New Jersey is home to more than the extraordinary Atlantic City and its splendid beaches. As you stroll along the most famous Boardwalk in the U.S., consider all the romantic places for your New Jersey honeymoon. You will find the possibilities endless.

New Jersey is filled with beaches. You need to decide between Long Beach Island and its lighthouse, the breathtaking Ocean City Beach, and the stunning sunsets at Sunset Beach. It’s quite a romantic offering. 

Explore our guide to the best honeymoon destinations in the USA.

The aesthetics in New Jersey take different forms. For art lovers, the Ground Sculpture is a sculpture garden in Hamilton. There are approximately 300 sculptures spread across the beautiful 42-acre garden, as well as an indoor exhibit. The artwork is exquisite. After a stroll through this unique garden, visit Rat’s Restaurant, which was named “Most Romantic Restaurant” by Philadelphia Magazine. It offers genuine French cuisine with a one-of-a-kind garden view. Rat’s will also pack you a gourmet picnic with wine for you to enjoy among the pieces of art. 

For more romantic picnicking while on your New Jersey honeymoon, visit the Liberty State Park with its dramatic view of Ellis Island, the Manhattan skyline, and the Statue of Liberty. Take the ferry to the Statue of Liberty.

Paterson, New Jersey, may be an industrial complex, but the city came into its own after Alexander Hamilton used the Great Falls of the Passaic River as a local hydropower. The Great Falls roars 77 feet deep into a chasm and is second only to Niagara Falls. For a view, stroll along the Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park and take pictures. Visit the Paterson Museum to learn more about this ambitious enterprise. 

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Armada By-the-Sea

Offering breathtaking views of the ocean, Armada By-the-Sea is famous amongst travelers. This romantic hotel can be an excellent destination for honeymooners as it provides many facilities and services. 

Located near Wildwood Crest, Armada By-the-Sea is one of the excellent hotels in New Jersey. They provide facilities including beach, sun terrace, outdoor furniture, BBQ facilities, and so on. In addition, they offer free parking to guests. You can enjoy the astonishing views of the ocean from your room. Their elegant rooms are spacious and comfortable. 

Experience a great vacation in Armada By-the-Sea. You can enjoy many activities here. Experience and explore the city. Moreover, many attractions and restaurants are within walking distance, visit them whenever you’re free. 

This romantic secluded hotel is available for vacations like honeymoons, weddings, getaways, and other breaks. Experience your dream vacation in reality.

More Information on Armada By-the-Sea

Average Price Range: $103 to $300

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: No

Number of Rooms: 58


The Tower Cottage

Presenting New Jersey’s one of the excellent hotels, The Tower Cottage. Located at Pleasant Beach, The Tower Cottage offers a romantic environment, facilities, and services.  

Looking for the amenities they provide?. They provide facilities including airport transportation, nightclub, beach, car hire, meeting rooms, etc. Elegant rooms are spacious and comfortable. Enjoy a great vacation in The Tower Cottage.

A complimentary breakfast is waiting for you to arrive. Besides, The Tower Cottage serves mesmerizing meals. If you’re on a diet, try meals from their special diet menus.

In addition, you can enjoy many activities like hiking, diving, boating, golf, tennis, and a waterpark offsite. Surely you will love your vacation in this top-rated hotel.

The Tower Cottage for a honeymoon, wedding, and romantic getaway would be a great choice. Experience your romantic dream destination in reality and enjoy your vacation with your loved one.

More Information on The Tower Cottage

Average Price Range: $314 to $419

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: Yes

Villas Available: No

Number of Rooms: 5


Tandem Bike Inn

Experience your dream of a perfect vacation trip to Tandem Bike Inn. This hotel welcomes guests warmly and offers many first-class facilities and services.

Enjoy a complimentary breakfast during your stay. Also, you get to try some mouthwatering dishes. They serve special diet menus if you’re on a diet.

Tandem Bike Inn is a top-rated hotel that offers many facilities, including free parking, outdoor furniture, wifi, gift shops, and so on. In addition, they provide the perfect room for relaxation. Enjoy a restful luxury vacation in Tandem Bike Inn.

Want to explore the city? Rent a bicycle and run through the downtown. You can also play board games here. Besides, many attractions are within walking distance. Visit them whenever you’re free.

Tandem Bike Inn is a romantic hotel that stands near Belmar in New Jersey. This hotel can be an excellent choice for a honeymoon, wedding, and romantic getaway. Come and enjoy an unforgettable vacation trip.

More Information on Tandem Bike Inn

Average Price Range: $164 to $320

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: No

Number of Rooms: 8


The Mission Inn

Experience the charm of a California Spanish-style bed and breakfast in The Mission Inn. This hotel has rooms with creative design, and they are so comfortable. The Mission Inn will surely give a feeling like your own home far away from your home. 

Located in Cape May, The Mission Inn offers complimentary beach services and many amenities. In addition, this hotel provides facilities including free parking, an outdoor fireplace, sun terrace, wifi, hot tub, and so on. Enjoy a peaceful vacation in The Mission Inn.

The Mission Inn serves a complimentary breakfast to their guests. Besides, you can choose from their special diet menus if you’re on a diet. 

Moreover, The Mission Inn is full of activities. You can enjoy evening happy hour, board games, and beach facilities. Explore the city with bicycles and visit nearby attractions. 

The Mission Inn for honeymoons, weddings, getaways will be a great choice. Experience the beauty of an all-year open hotel. 

More Information on The Mission Inn

Average Price Range: $ to $

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: Yes

Villas Available: No

Number of Rooms: 8


Florentine Family Motel

Want a relaxing vacation? Florentine Family Motel can be a great relaxing vacation. This romantic hotel can be an excellent destination for holidays like honeymoons, weddings, getaways, and other breaks. 

Offering a lot of facilities, Florentine Family Motel has become famous amongst travelers. Here they provide facilities including a heated pool, sun terrace, picnic area, BBQ facilities, etc. Comfortable rooms are featured with a kitchenette, Ac, safe, and much helpful stuff. 

Relax in their heated pool under the sun and enjoy a romantic vacation with your loved one. In addition, you can enjoy many activities like board games, a walking tour, visiting places and restaurants.

Being one of the excellent romantic hotels in wildwood, Florentine Family Motel can make your romantic vacations more wonderful and memorable. 

More Information on Florentine Family Motel

Average Price Range: $112 to $252

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: No

Number of Rooms: 50

About New Jersey

You could visit New Jersey over a thousand times and still miss out on amazing places to see and thrilling things to do. You could enjoy New Jersey as your honeymoon destination and never do the same things twice. A lot is happening here. The 130 miles of shoreline are so impressive, they made a television show about it (Jersey Shores). 

For all that New Jersey has to offer, it frequently gets overshadowed by its more glamorous neighbor, New York. The fact is, New Jersey is fabulous.

The beaches and delightful seaside towns are everywhere. In addition, the state does Autumn the way it should be done – with gold and red carpets of leaves, apple picking, and lots of pumpkin patches. Towns such as Collingswood, Lambertville, and Princeton take on the flawless quality of a painting. 

Despite its reputation as a flat, industrial state, New Jersey has marvelous waterfalls. Bridal Veil Falls near the William Paterson University campus freefalls into a quarry for 40 feet. Buttermilk Falls in the Delaware Water Gap is one of the mightiest New Jersey waterfalls. A scenic trail leads to the top and a breathtaking view. The trail continues to the Appalachian Trail. 

In addition to its hidden waterfalls, New Jersey offers striking hiking trails with incomparable views. One of the favorites is Mount Tammany, with a view of the Delaware River and Mt. Minsi. The trail is only 1.2 miles to the top and over 3 miles for the entire loop. The trail is not overly challenging, but the vista of the winding Delaware River below is hard to beat.

Yanokie High Point is a moderate trail of three and a half miles that can be a bit challenging for beginners. There are lots of picnic areas, as well as the Highlands Natural Pool for a quick swim. You’ll pass plenty of large rock slabs along the way. When you reach the top, you enjoy a view of the Wanaque Reservoir with its two waterfalls, Chikahoki Falls and Otter Hole. On a good day, you can see New York City.

While New Jersey’s beaches and great outdoors have always been an attraction, the state’s decision to legalize gambling turned Atlantic City into a prime entertainment destination. There are always concerts and performances. The nightlight and gambling is twenty-four hours a day nonstop. For actual daylight, leave the casinos and walk the famed Boardwalk by the ocean. The Boardwalk has food kiosks, a Ferris wheel, and even a shuttle from one end to the other end.

Atlantic City is the perfect New Jersey honeymoon destination even for non-gamblers. The accommodations are reasonable since hotels make their profits on gambling. To attract gamblers, they provide very reasonable room rates. This is a perfect opportunity to have an affordance honeymoon in a luxury hotel at one of the country’s greatest seashores. That’s a gamble you can’t lose.

Best Time to Visit New Jersey

From Atlantic City to Point Pleasant, New Jersey loves its festivals. It’s what makes it the best honeymoon destination. Check out your favorite activities. Plan on something different for your honeymoon. Plan on New Jersey.

New Jersey International Film Festival

From animations to independent movies to documentaries, the New Jersey International Film Festival is made for movie lovers. Watch the films and discuss them with the producers and actors. The festival takes place at Rutgers University during the last week in February.

Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival

Thousands of visitors come to the Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival in April. For three days, sample the wares of nine hundred different breweries. There are food kiosks, live entertainment, and gaming. And lots and lots of beer.

Wildwoods International Kite Festival

The International Kite Festival in Wildwoods during the last week in May signals to one and all that the fabulous New Jersey beaches are officially open. This is the largest kite festival in the world. All kites are handmade and ready to be judged by a panel of experts. Stroll the beach and be amazed by these marvelous creations. There are social get-togethers in the evening.

Festival of the Sea

This is a decades’ old tradition in Point Pleasant. The Festival of the Sea takes place downtown in September, which almost guarantees wonderful weather. It’s all about the scrumptious seafood – crab cakes, lobster, shrimp, and a lot more. Sample and enjoy. Wash it all down at the wine garden.

Top Things to do in New Jersey

Visit Cape May

This is one of the country’s earliest seaside resorts, and it’s still one of the best. It has gorgeous beaches, romantic promenades, and a rich architectural history with its 19th-century buildings. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Visitors have come to Cape May for 200 years. It’s your perfect New Jersey beach destination without the fuss and glitz of Atlantic City. This is where they shot the reality show, “Jersey Shores,” but it is far more laid back than the TV show. Here, you will find the Cape May Lighthouse and old-fashioned ice cream parlors. Not to worry, there are wineries and breweries, as well.

Diners in New Jersey

Diners are a symbol of America, perhaps even more American than apple pie. However, there are so few diners remaining. The Formica tables, sticky floors, and unending bottles of ketchup have been mostly replaced by bland franchise eateries. Huge milkshakes and even bigger hamburgers have become mere memories. New Jersey is one of the few places that has held on to some of its diners, and you shouldn’t miss the experience. Some of the best New Jersey diners are:

The Bendix Diner in Hasbrouck Heights is what “movie diners” are all about. Find a booth and grab one of their gigantic cheeseburgers and fries.

The Broadway Diner in Bayonne has superior pancakes and is a great place for breakfast.

Another pancake haven is the Brownstone Pancake Factory, which has been featured on “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.” Choose from over 25 types of pancakes.

Park Wood Diner

This diner in Maplewood has a menu that is nine pages long. You’ll find anything you might be craving right here.

Route 1 Diner

If you are traveling through Lawrenceville, stop here for its Super Saver Menu with its classic entrees that come with soup or salad. It even has an old-fashioned jukebox.

Six Flags Great Adventure

This is one huge fun adventure in Jackson. Come especially for the Jersey Devil Coaster, which is the tallest and fastest roller coaster anywhere. Zoom at almost 60 miles an hour over a 130-foot drop. You asked for thrills on your New Jersey honeymoon … didn’t you?

Newark Museum of Art

This is the major museum in New Jersey, with exhibits from Mary Cassatt, Edward Hopper, John Singer Sargent, and Georgia O’Keefe. Visit the Ballantine House for its collection of 19th century furniture.

Atlantic City Food Tour

The Atlantic City Food Tour in late October takes you out of the casino dining establishments and introduces you to family-owned and established restaurants that have been in Atlantic City for a century. You’ll savor genuine Italian goodness in Ducktown, such as Fairmont Tavern, Barbera Seafood Market (a city landmark), and finish with dessert on the Boardwalk at Fralingers.

Weather in New Jersey

New Jersey gets moderately warm (beach-type warm) in the summers and cold in the winters. Its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean provides for a number of storms a year. The northern mountains are slightly colder than the rest of the state, and they also receive more snow, sometimes up to 50 inches a year.

Daytime temperature in January remains in a fairly tolerable mid-30s. In July, the temperature will rise to the 80s. The warmest place in New Jersey during the summer is Cape May.

New Jersey sees an average of 40 inches of rain each year, but Atlantic City is one of the drier areas.

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