Nashville, the capital of Tennessee, is renowned for its music. Every type of music. It’s the ideal destination to fill your honeymoon with song. There’s the Grand Ole Opry, the Country Music Hall, the Johnny Cash Museum, and all the Nashville honky-tonks touting perfect love – or the lack of it. If you and your new spouse are country music aficionados, you’ll have a great time. For more classical music, visit the Nashville Symphony. 

And the music doesn’t end there. Visit the Arrington Vineyards, located a quick 30-minute drive from Nashville, for a winetasting. On weekends, the tasting is accompanied by live jazz. Arrange for their romantic picnic service and enjoy sampling some prime wine along with the food and music. 

Your entire Nashville honeymoon can turn into a love song.

The Inn at Fontanel, just 20 minutes from downtown, is a six-suite Bed and Breakfast, caters to the romantic theme. The rooms are large and luxurious. There are two restaurants on the premises, along with regular wine tasting sessions. And the courtyard is done in grand southern style. It’s in the city but retains a feeling of seclusion and intimacy. It is considered one of the most romantic hotels in Nashville.

Continue enjoying some southern hospitality with some delicious southern food. The best southern cooking can be had at the Loveless Café, whose fried chicken and biscuits have justifiably earned a reputation for pure deliciousness.

For more romance, the Love Circle (that’s what it’s called) near Vanderbilt by Natchez Trace is a hidden spot on a residential street that offers the best view of Nashville from the top of a hill. The best time to come is at sunset. Grab your spouse and feel free to get romantic.

Will they be writing a song about your Nashville honeymoon?

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