Montana has spectacular mountains, unique wildlife, and comfortable accommodations, many of them in romantic cabins or ranches. There is a natural beauty to Montana that is almost impossible to find anywhere else. The sky is big, and the mountains are towering above to create some majestic vistas. That’s what makes Montana an amazing getaway for your western honeymoon.

The sights in Montana were designed to create a lifetime of memories. Exploring the Rocky Mountains, Glazier National Park, and Yellowstone National Park are some of life’s most exciting adventures which guests from all over the world come to experience and marvel at. 

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In addition to its incredible parks, Montana has a choice of romantic honeymoon cities. Whitefish was named “Top 25 Ski Towns in the World.” This gem is by the shores of Whitefish Lake. In addition to some marvelous skiing, there is hiking, snowboarding, and boating on the lake. It is also close to Glacier National Park. The town has some excellent dining and accommodations, as well as live theater. 

For some delightful Montana culture, visit Missoula in the Northern Rockies. Here, you will find skiing, fishing and kayaking. There are also several museums, such as the Montana Museum of Art and Culture with its permanent collection of 11,000 works of art, and the Missoula Art Museum, which focuses strongly on the art of the American West.

Perhaps the best of Montana are the Gates of the Mountains on the Missouri River. The mountains are gigantic towers reaching to the sky. The area was named by explorers Lewis and Clark, who traversed Montana twice. The best and easiest way to witness the grandeur of the Gates of the Mountains yourself is to take a boat tour down the Missouri River.  As you float through the water, witness the eagles, deer, goats, and falcons that are a part of Montana’s wildlife. If you are visiting during the summer, take advantage of their dinner cruises. 

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About Montana

Montana is a northeastern state with a very low population density. Here, it’s the spectacular scenery that matters, and the wildlife outnumbers the humans. Montana borders Canada to the north. The Rocky Mountains, which begin in Canada, continue across the border to Montana through its western region. The eastern portion of Montana is a rolling terrain filled with ranches. The cattle and sheep certainly outnumber the people here. Some of Montana’s best accommodations are at ranch resorts. Helena is Montana’s capital, which exploded into a major city during the 1870s gold strike. It has a vibrant culture of art galleries, excellent restaurants, and shopping.

Life in Montana is geared toward the outdoors. Here, skiing, hunting, and fishing reign supreme.

Montana can be divided into several marvelous regions.

The Big Sky received its name logically, because it has the largest area of sky anywhere in the world. The air is fresh and crisp and the mountains breathtaking. The Big Sky is the perfect destination for outdoor lovers. Here, the powdered snow allows for ideal skiing. Four mountains offer the perfect winter wonderland. Snuggle beneath a blanket while taking a sleigh ride, to be followed by a cup of cocoa. Or warm up any way you choose. During the summer, there is hiking, boating, fishing along Lone Mountain, with plenty of outdoor concerts to keep you entertained. A hot air balloon ride with that special person you just married will serve as a forever memory.

Glacier National Park is another important part of Montana. The mountains, streams, and lakes are a magnificent setting for your Montana honeymoon. The Park is located in the Rocky Mountains and is what remains of this country’s pure and untouched wilderness. Prepare to meet some bears, sheep, mountain lions, moose, and stupendously beautiful eagles. Glacier National Park is frequently referred to as the Crown of the Continent.

During the summer, the Park is made for hiking and horseback riding, as well as boat rides on the many lakes. In the spring, the fabulous wildlife is busy giving birth to a new generation, and the sight of these small, fantastic animals will take your breath away. The fall season brings out the multitude of colors of the season. Of course, winter in Montana is ideal for cross-country skiing. 

Glazier Park has accommodations in nearby Whitefish and Kalispell. Here, you can treat yourself to a luxury ranch or to a simple and romantic cabin or chalets with hot tubs. Of course, camping under the Big Sky is always a thrilling option. When in Glazier Park, don’t forget to gaze at the stars at night. Here, spread across the pristine landscape, they are unforgettable.

Best Time to Visit Montana

Montana provides excitement during all four seasons. Pick your favorite activity and enjoy your visit. 

Annual Chinese New Year Parade 

If you are in Butte during the end of January, enjoy the Chinese New Year Celebration. The parade, led by the Chinese Dragon, begins at the Butte-Silver Bow Courthouse. Follow the dragon and become a part of this fun parade. At the end, you can enjoy refreshments at the Mai Wah Museum.

Winter Carnival in Whitefish

This February festival in Whitefish uses the breathtaking scenery for some winter fun. Jump into the freezing Whitefish Lake, enjoy a parade (we suggest bringing a blanket), and forget your diet at the baked pie social. 

Helena Spring Art and Craft 

This craft show starts spring off on the right foot. Over 90 vendors will feature their homemade items in mid-March. These are one-of-a-kind, items, and you are bound to find some fabulous things for your new home.

Montana Folk Festival, Butte

This major folk festival brings together over 200 renowned musicians and dancers during the second week of July. These artists perform outdoors continuously on six stages. Dance in the dance pavilion and enjoy the food in the festival food courts, where 30 vendors will serve international ethnic cuisine.  

Evel Knievel Day in Butte

The Evel Knievel Day is usually held in August, but the next date has yet to be determined.  Enjoy some heart-pounding adventure by proxy as you watch daredevils on bikes, skateboards, and motorbikes put on a stunning show.

Billings Holiday Food and Gift Festival

If you in Montana prior to the holidays, the Billings Holiday Food and Gift Festival in mid-November is the place to pick up goodies for friends and family back home. More than 200 vendors will be offering special holiday wares.

Top Things to do in Montana

The Pillow-Thompson House 

Montana isn’t known for its Victorian mansions. The Pillow-Thompson House in Helena, previously occupied by five generations of the Pillow family, is a stunning example of Queen Anne architecture, with much of the original furniture still there. It is now a museum open to the public.

Join others on the First Thursday of the Month for a delicious catered lunch and dine in splendid Victorian style. Pinkies up.

Billings Crystal Casino

The Billings Crystal Lounge and Casino heads Billings’ fun nightlife. After trying your luck at the slots and live poker in the casino, wander into the Crystal Lounge for some fun karaoke. All of Montana’s wildlife is not outdoors.

Going-To-The-Sun Road

This might be the most scenic drive in the US. Fifty miles of valleys, glaciers, fabulous waterfalls, mountains, and stunning terrain in Glacier National Park. This road is closed during the winter months.

Begin your adventure in West Glacier and head east toward the national park in St Mary by the Apgar Visitor Center. As you drive up the mountain, the view becomes more spectacular by the minute. You can stop along the road for pictures. The road itself is a mere two lanes very close to the edge of the mountain. Not for the faint-hearted. You will hit the Sun Road overlook with its waterfalls. The drive ends at Logan Pass, the highest point of the trip. It is truly a rare vista that you would find only in Montana.

Big Sky Ski Resort 

This is the second-largest ski resort in the U.S. It is located an hour outside of Bozeman in Big Sky itself. Come here for all winter activities, such as skiing, sledding, sleigh rides, and snowmobiling. The annual snowfall is more than 400 inches. The skiing is perfect for both experienced and beginning skiers.

It is remarkably free of crowds, making your stay even more enjoyable. There are several restaurants and bars from which to choose. The Choppers Grub and Pud offers over 100 different types of beers.

Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center

The Discovery Center is in West Yellowstone. Here, observe bears and wolves in their natural habitat. The Grizzlies were taken into the center because they were unable to survive in the wild. Many were orphans. There are two large wolf families here, and visitors can observe their interactions. 

Virginia City and Nevada City, Montana

These two cities are a mile apart in the Rockies. This is where some of the largest gold strikes occurred during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Relive history in the Old Town Museum in Nevada City. This museum holds the largest artifacts collection of the Old West outside of the Smithsonian. Wander through the town and travel back in time to the Gold Rush. Over a hundred buildings have been restored to their original condition and now constitute a living museum. 

Sitting Duck Saloon

When taking a boat out onto Flathead Lake, which is near Kalispell, dock the boat and visit the Sitting Duck Saloon. While indulging in dinner and cocktails by a fireplace, enjoy one of Montana’s best views.

Weather in Montana

The summers in Montana tend to be filled with sunshine and very little rain. It rarely gets too hot, but there is the occasional heatwave. Depending on where you are, the temperate can range from the 70s to the 90s. It does get a lot colder in the evenings when temperatures can drop to the 40s. In the rare event it should get hotter, visitors can move to some higher elevation. The mountains do experience some lightning storms. While snow is rare in the summer, some of the higher elevations remain white year-round.

By September, the entire state gets real snowfalls. The early snow tends not to stick for long, providing an opportunity for some colorful autumn landscapes. Colder weather will definitely settle in by November. 

Montana winters can become extreme, with many areas experiencing a deep freeze. The western part of the state sees more snow than its eastern counterpart, although all of Montana will see lots of white flurries. The mountains can see get more than 100 inches of snow.

Spring is more than welcome in Montana. It still snows, but much less than during the winter. The spring tends to bring in, with May and June seeing the most downpours.

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