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    Mexico is a favorite honeymoon destination for several reasons. Mexico’s location, bordering the southern part of the U.S., makes it convenient to reach. And the presence of the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico guarantee miles of beautiful and diverse beaches. It is also very affordable thanks to favorable exchange rates. 

    Mexico offers a unique experience for all. Whether you want to enjoy the sophisticated urbanity of Mexico City, explore Mexico’s vast cultural past, or roam 5,800 miles of white beaches, you’ll find it in Mexico. The country was designed for watersports. And let’s not forget the food. 

    Three areas in Mexico are especially honeymoon-friendly.


    Tulum is located in the southern part of the country, with Cancun as its nearest close major city. Tulum has turned into a significant tourist haven with major luxury hotels. It is a popular designation of yoga fans and those enjoying relaxing spa treatments. It’s not all about the Downward Dog, however. Explore the nearby Mayan ruins and enjoy the party-filled bar scene. 

    Los Cabos

    Los Cabos consists of two southern Mexican towns – San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. The latter is a fun party town with some memorable shopping, while the former is relaxing and laid back. Your Mexican honeymoon, your choice. Le Blanc Spa Resort in Los Cabos is an adult-only resort with honeymooners in mind.

    The beach life is what brings people to Los Cabos. The great boating keeps them here for a while. There are drinking cruises, sunset cruises, and every other type of cruise, including a fishing cruise. The food in Los Cabos is divine, from the five-star Manta hotel to your fish taco street stand. It’s all fresh and tasty. 

    Mexico City

    Mexico City is a bustling city of 26 million people. It has an abundance of culture, fine cuisine, and renowned shopping. You can wander among the ancient ruins. For some romantic fun, visit the canals of Xochimilco. Just an hour from the city, canals are packed with colorful party boats. It’s party time with beer and plenty of mariachi! These boats are a floating fiesta. Bring your own food onboard. 


    Cancun is the ultimate party town. There are lots of clubs that keep up the vibes each evening. If you need some rest, take the ferry out to the Isla Mujeres, located six kilometers from the city. Isla Mujeres is the ultimate place to go and chill out. Bask in its tranquility and enjoy the turquoise waters.For a more low-key Cancun adventure, visit the Museo Subacuático del Arte This underwater museum is one of Cancun major attractions. You will find 500 sculptures beneath the surface of the water. You can experience this Museum by glass-bottom boat or else go snorkeling in the shallow waters and get an up-close perspective of these sculptures.

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      About Mexico

      Mexico has a lot to recommend it. It has all First World amenities, pure beaches, and an ancient culture worth exploring. It is also inexpensive, offering you a honeymoon bargain.

      The sunny tropical climate couldn’t be better to indulge in some sophisticated urban offerings or to visit small fishing villages and busy beach towns, where you can mingle with the natives. Of course, Mexico City, at a high elevation, can be surrounded by the snow-capped Sierra Madre mountains in the winter. The area around Guadalajara, including Lake Chapala, insists it has the best temperature in the world, a wonderful 77 degrees with rainy nights. Perfect beach-lounging time, so prepare to hold a tequila in one hand while distributing sunscreen with the other. It just takes a bit of practice. 

      There is more to Mexico than its famous beaches. Explore the architectural wonders of the Mayan pyramids. In the Yucatan Peninsula, up your watersport credentials by swimming with sharks and crocodiles – the monkeys love watching that. Or help the many abandoned baby sea turtle. For more culture, the capital of the Yucatan, Merida, entertains with dance and free concerts. 

      Wherever you are in Mexico, you are likely to be near one of the country’s markets. These markets are the perfect place to get fresh, local food, such as their fresh coffee beans, and some Mexican grasshopper tacos, which are devoured throughout the country. Equally as important, you will likely find some delightful arts and crafts items to keep as souvenirs of your Mexican honeymoon or to bring back home as gifts. 

      You may not have come to Mexico to whale watch, but why miss out on this incredible sight? About 1,500 California Gray whales escape the deep freeze of the Bering Strait each winter to migrate to the warmer waters of the California Baja in Mexico. Here, they engage in courtship rituals and breed the next generation of Gray whales. It is possible to see this amazing sight between November through March. They return to Alaska (with the females being pregnant or with their newly born baby whale) when the Alaskan waters have reached a warmer temperature. Join a tour for the best chances of seeing the whales.

      Best Time to Visit Mexico

      The best time to visit Mexico depends on what you wish to do and see during your Mexican honeymoon.

      Mexico offers almost 6,000 miles of gorgeous beaches. Moving inland, you will find mountains, jungles, and dessert. 

      The Sierra Madre mountain range runs down the center of Mexico for about 700 miles, with peaks reaching 10,000 feet. The mountain region gets colder in the evening, and it tends to rain from June to October. 

      Mexico’s jungle stretches from the Yucatán peninsula to Guatemala. The weather here is more tropical, with heavier rains during June through October. Hurricanes can happen here from August through October. When visiting the sites in the lowlands Mayan sites, the winter months are best as the weather is drier.

      If you are visiting any of the beaches, November, which marks the end of the rainy season, through April are the best times. The humidity is still low, and the days are warm. Unfortunately, the crowds are dense. Mexico tends to be crowded during holidays, when everyone is visiting.

      Mexico loves a good celebration. Come for the Christmas holiday parties in Mexico City, Los Cabos, and Puerto Vallarta as cities are turned into a colorful light display. Mexico celebrates its Independence Day in the middle of September. Parties and fireworks are held throughout the country. Join in the festivities.

      One of Mexico’s most iconic celebrations takes place early in November. It’s the Day of the Dead. This is a fete to the deceased love ones. Altars have bright flowers and pictures of the departed on, as well as his or her favorite food. It is believed that offering the deceased’s favorite meal will bring him or her back. Large cities have parades and masked performers. 

      Top Things to do in Mexico


      This used to be one of the world’s most populated cities, with up to 200,000 residents. It was a political epicenter for the Mayans. There are two ancient pyramids, known as the Temple of the Sun and the Temple of the Moon. Teotihuacan is one of Mexico’s most important excavation sites. You can hire a car from Mexico City to get here or take a public bus. Climb to the top of at least one of the temples for a breathtaking view.

      Chichén Itzá 

      This is another Mayan archaeological site not far from Cancún. This was a major trading city for the Mayans and the seat of power. Here, the Mayans had access to gold and silver, making them major traders. The massive Temple of the Warriors, with its hundreds of columns, is one of the most important buildings in Chichen Itza. You can make Chichen Itza a day trip from Cancun, or you can stay in one of the nearby hotels.

      The best way to see Chichen Itza is from a hot air balloon. This tour is arranged by Cancun Discounts. Enjoy a champagne toast upon your arrival before being taken on a guided tour through the air, followed by lunch. The tour can last from three hours to the entire day. Few tours offer this type of excitement.

      Puerto Vallarta Ziplining Adventure

      Book this adventure through Vallarta Adventure. You’ll start with a boat ride crossing Vallarta Bay. Keep an eye out for whales and dolphins. From there, you take a jeep and a mule to the inner jungle. Here, you will zip your way through the tropical forest above the trees to land in majestic waterfalls. It’s like an aerial waterslide.

      Chapultepec Park

      There is so much to see in this Park located in Mexico City, you could spend your entire Mexican honeymoon here. It covers 1,600 acres. You will find several museums, a large zoo, fountains, and gardens filled with lovely flora and fauna. Emperor Montezuma built the zoo. It’s the most visited zoo on the planet, with 5.5 million visitors every year. 

      Chapultepec Castle is an ancient fortress occupied by Emperor Maximilian. These days, the castle is an insightful museum reflecting Mexico’s history and culture. A lot of the original furniture still remains, as do Colombian artifacts and facts about Mexico’s history. 

      The National Museum of History includes pre-Colombian artifacts and displays about the ancient cultures of Mexico. There is an excellent restaurant within the museum. There is a lake in the midst of all this, and you can rent a boat for a romantic paddle in the waters.

      Weather in Mexico

      Mexico is largely surrounded by water, and the coastal area can get hot and humid. As you move inland to the mountainous terrain, the weather becomes cooler and more comfortable. The winter months of December through March can get chilly.

      The temperature in the southern portion gets hot in April and May. The Baja coast experiences the hottest weather July through September.

      While Mexico cools down during the winter, the Yucatan remains comfortably warm. This is the ideal time for a winter getaway to Cancun. It’s a great time for swimming, hiking, and exploring sites such as the Chichen Itza in perfect comfort. Visiting Cancun in the winter months can be much more enjoyable than in the summer months, when it gets incredibly hot and humid.

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