see this spectacular beach two other ways. One way is to take a helicopter tour, an incredible activity for honeymooners to see the island. This breathtaking tour will take you over Manawaiopuna, or “Jurassic Park” Falls, the superb Waimea Canyon, the unparalleled natural beauty of the Na Pali Coast, the Luscious Hanalei Valley, the stunning coastline on the North Shore, and finally the unbelievable Wai’ale’ale Crater which is infamously one of the wettest places on the planet. The helicopter tour is guaranteed to be one of the most memorable moments of your honeymoon.

Another sensational way to see the Na Pali Coast on your honeymoon is to go by speedboat. This will be a full-day activity with tons of great snorkeling and swimming spots, so be prepared with sunscreen, a bathing suit, a towel, and, most importantly, a camera that is splash-proof because you are going to want a lot of photos with your partner on this insanely scenic tour. On this tour, you are guaranteed to have run-ins (or swim-ins in this case) with dolphins, sea turtles, and thousands of beautiful tropical fish. The boat tour is sure to be one of the most remarkable activities on your Kauai honeymoon.

As previously mentioned, visiting the Waimea Canyon, or “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” is a definite must on your honeymoon in Kauai as well. This canyon on the western side of the island is about three thousand feet deep and fourteen miles long. While drastically smaller in scale than the Grand Canyon, it is shockingly similar in appearance. The Waimea Canyon is the product of the rising and rushing of the mighty Waimea River due to its proximity to one of the wettest places on earth, Mount Wai’ale’ale. Waimea Canyon Drive will take you on a gorgeous scenic drive of the area and ends in Kokee State Park. Within this park, there are forty-five miles worth of stunningly unique hiking trails of all different levels on which you’ll see a vast array of wild forestland, endemic wildlife, and unique plants and flowers. The two most notable lookouts in Kokee State Park to add to your Kauai honeymoon must-see list are the Puu O Kila lookout and the Kalalau lookout.

There is an endless amount of activities to plan while on your Kauai honeymoon. You can go jet skiing, ziplining, whale-watching, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, four-wheeling, biking and so much more. Kauai is absolutely packed full of adventure activities for the fun-loving honeymooners, but while in Kauai it is also important to slow down, go on Hawaiian Time for a little bit, and leave yourself a day or two to relax with no agenda. Sleep in, have drinks by the pool, pack a cooler for a full beach day, get couples massages at one of the island’s many beautiful resorts, and enjoy a five-course meal with the love of your life.

In the end, enjoying the simple pleasures with the people you love the most is really what Kauai is all about.

Weather in Kauai

Being that it is a tropical island, Kauai is pleasantly warm all year round; that being said, there is also quite a bit of rainfall.

In winter, January through February, average temperatures are highs of eighty degrees Fahrenheit to lows of sixty-six.

In spring, March through May, the highs will be around 81°F, and lows will be around 67°F. In summer, June through August, highs will be around eighty-five, and lows will be around seventy-three.

In Fall, September through November, highs will be about eighty-five, and lows will be around seventy-three. It rains the most during the months of March, November, and December, with December being the rainiest month, with an average of over five inches of rainfall.

The driest and sunniest months are typically May, June, and July, with June being the driest at only about one inch of rain. As you can see the weather varies only slightly throughout the year. It is always a guarantee is that you will need both sunscreen and a rain jacket no matter when you are planning your honeymoon in Kaui.

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