Combine the gorgeous Ozarks, a stunning landscape, with lively cities, and the historic Route 66, and you are ready for your unforgettable Missouri honeymoon. Missouri has opportunities for hiking, boating, and simply enjoying great entertainment. It offers anything you could want on your honeymoon.

Missouri has several famed natives, such as Mark Twain, Maya Angelou, President Truman, Chuck Berry, and the delightful (and very real) Calamity Jane. The “Show Me” state does not lack interesting characters. Your Missouri honeymoon is an opportunity to follow in some of their illustrious footsteps. Missouri can be enjoyed year-round. Every season has its own charm.

Explore our guide to the best honeymoon destinations in the USA.

Enjoy some unexpected romance in St. Louis, the best barbeque in Kansas City, and have some fun in Branson. Or visit the state’s capital, Jefferson City, where you can dine at the Sweet Smoke Barbeque  and enjoy a beer at Prison Brews. 

When you move away from the cities, there is the incomparable magnificence of the Ozarks, especially the Lake of the Ozarks, which is nature’s very own playground. Here, you have your choice of elegant resorts, rustic cabins, or snuggly treehouses. The cabins can be especially appealing to outdoor lovers and honeymooners looking for a bit of privacy. You will find small, local restaurants that aren’t on anyone’s map but well-worth trying. The treehouses combine everyday essentials with a memorable camping experience. It’s a romantic way to unplug from society for a few days. 

Take a ride through Missouri and enjoy both the urban and rural perspectives. Your best travel could take place along the legendary Route 66, America’s quincentennial highway, which runs through the state. Some of it has changed, but much of the adventure can still be experienced. Travel back in time and see America the way it used to be.

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The Raphael Hotel

Located in Kansas City, The Raphael Hotel can be a great destination that you’re looking for. This hotel is one of the top-ranked hotels in Missouri.

Their facilities and services keep the guests coming back again and again. Here they provide amenities including meeting rooms, a banquet room, gym, bar, restaurant, etc. Their spacious rooms are perfect for relaxation and decorated with lots of modern furniture.

The Raphael Hotel serves healthy meals and drinks. In addition, you can enjoy breakfast in your room. Besides, you can enjoy many activities in The Raphael Hotel like a game room, board games, bicycle rental. Explore the city with two wheels. Moreover, many attractions and restaurants are within walking distance, visit them in your free time.

The Raphael Hotel, a romantic hotel that offers a secluded area and private space for couples. Experience your dream vacation in The Raphael Hotel.

More Information on The Raphael Hotel

Average Price Range: $181 to $350

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: No

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Number of Rooms: 126


Echo Bluff State Park Lodge

Echo Bluff State Park Lodge is a beautiful combination of nature and luxury. This hotel is romantic, secluded, and offers a lot of facilities to its guests.

Here you can enjoy many services, mesmerizing meals, and visiting attractions. They provide many amenities, including meeting rooms, a banquet room, BBQ facilities, picnic area, restaurant, etc. Rooms are comfortable for relaxation, spacious, and decorated with lots of furniture.

Hotel staffs are friendly and helpful. They will help you with everything you need. You can explore the city, visit some nearby restaurants, and many attractions are also nearby.

Looking for a romantic holiday spot? It might be an excellent alternative for Echo Bluff State Park Lodge. This isolated hotel offers holidays such as honeymoons, romantic retreats, weddings, and other holidays. Discover the reality of your desire.

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Villas Available: No

Number of Rooms: 34


Hotel Kansas City

Are you looking for a romantic vacation destination? Try hotel Hotel Kansas City. Offering lots of facilities and services, Hotel Kansas City is one of the finest hotels in Missouri.

The unique decoration and design of Hotel Kansas City attract travelers. They offer lots of property amenities including, car hire, meeting rooms, a banquet room, gym, bar, nightclub, and so on. They provide valet parking to their guests. In addition, rooms are spacious, decorated with a lot of furniture, and modern features.

Hotel Kansas City serves fantastic dishes and healthy meals. If you’re on a diet, try meals from their special diet menus. Besides, the hotel staffs are friendly and helpful. They will help you with everything you need.

There is an arrangement for the evening entertainment. You can enjoy your vacation in Hotel Kansas City. Moreover, many attractions and restaurants are nearby, visit them in your free time. You can also explore and experience the life of locals.

Standing near Kansas City, Hotel Kansas City is one of the top-rated hotels. Experience your dream vacation here and enjoy your holiday.

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Depot Inn & Suites

Offering lots of facilities and services, Depot Inn & Suites is famous amongst travelers. This hotel is located in La Plata, Missouri.

Depot Inn & Suites is a beautiful hotel and one of the top-rated hotels. Their decoration and design attract guests the most. Besides, they offer facilities including airport transportation, a picnic area, meeting rooms, a banquet room, gym, etc. In addition, rooms are decorated with modern features and comfortable for relaxation.

Depot Inn & Suites serves a complimentary breakfast to its guests. Also, guests can enjoy complimentary tea and coffee during their stay.

You can enjoy board games, a game area, walking tours, and others. Rent a bike and discover the city. In your leisure time, you can visit specific sites. In addition, there are numerous restaurants nearby, and fascinating cuisines are available.

In addition to the romantic setting, Depot Inn & Suites provides couples with private space. Discover your Depot Inn & Suites Romantic ideal getaway.

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The Keeter Center

Are you looking for a romantic place for your vacation? Try The Keeter Center. Located in Branson, The Keeter Center is one of the excellent hotels in Missouri. This hotel is full of warm hospitality and services.

The Keeter Center is a beautiful hotel and is surrounded by nature. The simplicity of this hotel attracts the guests. This hotel offers many property amenities, including meeting rooms, a banquet room, wifi, a restaurant, etc. Parking is free for guests. In addition, rooms are perfect for relaxation, and they are spacious, comfortable, and decorated with modern features.

The Keeter Center serves mesmerizing dishes and healthy meals. You can enjoy breakfast in your room. The hotel staffs are friendly and helpful.

You can enjoy a lot of activities in The Keeter Center. Moreover, many attractions are within walking distance. You can also explore some nearby restaurants in your free time.

This hotel has a secluded area, romantic environment, private space for couples. Enjoy your vacation and make memories.

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Number of Rooms: 15

About Missouri

Missouri is in the Midwestern part of the US. It is famed for its recreational activities in the Ozarks, as well as having two of the country’s most important rivers flowing through it – the Missouri and the Mississippi. Jefferson City is the state capital.

One of the best aspects of traveling throughout Missouri are the unique accommodations, the state’s natural beauty, and beautiful parks.

St. Louis isn’t the capital of Missouri, but it is one of its most-visited cities. Don’t overlook its romantic dining options, such as Kemoll’s, a fourth-generation St. Louis tradition located on the 42nd floor of the Top of the Met. Enjoy your fine meal with the best view of the city.

Can’t resist chocolate? Neither, apparently, could the French king, Louis XIV. Bissenger’s was personal chocolatier to the King. Centuries later, you can be treated like royalty at the Bissenger’s chocolate lounge on Maryland Plaza. Without a doubt, Bissenger’s knows chocolate. 

While on your Missouri honeymoon, take in the sights of  Kansas City. While St. Louis brags about its Anheuser-Bush beer, Kansas City is happy with its Boulevard Brewing Company. Enjoy the exhibits of its many beers, tasting rooms, and a shop to purchase the brew of your choice. There is a tour for beer connoisseurs, which includes a lecture on beermaking and tasting of several types.

Still feeling thirsty? Tom’s Town Distillery on Main Street happily flouted Prohibition laws and now is one of the best places for award-winning bourbon, botanical gin, and double grain gin. Sit back in their art deco lounge and indulge in some specialty cocktails and delicious eats.

A must in Missouri is enjoying the old Route 66. This is Americana at its most memorable. Here, time stands still. Get a map and trip planner and prepare for a trip into the past. Visit Gary’s Gay Parita, a 30s gas station with original pumps and memorabilia. To cool off, stop by the Meramec Caverns in Stanton. This is a seven-kilometer cave system with an underground river. There are guided tours to take you through the cavern and expand on the legend that Jesse James hid down there.

 Remember romantic drive-in theaters? Stop by the Route 66 Drive-In Theatre in Carthage. This is the last of the drive-ins along the route. Give in to nostalgia and take in a show. 

Move on to Cuba. Cuba, Missouri, that is. Cuba is known as Mural City. Dozens of colored murals, from old fashions scenes from the 20s to Civil War scenes to a mural of Bette Davis, brighten up this town that has been turned in public art.

Stop at the Route 66 Museum in Lebanon with re-creations of vintage buildings and collectibles. The Route 66 State Park in Eureka is an excellent place for an old-fashioned picnic.

Visit these wonderful attractions before they disappear altogether.

The State of Missouri derived its name from the Native American word, “father of waters.” Much of its economy, culture, and style revolves around the Missouri River and other, smaller rivers. Jackson is Missouri’s capital. Jackson is famed for its love of blues and R&B. The Jackson Rhythm & Blues Festival is a relatively new but popular festival in Jackson.

Best Time to Visit Missouri

Missouri has a great many festivals and events. Enjoy them by scheduling your stay during these times.

Dogwood-Azalea Festival

The Dogwood-Azalea Festival in Charleston has been selected Fodor’s Best Spring Flower Festival. There is no more perfect time to celebrate your marriage than when spring blooms and bursts into a rainbow of colors. The six-mile Dogwood-Azalea trail each April provides nature with the opportunity to bloom and shine. The event includes carriage rides (time to cuddle up!), tours, and a parade. 

Twain On Main Festival

Hannibal, Missouri, was the home of America’s own writer, Mark Twain. The Twain on Main Festival celebrates his work on Memorial Day Weekend with crafts and entertainment. Score bonus points if you dress in Western attire. Take lasso and rope-making lessons. Watch a bank robbery skit and a western shootout. All that, and the best barbeque in town. During the evening, listen to live country music.

Japanese Festival

Japanese Festival

All things Japanese happen on Labor Day Weekend in St. Louis. Celebrate Japanese culture in one of the largest Japanese Gardens in the US. Listen to authentic music, watch authentic dances, and enjoy real Japanese food. Take part in a walking tour of the beautiful garden, observe a kimono display and martial arts rituals. Enjoy an authentic Japanese tea ritual before strolling through the garden by candlelight.

Annual Saxon Memorial Fall Festival

After your fill of Japanese, attend the Saxon Memorial Fall Festival in Frohna, Missouri, during the first week in October. The festival is a re-creation of a German country store with German entertainment. Witness demonstrations of old-fashioned 1800s skills such as cooking in a brick oven. All are invited to enter the costume contest (bring those lederhosen). 

Kansas City Irish Fest

The Irish Fest during Labor Day Weekend is a cultural celebration of Irish dance, music, and food. Entertainment is provided by world-renowned Irish entertainers.

Top Things to do in Missouri

There are many things to do on your Missouri honeymoon:

St. Louis Carriage Company

The St. Louis Carriage Company offers an assortment of carriage rides through St. Louis. Snuggle up and see the city in romantic comfort.

Stone Hill Winery

The Stone Hill Winery in Herman has won more than 4,000 medals for wine excellence since 1993. Guests come here for the superb wine and the surrounding countryside. Enjoy tours through the wine cellars, then partake in a wine tasting. The Vintage Restaurant next door serves excellent German food. 

Tree House Rentals

Missouri has an amazing number of romantic treehouses. These are the ultimate luxury thrill for outdoor lovers who refuse to give up on comfort. Check out the large number of tree houses available. They come with every possible amenity and free serenades from the birds.

Fantastic Caverns

Missouri has many caves. Fantastic Caverns in Springfield is an underground marvel. The stalactites on the ceiling and the rock formations are one-of-a-kind. This is the only cavern in the U.S. with a drive-through jeep tour. 

Titanic Museum

You’re in Branson, Missouri, and not the middle of the Atlantic, but you can still get a sense of the ship’s maiden voyage at the Titanic Museum. The museum itself is in the shape of the doomed ship. There are real artifacts and items from actual passengers. It’s a two-hour tour, and thankfully, you are in no danger of drowning.

Branson Scenic Railway

The best scenic tour through the stunning Ozarks is a ride on the Branson Scenic Railway. Take in the pure wilderness and wildlife of the Ozarks during this hour and fifteen minute ride. During the summer, there is a special dinner train with a candlelight, four-course meal. This is the ultimate lavish train ride. 

National Blues Museum

The National Blues Museum in St. Louis deals with the history of the blues. The blues originated in the South and have become the foundation of much of America’s music. In addition to exhibits of blues artifacts, the museum has live performances and lectures.

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

This museum in Kansas City has 35,000 pieces of art, from Egyptian, to Greek, to Roman, to early Christianity. It also holds a collection of Chinese, European, Japanese, African, and Asian artwork. After viewing this diverse collection, enjoy a meal at the medieval-styled Italian restaurant in the courtyard. 

Pythian Castle

Pythian Castle in Springfield is a hidden secret. It was built in 1913 as an orphanage. During World War II, it was used to keep prisoners of war. The castle is now privately owned and provides tours that elaborate its very colorful history. There is so much history that the castle seems to have recorded numerous paranormal events. It is, in fact, a “certified haunted castle.”

If the ghosts are lying low, the Pythian Castle hosts a murder mystery that includes a great meal as the mystery unfolds around you. 

Whatever the facts about Pythian Castle, either the ghosts or mystery events will prove a fun addition to your Missouri honeymoon. 

Mizumoto Japanese Stroll Garden

Even many residents of Springfield don’t know about this stunning garden located within the Botanical Gardens. The garden comprises seven and a half acres of pure tranquility. Hold hands and stroll over the footbridges, past the waterfall, tea house, and the koi pond. Spend some quality time in the meditation garden.

Weather in Missouri

Missouri’s summers at hot, while the winters are cold. The chilly Arctic air and the humidity from the Gulf of Mexico influence some of Missouri’s extreme temperatures.

In the summer, the temperatures can reach over 100 degrees, and it can be particularly rainy. Winters in Missouri can dip below 0 degrees with up to 20 inches of snow. It warms up in the Spring, but there can be thunderstorms and tornadoes. Autumn may be Missouri’s most pleasant season, as the summer heat and heavy rain diminish, and the fall foliage takes over. This is the best time for a visit.

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