Oman is the oldest independent state in the Arabian Peninsula. It has a rich heritage without the excesses frequently found in other Arab countries. Here, if an Oman honeymoon is your destination, you will find charm, fabulous unspoiled natural beauty, and a world of Bedouin values. Oman has it all – incredible mountains, deserts, and relaxing beaches. It’s where to have a modern honeymoon while connecting to an ancient, disappearing world. It may be located next to the flashy United Arab Emirates, but in Oman, the beauty is genuine and unpretentious. 

Beaches with pure sand and clear waters are surrounded by ancient mountains. A don’t-miss beach on your Oman honeymoon is Al Qurum, in the capital city of Muscat. Here you will find luxury hotels with great restaurants and shopping. It’s the place for romantic strolls along the shoreline. Diving and snorkeling here are sublime. 

In south Oman, you will find Al Mughsayl Beach. With their natural glowing beauty, you will enjoy the picturesque coconut and banana plantations in the area. In Oman, you can step away from the beach and enjoy a desert safari, some incredible mountain hikes, and a visit to ancient villages. And spend a romantic night in a Bedouin camp. 

The best desert safari may be the Wahiba Sands. Located between Sur and Muscat, this terrain is ten thousand square kilometers. That is a huge sandbox. Camp with the Bedouins, visit a Bedouin family, and learn about their timeless culture. Any of the locals will be delighted to help you onto a camel and take you into the desert for a different world. Enjoy some sandboarding and dune bashing in a four-wheel drive. The vista is like nothing else on earth. Then, return to your hotel and cool off by the pool or the beach.

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Al Baleed Resort Salalah

Relax While Indulging in a Lullaby of Waves

Nestled between a private beach and a freshwater lagoon, Anantara’s Al Baleed Resort Salalah celebrates cultural treasures while being Salalah’s first and only luxury pool villa resort. The majestic design mirrors the coastal fortresses of Oman. Garden walkways, with palms and water features, are lush. Elegant luxury reflects the artistry of Oman and cushions you into relaxation in Arabia. From garden hideaway to beachfront opulence, overlooking the Arabian Sea, choose your setting.

Relax with a lullaby of waves on your balcony. From a majlis-style daybed, soak up garden nature. On a terrace that flows on white sands, sip sundowners. Indulge in the ultimate sanctuary of the villa, with romance for two or families with regal opulence. Spend sunny days in a private pool. Villas are spacious, private, and provide luxurious living indoors and outdoors. Hide in the courtyard of a garden, or dine overlooking archaeological ruins. Gaze over the white sands and the aqua sea from a luxury beach of its kind.

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Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort

Find Romantic Seclusion Under the Stars

Enjoy a relaxing brew in the fresh mountain air. Find romantic seclusion with a soak in the tub or nightcaps under the stars as sunset embraces the cliffs. In Oman’s most prestigious residence, enjoy mountain romance, quality time with family, or the height of luxury. Slip into your private pool in an exotic garden setting, or overlook the canyon with an infinity view.

Located on the fabled Green Mountain, elevated luxury at one of the world’s highest resorts reveals dramatic canyon views. In search of adventure, traverse the surrounding desert. Relax at our Oman Spa and Hammam Rituals Resort. Stargaze from the viewing platform that once stood for Princess Diana. In the most breathtaking of natural environments, Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort offers Omani splendor. Choose your environment, from the garden sanctuary to the majesty of the canyon view. All rooms and villas feature modern Omani design, the finest of Oman’s luxury resorts, and the latest in technology.

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Number of Rooms: 115

About Oman

Oman has a rich culture that goes back 5,000 years. Gorgeous beaches, incredible castles, lush mountains, and deserts bring the past to the present. And yet, it is still a different world from anything you might have known. 

A visit to Oman usually starts with Muscat, its capital, which grew in importance by being a strategic port city. You’ll find souks here instead of shopping malls, and mosques instead of art galleries. It’s a grand history that has been closed to Westerners until recently.

In Muscat, the Bait al Zubair Museum has a stunning collection of old weapons, household goods, and costumes. The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is open to visitors who want to learn about Oman’s Muslim history. It is the largest and perhaps the most magnificent mosque in the world. Ladies need to have their hair covered when inside.

On Muscat’s beach, you can play in the water with the turtles or watch the dolphins play on their own. During the summer months, it is fun to watch the baby turtles make their way from the sand to the waters. 

Although Oman lacks the glitz of many Arabic countries, nothing is lacking at the Al Bustan Palace in Muscat. This plush resort by the Gulf of Oman and tucked in between two mountains qualifies as its own Oman honeymoon destination. Enjoy the beautiful beachfront, exquisite accommodations, and some fine dining.

Muscat is far more interested in tradition than in skyscrapers and the latest in food trends. It makes for a more relaxed honeymoon. When you leave the city and the beach, visit the Green Mountains, which are just an hour away. There is just enough rain to ensure that the hills here are scented with the aroma of apricot and peach trees and roses. Forget the perfume and just inhale the intoxicating air as you hike along the many trails.

There is more to Oman than mountains and dunes. The Royal Opera House in Muscat is a marvel of architectural ingenuity that combines modern technology with traditional Arabic culture and décor. On the outside, you are looking at a grand white palace. Inside, you’ll find a dazzling mixture of marble, gold, crystal chandeliers, with intricately carved wood. 

There are tours available to see the Opera House. However, visitors need to abide by a dress code that excludes, sneakers, jeans, and casual shirts. 

All that glitters in Oman is definitely gold. What Oman lacks in shopping malls it more than compensates for in fabulous souks. There are souks across the entire country, most of them filled with gold and other glittery items. 

In Nizwa, located 140 kilometers from muscat, the local souk sells clothes, pottery, as well as gold and silver. It’s a splendid place to stock up on souvenirs. In Sohar, in the Al Hajra region, you will find crafts, traditional weapons, foods, perfumes, and silver at the local souks.

The souk in Muscat is famous for its food, spices, and textiles. Of course, there is always the traditional gold.

Best Time to Visit Oman

Oman is a desert country, and summers are usually packed with heat. The temperature can reach above 120 degrees, with the humidity making it feel even hotter. Summertime is a great time to stay indoors or explore the mountains of Oman and enjoy some camping. The temperature will be a bit cooler at a higher elevation. The summer does have the advantage of low hotel rates, so this is the time to take advantage of them. The heat can be far more tolerable when you are enjoying a poolside cocktail.

If you are near the beach, the summer is ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling. One of the finest and most picturesque beaches in Oman is in Bandar Al Khayran. 

There are only about three months of winter in Oman, so you might want to take advantage of them. This is the time to sleep under the stars by a campfire and make it the definition of a romantic Oman honeymoon. The winter months make it easier to leisurely hike the countryside and discover its unspoiled beauty.

A must-see for your Oman honeymoon are the many forts built throughout Oman. These were invariably constructed high on a hill or mountain as protection against attacks. There are plenty of stairs to climb, which is why these are best visited during the winter months. Once the top has been reached, the views are incredible. 

Two forts protect the Palace in Muscat. They overlook the harbor and were erected to keep any enemies at bay. Both are well worth climbing for the view, but these would be difficult climbs during the summer months.

Top Things to do in Oman

Wadi Bani Khalid

If you are visiting the fabulous Wahiba Sands Desert and sleeping outdoors like a Bedouin, you will appreciate a refreshing oasis. That would be the Wadi Bani Khalid, where you can forget about the heat while swimming in the cool pools. Or just dangle your feet in the water and have the fish nibble at them (yes, it tickles). If you go swimming, you will be surrounded by a school of colorful fish. There is even a restaurant and a few restrooms. 

Enjoy the swim, but remember you are in a Muslim country. Wear shorts and a t-shirt. No bikinis.

Jebel Shams

Jebel Shams is the highest mountain in Oman and located 240 kilometers from Muscat. The climb is challenging, but the view makes it worth it. A huge advantage of visiting Jebel Shams is that the weather cools down at the top. It is usually around 70 degrees and can dip down to freezing. That’s a gift from the weather gods in Oman. There is a hotel at the top for an overnight stay.

Magic Bedouin Camps

This camp is a mobile hotel with portable tents that are 220 square feet and decorated entirely in Arabian-style luxury. It is like living in one of Aladdin’s fairy tales. The hotel provides the necessary electricity. There is a bathroom tent as well as a dining tent. The magic camps are open during the winter, from September through April, but are closed during the summer due to the heat. Here, you are in for some romantic stargazing, as well as relaxing yoga sessions. If desired, the Bedouins will take you on a camel ride. Call 1 (212) 518-1618 for more information.


Sur is the perfect day trip from Wahiba Sands. The town is known for its boat-making history, but there is lots to see here for anyone wishing to immerse him or herself in a bit of Oman culture.

Visit the Dhow Factory, a museum rich in Sur’s maritime history and the art of making wooden boats. The Bilad Sur Castle was built as a defensive structure, but climb the towers for its fantastic view. The Castle also serves as a historical museum. 

The highlight of any visit to Sur during your Oman honeymoon would be a stroll along the Sur Corniche. This walkway by the ocean provides the best view of the skyline.

Masirah Island

When you need to escape the sands of Oman, visit Masirah Island. It’s one of the best places in Oman for frolicking at the beach and enjoying some exciting water sports. The beaches are usually empty, so you might have a stretch to yourself. Loggerhead turtles come here to nest, but you might also catch sight of dolphins and flying fish. There are several hotels on the island, including a luxury resort. As a bonus, the breeze from the Arabian Sea keeps the island relatively cool. A perfect trip for you Oman honeymoon. 

Weather in Oman

Oman is warm without a lot of rain, making it a great year-round destination. The northern part of Oman might see a bit of rain from December to March, but not enough to affect a visit. 

There is a wealth of natural beauty waiting to be discovered throughout the year in Oman. December through February are cooler and allow for more outdoor adventures and explorations. July through August can bring extreme temperatures up to 100 degrees, and visitors may be more selective in their activities, such as spending time at the beach. 

Springtime precedes the summer heat and is the time to enjoy fresh, local fruits, such as figs and pears. The fall is equally pleasant and brings a harvest of fresh pomegranates, grapes, and olives.

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