When it comes to honeymoon destinations, it doesn’t get any more classic than Las Vegas in Nevada. People from all over the world come here to celebrate their marriage. It’s almost like taking an international excursion. In Vegas, you can enjoy a gondola ride, have a romantic dinner on top of the Eiffel tower, see some of the finest entertainers on earth, and fly over the Grand Canyon. All in the same day.

The city is also the destination wedding capital of the world. You can opt for the ubiquitous Little White Wedding Chapel (they have a drive-up option) and be serenaded by an Elvis impersonator, or you can have a fairytale wedding at the five-star Bellagio Hotel. 

Explore our guide to the best honeymoon destinations in the USA.

People frequently forget that Nevada has more to offer than just Las Vegas glitz. The Grand Canyon is a short helicopter flight away, and it can be the ideal Nevada honeymoon for outdoor lovers who choose camping over slot machines. The Grand Canyon is nothing less than a jaw-dropping miracle of nature. You’ll revel in rafting, horseback riding and camping and the sheer majesty of the sights. Here, romance includes a champagne lunch by the Colorado River. Each of the four Grand Canyon Rims also has hotels and inns.

The City of Reno in northern Nevada can easily get lost in the Vegas hype. Yet it has all the glamour and fun of Las Vegas, along with the stunning beauty of Lake Tahoe and its surrounding mountains. 

Wherever you are in Nevada, it is a place of wonderful extremes.

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Mizpah Hotel

Mizpah Hotel, a historic hotel that welcomes guests warmly. This landmark hotel is located near Tonopah in Nevada.

The luxury hotel offers many first-class facilities and services. You can enjoy many property amenities including, meeting rooms, a banquet room, casino, ATM on-site, bar, and so on. Parking is free for guests. For your relaxation, they provide spacious rooms decorated with modern furniture and features.

Mizpah Hotel serves mesmerizing dishes and healthy drinks. If you’re on a diet, try meals from their special diet menus. Take a sip from their bar and enjoy yourself.

In addition, you can visit nearby attractions and restaurants in your free time. You can also explore the city and experience the life of locals.

As a top-rated hotel, Mizpah Hotel can be an excellent choice for a romantic vacation destination. Experience luxury and your dream vacation in Mizpah Hotel.

More Information on Mizpah Hotel

Average Price Range: $117 to $121

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: No

Number of Rooms: 52


Belvada Hotel

Belvada Hotel is the definition of modern luxury. Located near Tonopah, Belvada Hotel is one of the excellent hotels in Nevada.

Unique, beautiful decoration and design are attractive. The rooms are spacious, comfortable, and decorated with modern features. Besides, they offer free parking to its guests. You can also enjoy many property amenities in Belvada Hotel.

This boutique hotel is renowned as a tourist destination. Far from home, this hotel seems like home. The personnel in the hotel is helpful and pleasant. Yours is fantastic hospitality and service. This hotel has everything that keeps customers returning again and forth.

If you have a pet and want to travel with your pet, know Belvada Hotel is pet-friendly. Besides, you can visit some nearby attractions and restaurants in your free time.

Belvada Hotel has the perfect vacation that you’re looking for. You can book this romantic hotel for your upcoming vacation.

More Information on Belvada Hotel

Average Price Range: $ to $

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: No

Number of Rooms:


Boulder Dam Hotel

Boulder Dam Hotel, a combination of historic charm and modern comfort. Nestled near Boulder City, Boulder Dam Hotel is one of the top-rated hotels in Nevada.

This simple gorgeous hotel offers a lot of facilities. Besides, parking is free for guests. They also offer spacious, comfortable rooms decorated with many helpful furniture and modern features. In addition, hotel staffs are friendly, and they will help you with everything you need.

In Boulder Dam Hotel, you can enjoy many activities. Many restaurants are nearby, and you can taste their excellent food. Also, you can visit attractions in your free time or explore the city.

Boulder Dam Hotel, a classic historic hotel that offers a secluded area, romantic environment, a private space for couples. Try this hotel for your upcoming vacation destination, and have a great vacation.

More Information on Boulder Dam Hotel

Average Price Range: $93 to $108

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: No

Number of Rooms: 22


Four Seasons Hotel – Las Vegas

Here is Las Vegas’s one of the most beautiful luxury hotels. Four Seasons Hotel, a romantic hotel that offers a lot of facilities and services.

Guests love the decoration and design of this hotel. They provide airport transportation, meeting rooms, a banquet room, pool, gym, poolside bar, etc. Spacious, stylish rooms are perfect for relaxation.

Four Seasons Hotel serves mesmerizing foods and healthy drinks. Besides, you can enjoy breakfast in your room. The hotel staffs are friendly, helpful, and they will help you with everything you need.

They arranged an evening entertainment for guests. In addition, you can visit some attractions in your free time. Also, you can explore the city and experience the life of locals.

If you’re looking for a romantic hotel in Las Vegas, Four Seasons Hotel can be a great choice. Let your dream of a romantic vacation come true in Four Seasons Hotel.

More Information on Four Seasons Hotel – Las Vegas

Average Price Range: $232 to $716

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: No

Number of Rooms: 424


Skylofts at MGM Grand

The decoration and design of this boutique hotel are attractive. You can enjoy lots of facilities including meeting rooms, a banquet room, spa, bar, pool, taxi service, and so on. Besides, valet parking is available for guests. Rooms are spacious, comfortable, and perfect for relaxation.
In addition, they serve mesmerizing dishes and healthy drinks. You can enjoy breakfast in your room. The hotel staffs are excellent, friendly, and helpful.
Here you can visit many attractions and restaurants in your free time. You can also explore the city and experience the life of locals.
Try Skylofts at MGM Grand for your upcoming vacation and make great memories with your loved one.

More Information on Skylofts at MGM Grand

Average Price Range: $856 to $1588

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: No

Number of Rooms: 51

About Nevada

Before it became a state, Nevada was growing in attention – and catching the eye of President Lincoln, who needed money for the Civil War – after a large load of silver was discovered in Virginia City, just a few miles from Reno. It was called the Comstock Lode, and Nevada became the Silver State. Beggars turned into millionaires overnight. Even in the 1870s, Virginia City was bursting with life with businesses open 24 hours a day – very much like Las Vegas and Reno today. There were 150 saloons for drinking and 3 churches for salvation. 

A young and ambitious man named Samuel Clemens traveled to Nevada to try his luck but failed miserably at his attempt at silver mining. After being offered a job at a newspaper in Virginia City, he changed his name to Mark Twain and influenced American literature forever.

Virginia City eventually burned down, but Nevada kept growing. Carson City became its capital. Following the financial hardships of the Great Depression, Nevada decided to recover financially by legalizing gambling – or gaming, as it is properly referred to. While it was put forth as a quick stop-gap relief measure, no one seriously considered repealing the gaming laws. It is gaming that has kept Nevada relatively prosperous during hard times. Also, when Reno became the nation’s “quickie divorce” city, visitors from all over came to get “cured.” Nevada knows how to get attention.

Most people consider Nevada a desert state, but it actually has more mountains than any other. Still, skiing isn’t the first thing that comes to mind as an activity for a Nevada honeymoon. Lake Tahoe, which rests on a 22 mile divide between California and Nevada, has some stunning ski resorts. The unique aspect of skiing in Nevada is that it is usually done under a clear, blue sky with the most breathtaking vista imaginable. Except when there is a snowstorm in the Lake Tahoe mountains, cloudy days are rare.

Mount Rose Ski Resort may be the best known of the Tahoe resorts. This is the highest peak in the state and the most elevated resort, rising to 9,700 feet. Here, it can snow more than 30 feet during a season. The deep snow is so guaranteed that Mount Rose refunds tickets to any unsatisfied skier. There is plenty of advanced skiing here with sharp inclines. A huge plus for Mount Rose is its proximity to Reno, where accommodations are fairly reasonable. 

At the end of the winter wonderland, Lake Tahoe turns into a summertime living Instagram, with its clear and pure waters and endless watersports and cruises. Regardless of where you look, the view is sheer magic.

Although the gambling town of Reno is nearby, Lake Tahoe has several luxurious gambling resorts of its own. Since the lake stretches between California and Nevada, all casinos are situated together on the Nevada, or south side, of the lake.

Best Time to Visit Nevada

There are plenty of fun festivals to see and join in Nevada.

Reno Jazz Festival

This annual Jazz Fest is a Reno tradition every April at the University of Nevada campus. The best jazz musicians celebrate this festival along with the University’s faculty and students. Professional musicians and those that yearn to be professional perform together on the same stage – it’s all about the love of jazz.

Reno Ribs Cookoff

This BBQ Festival held every Labor Day is the biggest BBQ in the country. The competition stretches for six blocks in Sparks Nevada. Approximately 400,000 fans flock here to savor the taste. There is also a craft show, top entertainment, and a beer garden. The Nugget Casino Resort is the closest accommodation.

Life is Beautiful in Vegas

Life is Beautiful Vegas is a three-day extravaganza in downtown Las Vegas taking place in September. Performers such as Kanye West have entertained, and the fun stretches along 18 city blocks. There is music everywhere, and artists exhibit their creations. The fest is intended to entertain everyone, and storytellers have included The Science Guy and actress Rosario Dawson. An entire gang of celebrity chefs will tempt you with their creations. 

Age of Chivalry Renaissance Faire

This Renaissance Faire offers something different in Las Vegas in mid-October – when the temperature begins to become more tolerable. There will be renaissance villages, live performances, reenactments, as well as food and drinks from the era. Join a scavenger hunt. Non-stop music is available during the entire three-day fair.

Holiday Arts, Crafts & Gift Festival

The Holiday Arts, Crafts and Gift Festival during the first week of November in Las Vegas has everything you need to decorate your new home for the holidays and gifts for everyone in both families. Get your first holiday together starts off right with your own treasured traditions.

Top Things to do in Nevada

Helicopter Tour to the Grand Canyon

Few visitors realize that the Grand Canyon is a mere few minutes from Las Vegas by helicopter. The Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour is a spectacular way to spend a day. You can spend part of a day experiencing the magic that is the Grand Canyon. A full-day tour will take you to Eagle Point, Desert View Watchtower, the Hualapai Village, where you can ride a horse and enjoy the Hualapai Village itself. 

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam is located seven miles from Boulder City by the Arizona border. The view from above the Dam is 890 feet over the Colorado River as you cross the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge walkway, the world’s highest concrete arch. Daily Hoover Dam Tours start at the Hoover Dam Tour Center. 

While you are in lovely Boulder City, visit the amazing Goatfeathers, an antique shop with rare finds that would be perfect for your new home – or as presents. Or take a cruise across Lake Mead on the Desert Princess, an historic three-level paddle-wheeler. Opt for a brunch or dinner tour.  Stay at the Boulder Dam Hotel in Boulder City for an overnight stay and the opportunity to explore the dam and this lovely town.

The Mob Museum

There has been eternal whispering about the mob influence in early Las Vegas history. Las Vegas gets a bit cheeky about that and has built its very own Mob Museum. It tells stories of the Las Vegas and other cities’ connection with organized crime, especially as it relates to Prohibition. 

Ward Charcoal Ovens State Historic Park

The park is located near the town of Ely. Ely is high up in the desert and once was an active silver mining town. Here, several huge beehive-shaped ovens were built. The shape was to create a better mining production system. They are still a remarkable sight. They are able to reflect the Nevada heat back into the oven, improving heat efficiency. 

The park is great for camping, hiking, and fishing.

Wynn Las Vegas Casino 

If you are serious about poker, the new poker room at the Wynn Casino and its 28 poker tables will be of interest to you.

The National Association of Automobile Museums 

This Las Vegas museum is for rare and vintage car aficionados. There are daily tours that include the history and story behind these automobiles.

Paris Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas

After visiting the observation deck, enjoy a romantic dinner at the Eiffel Tower near the Vegas strip and dine among one of the best views of the city. The restaurant has some unsurpassed French dining, including Lobster Eggs Benedict for brunch, Beef Wellington for dinner, and truffles or crème brulée for dessert. All with the wine or champagne of your choice.

Cirque du Soleil

The Cirque du Soleil is an internationally famed acrobat act. Visitors staying in Las Vegas can see them at the MGM Grand Hotel. They are not to be missed.

Weather in Nevada

Nevada is one of the U.S.’s largest states, stretching mostly from the cold north to the heated south. The terrain ranges from desert to 13,000 feet elevated mountains. In other words, the weather in Nevada can get interesting and schizophrenic. 

Showers are rare in Nevada and considered a gift from the gods, especially in the southern portion of the state. One trick? Never, ever go anywhere without your bottled water. You can get thirsty fast.

If are in southern Nevada, there are basically two seasons – overheated and comfortable. The shoulder seasons can pass in the snap of a finger before you even notice. For people who love 300 days of warmth and sunshine, Southern Nevada is the perfect destination. It can easily hit the triple digits in the summer and stay there for a week or two.

In the winter, the temperature in southern Nevada hovers around the 70s and sometimes 80s midday and nosedives to the 40s during the evening.

Northern Nevada gets more rain than the rest of the state, but not very much. The Reno and surrounding Lake Tahoe area receive up to between 25 and 30 feet of snow each winter. In the Sierra Mountains, the snow keeps coming downing all winter long for some perfect skiing.

The summer temperature reaches the low 90s, which makes it one of the  more comfortable summer areas in Nevada. It January, it gets below-freezing.

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