After spending weeks stressing over your perfect wedding, it’s finally done. You’re officially a honeymooning couple, and there is no place more delightful for a romantic honeymoon than Miami. The beaches are inviting, the food is divine, and the hotel resorts are ready to cater to your every whim.

Miami awaits you with open arms.

Life in Miami revolves around sunshine, the beach, and water. Whether you want to charter a yacht, join a fishing boat, or lull around the beach, a Miami honeymoon is the way to begin your new life together. You’ll enjoy great restaurants and an abundance of live entertainment. 

There is more to Miami than its fabulous beachfront, though. Don’t overlook trendy, bohemian Coconut Grove with its first-rate hotels and shopping. In addition, posh Coral Gables is filled with stately mansions and tree-lined streets. You’ll find exquisite shopping and dining on its “Miracle Mile.” It’s your honeymoon, so expect the best. Being off the beaten path allows you more romantic solitude and a more personalized Miami honeymoon experience.

For newlywed foodies in Miami between June and September, Miami Spice is a culinary event in which some of the top Miami restaurants participate. Menus are at a highly discounted prix fixe, and brunches and happy hours offer special deals. It’s a rare opportunity to enjoy VIP treatment and the best of fine dining on a budget.

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About Miami

Miami is frequently called Magic City. If it hadn’t been for an enterprising 19th-century plantation owner named Julia Tuttle, there might not be a Miami today. Julia owned a successful citrus plantation, but without a railroad nearby, establishing trade was difficult. She tried to persuade a railroad owner to build a railroad from New York to Miami. However, at the time, Miami was little more than wilderness. There was little interest. Finally, she did get her railroad, and the rest of the country was introduced to perfect citrus fruit. Just like magic. Suddenly, the northern part of the country was awakened to the possibilities of year-round sunshine and oranges.

The sandy shores of Miami are first class. From outdoor exercise classes to volleyball, it happens at the beach, including nightly parties. Miami is party central. South Beach is laden with famous nightclubs and even more famous DJ’s that will get patrons up and dancing. Trendy bars can be found around Wynwood, and the older bars are located Downtown. 

Miami has more than just beaches and sunshine. The city is nestled between the Everglades and Biscayne National Park, both wilderness expanses offering great adventures such as hiking and biking. You’ll find mangrove forests and a living coral reef in Biscayne Bay, where you can scuba dive and enjoy a fantastic underwater ecosystem. Miami is also the place for speed boats, windsurfing, and jet skiing. Anything to do with the water.

There is a huge Hispanic population and Cuban influence. You can enjoy two Miami honeymoons for the price of one.

Maybe it’s all that sunshine, but Miamians are obsessed with living healthy and looking great. This is reflected in the way they dress. You might expect torn jeans and shorts in a beachfront location, but Miamians use every excuse, from shopping to meeting friends, to glam it up.

When you tear yourself away from the beach, check out the historic Art Deco District with its almost 1,000 historic buildings. A walking tour into this architectural heritage is strongly advised. The buildings are a work of art. 

A tremendous benefit to a Miami honeymoon is that you are close to the Florida Keys and its own gem, Key West. Key West is idyllic and much more laid back than Miami. It’s a great place to spend a few days. In Key West, tour the town on the Old Town trolley and check out the Butterfly Conservancy. The Shipwreck Treasures Museum has real shipwreck artifacts. Visit the Hemingway House and the Key West Cemetery. No, Hemingway isn’t buried here, but the people who are had a sense of humor. Find the headstone that reads, “I Told You I Was Sick”! 

Best Time to Visit Miami

Miami is sun-drenched the entire year. Check out some of the local events for the best time to schedule your Miami honeymoon.

In January, the holidays are over, and the kids are back in school. This is a cost-effective month to travel to Miami. The local attractions, such as museums and the clubs, are far less crowded than usual.

The weather is perfection from February through May. Baseball fans can watch the Miami Marlins begin a new season. 

Hurricanes happen June through August. This coincides with summer vacations and the arrival of tourists. Despite the possibility of downpours, the bars are hopping, and the weekends are filled with arts and crafts shows.

The tourists are mostly gone by September, as is the worst of the summer humidity. Accommodations become less expensive again. 

If you enjoy modern art, there is no time like Miami in December. The event called Art Basel turns all of Miami into an international modern art phenomenon. The Miami Beach Convention Center and more than 20 art fairs exhibit the works of 1,200 artists. The Convention Center has discussions and lectures on many of the works.

You can’t be in Miami in December and not visit Santa’s Enchanted Forest. This is the world’s largest Christmas theme park. There is no snow, of course. Instead, enjoy 100 thrill rides and a fantastic holiday light show. Feeling brave? Try bungee jumping through the forest. 

Top Things to do in Miami

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

This is a former 18th century villa that is now a museum surrounded by splendid, manicured gardens and sculptures. The main building is sheer opulence., with an open courtyard and high ceilings. The floors are made of precious marble, and the windows are stained glass. The villa contains more than 70 rooms, half of which are filled with grand Italian art and furniture.

As a treat, go up to the second floor for their special tea service on the terrace. 

Miami’s New World Symphony

Miami is not lacking in culture. Symphony Hall is an architectural masterpiece. During the winter, bring a blanket, food, and wine, and hear the symphony being broadcast over speakers and a screen. It’s free.

Thriller Speedboat Ride

Thriller Miami offers over-the-top speedboat rides. Have a need for speed? Roar through Biscayne Bay, South Beach, and through the Port of Miami at 40 miles an hour. This is a high-octane board ride at its best. A guide will point out the sights. Thriller Miami has other thrill rides, as well. For a romantic treat, rent a private speedboat with your private guide for a two-hour special boat ride. Call 305 371 3278 for information.

The Ancient Spanish Monastery

This monastery, originally called “The Monastery of Our Lady, Queen of the Angels,” was built in Spain in 1133. William Randolph Heart was so enthralled with the building he had it broken down brick by brick, placed in over 11,000 cartons, and shipped to New York. There, it remained neglected following Heart’s death and eventually ended up in Miami. The entire monastery was rebuilt here stone by stone. It is a beautiful, peaceful structure located at 16711 W Dixie Hwy, North Miami Beach. 

The interior of the Monastery is stunning. Email at for tours of what is the oldest building in the Western hemisphere.

Little Havana

Visit Little Havana in Downton for the quincentennial Cuban experience. Enjoy authentic and traditional Cuban cuisine at the El Pub. If you fancy one, here is where to get a genuine Cuban cigar.

Jungle Island

It’s a jungle out there, even in Miami. This eco-friendly adventure park provides physical challenges by way of zip lines, rope courses for climbing and swinging from tree to tree. Did Tarzan land in Miami? It is a fun and challenging way of getting closer to, and conquering, nature.

Hiking in Miami

It’s not all about the beach in Miami. In Everglades National Park, the Shark Valley Trail is an easy, 15 miles loop for an incomparable view of the Everglades wildlife, such as alligators, herons, turtles, and lizards. The trail is paved for easy walking. There is an observation tower that provides phenomenal views. 

The two-mile Black Creek Canal trail in Oleta River State Park is located north of Miami in Biscayne National Park. It’s a wonderful trail for birdwatching and seeing the sun come up.

Weather in Miami

The summers in Miami are subtropical – hot and humid, with temperatures in the high 90s. The winters are only a little less so, although on rare occasions, they can fall before the 40-degree mark. Then is becomes optimal weather for walking and exploring.

June through September are the hottest months. This is also when Miami sees the most rain. The heat is seen by some visitors as a drawback, but the great beaches are invariably filled with sun worshippers. The water itself is very warm at around 70 degrees. Swimming is possible year-round, even in the winter.

The temperature lowest to around 80 degrees around October. Most of the tourists have left by this time, so accommodations are fairly reasonable.

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