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    No matter what kind of honeymoon you desire, New Zealand has something for every couple. From untamed wilderness to deserted beaches, a New Zealand honeymoon offers it all. Between the North Island and the South Island and everything in between, there are endless outdoor spaces to explore.

    New Zealand has amazingly beautiful and diverse landscapes that include epic mountains, glaciers and volcanoes, sprawling grass and farmland as well as nice, beautiful relaxing beaches. There are endless sites to see and the diverse ecosystem of New Zealand makes it a romantic and spectacular place for any honeymoon.

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      About New Zealand

      Far enough away from Australia, New Zealand offers a completely secluded feel. You’ll never experience another place like New Zealand, where you and your new spouse will enjoy a relaxing, romantic getaway in some of the most beautiful scenes the world has to offer.

      New Zealand may not be your first guess at a romantic honeymoon destination, but that’s why it is the perfect place to create your ideal honeymoon! You don’t have to stick to anything cheesy or cliché, you can create your own completely unique, romantic, and secluded honeymoon. In New Zealand, you could find a beautiful beach front resort to spend your getaway in or spend it in a seclude cabin in in the middle of the mountains, or, even on a winery on a smaller island far off the coast of the mainland. The possibilities are endless for you and your new spouse to make the most magical time on your New Zealand honeymoon!

      New Zealand honeymoon could be one of the most beautiful and jam-packed destinations for a honeymoon. New Zealand is made up of two main islands, the North and South, and then many more small islands farther away from the main two. It is located more than 1,000 miles from Australia, its closest neighbor.

      Even though the total size of New Zealand is a little smaller than the state of Colorado, the greatest thing that New Zealand has to offer, is its vastly diverse and contrasting landscape. Containing the Southern Alps, New Zealand has more than 360 glaciers! The largest being over 18 miles!

      Since New Zealand offers a diverse landscape and there is so much to do, the easiest way to get around is to rent a car. You can rent a car or van for fairly cheap. If driving isn’t in the cards for you, you can get around by bus. Renting a car, however, remains the best option to optimize your visit to New Zealand!

      New Zealand is a unique country in that it offers beautiful cities along with amazing landscapes in such a close proximity, making it easy to navigate and travel to see it all. Whatever kind of couple you are and no matter what kind of experience you’re looking for, a New Zealand honeymoon offers it all. From hiking and exploring the mountainous landscapes to relaxing on the beach and snorkeling to see marine life, you can experience it all.

      The landscape of New Zealand is so unique in that it boasts so many different landscapes so close together. The landscape is so unique, that it was actually the filming location for the famous Lord of the Rings Hobbit trilogy. Located on the North Island is the sustainable Hobbiton Movie Set that was permanently made for filming. If you travel to Waikato on the North Island you will find the Hobbit set and be able to explore and act as if the Middle Earth is real! You’ll find real intricate details on the homes and the props set up in the town. Waikato is not the only location used for the movies, there are a few more places to visit to make it feel like you’re really in the movie! Included in the filming locations is the Pelorus River on the South Island, Fiordland National Park, and even more.

      Best Time to Visit New Zealand

      With all that New Zealand has to offer, it is up to you when the best time to visit is! A New Zealand honeymoon can take place any time of year, depending on what the love birds are looking to do. If you love winter sports and activities, New Zealand is perfect for you! With dozens of ski resorts to offer between the North and South Islands, you can fill your honeymoon with powder runs and cozy, romantic ski lodges. If this sounds like heaven to you, book your New Zealand honeymoon between June and August.

      If you aren’t picturing skiing as your ideal honeymoon getaway, then maybe you are looking for a more relaxing, warmer kind of trip. If that’s the case, New Zealand has just as much beauty to offer. New Zealand’s summer is between December and February, warm weather will allow you to explore endless hikes through beautiful mountains, forests and beaches. During the summer there are many summer festivals such as St Jerome’s Laneway Festival, which is one of the biggest in the summer. The festival takes place in Auckland, one of the main cities in New Zealand, making it very accessible to both Kiwis and visitors!

      Since there is so much to do in New Zealand in the winter and summer, some prefer to go during the shoulder season, when crowds are smaller. The shoulder seasons are between March and May (fall) and June and October (spring). During the shoulder seasons the crowds are much smaller and as a result, you can usually find cheaper fares.

      Top Things to do in New Zealand

      While on your New Zealand honeymoon, there are many, many activities you can choose to do! Of course, this depends on where you choose to go. This country is full of amazing and romantic spots that are perfect for a honeymoon.

      No matter whether your destination is the North or the South Island, there are countless activities to try. Located on the North Island is Wellington, the country’s capital. Here, you can enjoy a really great foodie scene and explore part of Egmont National Park! Egmont boasts Pouakai Crossing – a nearly 19km long trail that goes through the park, making a spectacular day hike. If you’re looking for more ways to step outside and experience New Zealand, you can take a ride to Cape Reigna. Aside from the beautiful road trip down Northland’s Twin Coast Highway, you will love the view from the extremely remote point of Cape Reinga. Here, you stand at a peak and look over the vast ocean, with nothing obstructing your views.

      If you are visiting the North Island in the summer, you will enjoy miles and miles of beautiful beaches and have the opportunity to explore the world beneath the sea. Off the coast of the Island lies caves, traverses, and tunnels full of a unique marine life perfect for snorkeling! If you hop on a boat and take a quick ride out to the Poor Knights Islands, around 23km from shore, you have the chance to see dolphins and orcas!

      If you’re staying in Auckland, another main city of New Zealand, you will be able to explore many restaurants and indulge in delicious food, maybe even hit a casino! If you’re looking to make your New Zealand honeymoon a little more private, there is an island just a short ferry ride away called Waiheke Island. Here, you can have a remote, romantic getaway while exploring beautiful beaches and wine tasting at a beautiful winery.

      If you’re looking to go to the South Island, there are countless things to do there as well. The South Island offers a more outdoorsy-adventure type experience. If you’re an avid hiker and are looking for an epic peak, check out Mt Cook, New Zealand’s highest peak. From here, you can enjoy an arial view of almost the entire Island.

      Try birdwatching or observing marine life at the Marlborough Sounds. The picturesque scene offers secluded bays, marine preserves, and beautiful waterways perfect for kayaking or biking and hiking along.

      Weather in New Zealand

      New Zealand has a mostly temperate climate, though there are differences between the North and South Islands. In the far North, you can expect subtropical weather during the summer and in the alpine areas of the South can get down to -10C in the winter. Since most of the country lies directly on the coast, that means you can expect mild temperatures, moderate rainfall and an abundance of sunshine all year round.

      The warmest months in New Zealand are December, January, and February, where temperatures will get up to 20-30 degrees C, making it the perfect weather for going to the beach or enjoying a hike. Winter in New Zealand falls in June, July and August, where temperatures get as low as 10-15 degrees C, the perfect weather for skiing and enjoying the snow!

      No matter what you and your new spouse are looking to do, you can plan the perfect romantic and remote escape for your New Zealand honeymoon!

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