The state of Louisiana is located on the Gulf of Mexico, with Baton Rouge serving as its capital. It has more honeymoon resort towns than most states, including the incomparable New Orleans, a favorite honeymoon getaway. It is the ideal honeymoon destination, whether you wish to explore a unique, romantic landscape and just unwind or party the night away. Whatever your honeymoon plans, they can turn into reality in Louisiana.

Here, the nights are filled with hot jazz in New Orleans’ French Quarter. The Quarter’s Bourbon Street is always filled with lie music, or you can stroll down nearby North Rampart Street and its historic buildings. 

If possible, you shouldn’t miss New Orleans’ Mardi Gras, with its parades and colorful masks, drinking and dancing. Mardi Gras is a party without many boundaries. 

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If you need to recover from Mardi Gras revels, hit one of the state’s beautiful beaches. Holly Beach in southern Louisiana is called the “Cajun Riviera” for its pure sand and warm waters. What could be more romantic than a stroll down the beach?

You’ll find Lake Pontchartrain just south of New Orleans. It is famed for having the longest causeway bridge in the world. Here, a wide variety of wildlife, from manatees to pelicans, and otters, roam contentedly. You can swim or boat in the Lake. Lake Pontchartrain is very much unspoiled nature, but there are plenty of accommodations nearby.

For an exquisite time, you can also time travel back one hundred years to exquisite Natchez and revel in a cruise up the Mississippi. 

Or spend the day at Lake Bruin and enjoy in the best of outdoor living. The fishing here is the best, and the entire lake serves as a watery playground. 

It’s as if Louisiana was specifically designed for lovers starting their life together. It’s a huge celebration.

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Henry Howard Hotel

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The Pontchartrain Hotel

Located in New Orleans, The Pontchartrain Hotel is a charming hotel That offers first-class services. In Louisiana, Pontchartrain Hotel is famous amongst travelers.

They offer facilities including, meeting rooms, a banquet room, gym, bar, ATM on-site, rooftop bar, sun terrace, wifi, and so on. Besides, valet parking is available. Rooms are spacious, comfortable, and decorated with modern features. These rooms have lots of comfortable furniture.

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About Louisiana

Louisiana is diverse in its landscape and its people. Louisiana people are mostly descendants of French, German, Acadian, and Spanish ancestors. Freed slaves settled in Louisiana and are responsible for the famed New Orleans jazz vibes. It’s an international stew of people.

The French eventually took control of Louisiana, and their effect can still be felt. 

Louisiana’s Creole and Cajun cooking have their basis in its  French heritage, although both cooking styles include plenty of Spanish and African influence. These dishes are probably the most uniquely seasoned in the world. Nowhere else will you find the perfect jambalaya or gumbo. Savoring as many of these mouthwatering meals should be a huge part of your Louisiana honeymoon. It might be the only state that plans its meals around the seasons. February’s Mardi Gras brings the king cakes. Spring and early summer are all about crawfish boils, while the summer is spent cracking crabs. When the chilly weather kicks in, gumbo and jambalaya are placed on the table. A Louisiana honeymoon is tasty beyond your imagination

The fertile soil of the rivers and bayous largely created Louisiana’s plantation culture. First, Louisiana had a huge tobacco crop, but that was subsequently replaced by cotton and sugar. It was the cotton and sugar that spurred the state’s wealth and fancy mansions and formal gardens. Many Europeans brought sought-after furnishings, creating the genteel life for which Louisiana was famed. 

The oldest settlement in Louisiana is Natchitoches Parish. It is a National Historic District and takes you back to a gentler past. The Kaffie-Frederick General Mercantile has been owned by the same family since 1863. It sells wonderfully exotic merchandise that you simply won’t find anywhere else. Pick up some souvenirs for home and a few treats for yourself.

While food rules in Louisiana, nowhere does it rule as it does at Natchitoches’ Lasyone’s Meat Pie Restaurant. Here, the gumbo is heavenly, and the crawfish etouffee a masterpiece. But the real reason to visit Lasyone’s is their famous meat pies, which are baked to perfection. Everyone comes here, so join the line.

In Natchitoches you will also find the Oakland and Magnolia plantation with the Cane River Creole National Historical Park. This stands as a historical monument to life over 150 years ago. Tours of both plantations are provided by the park service. 

While Louisiana has a serious and complex history, it is designed for fun, as can be seen in New Orleans. Many people from the north were drawn down the Mississippi for the riverboat casinos. These riverboats became an important source of entertainment with music, dancing, and, of course, gambling. The boats usually left their dock and floated along the mighty river for several hours. Today, they can be found throughout the banks of the Mississippi. Some are even open 24 hours. 

Best Time to Visit Louisiana

Louisiana was made for fun. Pick your favorite events and schedule your honeymoon trip.

Natchitoches Christmas Festival

This Christmas Festival is famous around the world. Three hundred thousand lights turn downtown Natchitoches into sheer magic. There are carriage rides, fireworks, tours of historic homes. And Santa will join in the fun. You can’t miss this.

Highland Jazz & Blues Festival

Every September, the city of Shreveport has it Highland Jazz & Blues Festival. The party takes place in a park in the Highland neighborhood and includes fantastic music and food. Everyone simply dances.

Sabine Parish Fair & Rodeo

Also in September, don’t miss the weeklong Sabine Parish Fair and Rodeo taking place on Fairgrounds Road in Sabine Parish. This fair has something for everyone, from carnival rides, rodeos, livestock, and the usual music and food. 

French Quarter Festival

As if there weren’t enough celebrations in New Orleans during the Mardi Gras in February, the celebration continues in April at the French Quarter Festival. This is the hugest musical festival in the country. The highlight is the jazz brunch consisting of po’boys, crawfish, and jambalaya. 

The Festival International de Louisiane

For five days in April, downtown Lafayette comes alive with music and arts and crafts. Artists from over 20 countries will be performing, so there are many different musical styles. Check out the arts and crafts while enjoying the fabulous food.

New Orleans St. Patrick’s Festival

New Orleans just can’t stop celebrating. Every March 17th, everyone dresses in fancy costumes, watches the bands and the parade while dancing along the streets as the floats pass by. The peculiar thing about St. Patrick’s day in New Orleans is that the floats toss cabbages and carrots at the crows. We suggest you duck and find some good corned beef to eat.

Top Things to do in Louisiana

Steel Magnolias Film Tour

Not many people realize that the popular movie Steel Magnolia starring Julia Roberts and Sally Fields was filmed in Natchitoches Parish.  If you are a fan, in October, Town Tour in Natchitoches provides a tour of the major sights, with specific emphasis on the Steel Magnolia House and the Styles Beauty Shop. Locals who served as extras in the movie will discuss their experiences, and there will be a cooking demonstration of the all-important armadillo cake. 

Third Street in Baton Rouge

People in Louisiana enjoy their fun. That goes for the state’s capital, Baton Rouge, as well. Here, the action happens on Third Street, with plenty of live entertainment, bar crawling, or a date night. Take your significant other dancing at a club such as the Boudreaux & Thibodeaux. Enjoy some karaoke at the Register.

And there is sublime food galore. In Baton Rouge, it’s all conveniently happening on Third Street.

Food Tours in New Orleans

When in New Orleans, you will be surrounded by great food, from étouffée to beignets. You might still enjoy a few specialized food tours given by local experts. Destination Kitchen specializes in special gems located in the French Quarter. Tastebud Tours also explores the French quarter and specifically gumbos.

Dr. Gumbo Tour has a three-hour walking tour that takes you to six different restaurants. Perhaps best of all, it has a special cocktail tour, where you will sample local favorites while a friendly mixologist explains the history behind the cocktails. All tours will provide you with a better understanding of New Orleans’ culture and history.

Mississippi River Cruises

Your romantic Louisiana honeymoon should include at least one romantic cruise down the Mississippi. While there are cruises that take several days, there are also romantic one-day cruises that begin with breakfast and include lunch. You’ll see the grandeur of the Mississippi River as you float along the shore and learn the history behind the splendid scenery.

The Creole Queen Historic Mississippi River Cruise takes you down the Mississippi in a Paddlewheeler boat for a stunning sunset cruise. Enjoy of buffet while surrounded by pleasing jazz music. Admire the view while sipping a few cocktails. This evening is straight out of a dating manual. Time to up your game now that you are married.

Mississippi cruises are culturally rich and splendid. However, the Louisiana swamps are also an important part of the scenery and the Louisiana way of life. New Orleans Swamp Tours will lead you past an old Indian burial mound and an old cemetery. Definitely sets the mood for swamp living. Try and spot the alligators, turtles, and snakes that call the swamp home while your guide points out the important sights.

Weather in Louisiana

Louisiana has a subtropical climate that is primarily influenced by the Gulf of Mexico. The summers are hot and humid, with temperatures in the 90s during the day and in the 70s in the evening. Louisiana winters are short and moderate, with average temperatures in the 60s. It gets an abundance of storms during the spring and summer months. 

The state’s wet season lingers from April to September, with 48 to 75 inches of precipitation. May is truly rainy, with up to 10 inches of rain in a single day being possible. It hardly ever snows in southern Louisiana, near the Gulf; however, the northern part of the state may see a few occasional snow drizzles.

Autumn is an inviting time to visit. There is little rain, and the temperatures are in the 70s. The heat in the summer can make the days a bit oppressive.

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