When you think of Massachusetts, you probably envision the excitement and sophistication of its capital city, Boston. And you would be right. It’s a thrilling honeymoon destination, truly the place where our nation had its beginning. However, Massachusetts has so much more for honeymooners. There is Cape Cod, with its breathtaking Lighthouse Beach, playful seals, and plentiful boutique shopping. You don’t want to miss Martha’s Vineyard, with its art scene, boating, and great seafood,  with lobsters and clams arriving fresh off the boat each morning. Away from the ocean, the Berkshire Mountains lure honeymooners to enjoy some great hiking and exploring. Canoe or kayak on the Housatonic River. 

Nantucket Island has incredible beaches, quaint cobblestone streets, and a famous lighthouse. The Whaling Museum provides lessons and exhibits about Boston’s important seafaring history. And then there is Cisco Brewers, a combination vineyard and brewery, where you can sample two wines and two beers, and tour the grounds.

Explore our guide to the best honeymoon destinations in the USA.

Boston, of course, is the center of Massachusetts culture and history. The Freedom Trail literally lets you walk in the footsteps of our great forefathers. Stroll through or stay in Back Bay or Beacon Hill, Boston’s elite and luxurious neighborhoods, where the Brahmins have lived for centuries. As you stroll by the historic buildings, impressive doorways, and decorative planters being lit by the glow of old streetlamps, you are being transported back a hundred years. You can almost hear the horses and carriages carrying their important passengers.

Nearby, the Boston Common is the oldest park in the country. Relax and enjoy the lovely scenery. Next to the Common are the Boston Garden. Here, you can take a boat ride on the lake before settling down for a romantic picnic. 

And don’t miss Boston’s North End, where the Italian cooking is truly genuine and beyond fabulous.  

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About Massachusetts

Massachusetts is where it all began. The Pilgrims from Europe landed on Plymouth Rock in 1620 searching for religious freedom. They lived in harmony with their neighbors, the Wampanoag Indians. The settlers were so anxious to communicate properly with the Wampanoag, they sent a few to Harvard University, which opened in 1936, to learn English. The Pilgrims learned the ways of the new land, and the Wampanoag happily converted to Christianity. 

Harmony was not to last. War was declared between the two parties, leaving the British colonists victorious and in charge of the new land. The pilgrims may have escaped here for religious freedom, but their religious tolerance didn’t stretch across the great pond. By 1692, 24 women in the town of Salem were persecuted and executed as witches.

Still, Massachusetts grew quickly, with Boston its leading city. The protest for independence from English began brewing in Boston, the site of the Boston Tea Party. After eight years of fighting the War of Independence, Bostonian John Hancock was the first American to sign the Declaration of Independence. Freedom was embraced by one and all. Citizens of Massachusetts and Boston were leaders in protesting slavery and were strong supporters of abolitionism. European settlers continued to flock to Boston, some of them highly sophisticated, creating a culture open to learning and free-thinking. This resulted in an explosion of colleges, concert halls, and museums.  Massachusetts is the setting for 114 colleges and universities.

Boston overflows with places teeming with history – the Old North Church, Faneuil Hall, and the old State House. Downtown State Street, with its Freedom Trail, still has the original cobblestones from the past.

Moving away from Boston, Cape Cod serves as an artist colony and haven for watersports. Its greatest attraction may be whale watching. The Cape is a world of pristine beaches, majestic cliffs, and quaint towns, all of which stretch 90 miles into the ocean. The beautiful islands of Martha Vineyard and Nantucket are reachable only by ferry. Here, the waves are ideal for surfing, swimming, and fishing. The beaches on Nantucket Island provide some of the most striking sunsets anywhere.

As you travel inland, you will see that Massachusetts is a lot more than beaches. Driving from the big city to the Berkshires involves moving through scenic towns into another world. With its lush, rolling Appalachian hills, it’s a destination for outdoor enthusiasts. You will take a guided tour through the home of author Herman Melville in Stockbridge on Monument Mountain. This is also the location of the Norman Rockwell Museum. 

There is no way to escape culture in Massachusetts, even in the Berkshires, which has one of the largest modern art museums in America, the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. This complex spreads out over 19 galleries. Then there is Tanglewood with its outdoor performances by the Boston Symphony Orchestra. For theater lovers, there is the Shakespeare & Company and the Williamstown Theatre Festival. In Massachusetts, art and culture follow you even to the mountains.

Best Time to Visit Massachusetts

At the end of every October, Boston gathers by the Charles River for the three-mile Head of the Charles Regatta. It is one of the world’s primary rowing events, with teams from all over the US competing. The excitement can mount fast as 300,000 spectators fill the shoreline. For the best viewing, go to Memorial Drive near the Boston University Boathouse. 

Join The Boston Arts Festival during the second week in September. Boston is an artist’s haven. The festival takes place in Christopher Columbus Park with live entertainment, artists displaying their wares, including sculpture, ceramics, paintings, jewelry, photography and others. It’s a showcase for every type of art in Boston.

Return to Medieval times at the King Richard’s Faire for several weekends in September and October in the town of Carver. This Renaissance Festival has been entertaining people for 40 years and is the largest Renaissance event in New England. There are acrobats, minstrels, and fire eaters. Knights on horseback battle out their differences. Faeries dance through the wooden area. 

It is all tremendous fun and a great beginning to your Massachusetts honeymoon. Of course, you will dine like a king and queen on turkey legs and chowder. Serving wenches will bring around the champagne and mead.

You’ll also find some serious displays of medieval clothes, pottery, and jewelry. 

St. Patrick’s Day

Bostonians believe they invented St. Patrick’s Day, which they have been celebrating boisterously in March since 1737.  There is the massive South Boston Parade with bagpipes, floats, bands, dancers, and more. Wearing green is mandatory. The Dropkick Murphys perform their Irish songs at the House of Blues every year. 

Spend some time at the best Boston Irish pubs. Ned Devine Irish Pub downtown gets lively in the evening. Mr. Dooley’s Boston Tavern offers up great Irish dishes. Enjoy live Irish music at Kinsale in Cambridge. Or just do the epic St. Patrick’s Day pub crawl.

Top Things to do in Massachusetts

Sunset Harbor Tour

Plan a romantic dinner date on a sunset dinner cruise around Boston harbor. Enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet, a cabaret show, dancing to live music, and the incomparable sights of the Boston skyline. 

Secret North End Food Tour

Boston’s North End is its Little Italy. Walking down the narrow cobble-stoned streets, you’ll be transported back to the old country. The Italian dishes are as genuine as you’ll find in Sicily. The North End Food Tour introduces you to restaurants that entice you with their classic Italian cooking and restaurants that specialize in Boston’s seafood cuisine. Can a tour that begins with a fresh lobster roll be anything but incredible? Move on to Boston’s best pizza while learning about American history. Your food tour will take you past Paul Revere’s house and the famed Old North Church.

Get Witchy in Salem

Take a spooky witchy tour through the town of Salem. There are daytime tours, but you can amp the eeriness factor by taking a nighttime tour guided only by lantern light (as if that would keep the witches away). Trek through the Burying Point Cemetery. Several judges from the trials found their final resting place here, as did an entrepreneurial merchant who sold refreshments for the eager crowds that came to watch the proceedings. Is Salem haunted? You be the judge.

Plimoth Patuxet Museum

History comes alive just an hour outside of Boston. The Plimoth Patuxet Museum is where it all started. The first Thanksgiving, and a forging of friendship between the pilgrims and the Indians, are monumental pieces of history. Stroll through a 17th-century village and see the world through our ancestors’ eyes. The Plimoth colony serves an annual Thanksgiving dinner that is as traditional as any dinner can get. Pilgrims and Indians in costumes will greet and entertain and enlighten the guests. Just prior to Thanksgiving, the colony has its annual New England Harvest Fest which will include a traditional 17th-century meal. This is an incredible experience and an unforgettable way to spend your first Thanksgiving together. You will literally be reliving history.

Hancock Shaker Village 

The entire village is dedicated to being a Shaker living history museum. The complex consists of 20 buildings that constitute a working farm. Explore the farm, Shaker lifestyle, gardens, animals and enjoy a farm-to-table meal at the café. Visit the shop and choose among the many quality Shaker items that could fit into your new home.

The Revolutionary Trail

In essence, our country began in Boston. Take the Revolutionary Trail Tour and learn how the events that led to a war really unfolded, soak up the drama behind the history lessons, and the spirits that allowed for the birth of a nation. You’ll visit the North End, the Old South Meeting House, the Near Long Wharf, the King’s Chapel Burial Ground, and Quincy Market. 

Weather in Massachusetts

Massachusetts has comfortable summers that can reach the 80s. That is fairly cool when compared to many other states. It does get a lot of snow. January sees accumulations of 15 inches or more. The snow can last for six months. 

Severe blizzards, or Nor’easters, are becoming more frequent in Massachusetts, such as the April Fool’s Day Blizzard in 1997, which left more than three feet of snow in two days. This is bliss for skiers and snowboarders.

The best season in Massachusetts is fall, when October delivers wonderful fall foliage colors. It’s the end of the summer heat and the beginning of crisp, fresh air. In the Berkshires, forest floors can be blanketed with vibrant, fiery leaves as far as you can see, proving that there is no artist quite like nature.

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