Portugal is one of Europe’s smallest and most stable countries. Though it is only about half the size of the state of Kentucky, Portugal is packed with lively experiences and endless adventures. Lined by rivers, the streets in Lisbon are full of delicious restaurants, historic architecture, and lively bars. Since the country is so small, you and your spouse will have plenty of time to experience and explore all that Portugal has to offer.

Portugal may not be your first choice when you think of a European honeymoon, but it will make the perfect destination. Though a small country, there are so many things to do! Portugal has some of the best beaches in the world, there is a reason Europeans take their summer vacations here!

It is a spectacular place where you will find a merging of cultures, and an experience more authentic than other European destinations. Experience the countryside, the beaches, the wine region, and of course, the lively cities. There are fishing villages all along the coast, meaning you will find some of the most amazing seafood you have ever had in your life. No matter what you are looking for, a Portugal honeymoon offers it!

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About Portugal

Portugal is located in Southeastern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula, bordered South and West by the Atlantic Ocean, and to the North and East by Spain. The border between Spain and Portugal has remained untouched and peaceful for all of history, and there has been very little political unrest. Included in the territory of Portugal is the archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira. Both are autonomous regions with their own governments, however they speak Portuguese there.

The two main urban areas in Portugal are Lisbon and Porto. Lisbon is the capital city, full of historic architecture, culture, and experiences that will make your Portugal honeymoon perfect. The coast of Portugal is mostly cold, rocky, and unsettled. The south, on the other hand, is warm, settled, and full of life!

Residing close to Spain, there are many similarities between Madrid and Lisbon, such as the reputation for having amazing food. The food will certainly not disappoint you on your Portugal honeymoon. In addition to sharing a great reputation about food, both European cities boast melancholy and romantic music and dancing. If you’re feeling really romantic, head to a small bar with live music and dance the night away in your newly-wed’s arms. Lisbon and Porto boat a wide variety of authentic Portugese restaurants, as well as amazing, world-class international restaurants. Enjoy the beautiful dining experiences while in some of the most beautiful cities, surrounded by mountains and filled with flowers.

Not all the fun is in the cities, however. Though not a large country, Portugal offers a diverse geographical landscape. Including the archeleligos we talked about earlier, Portugal ranges from low-lying coasts and plains to the Estrella Mountains, which peak around 6,500 feet. You can explore these mountains by hiking through them or  taking a drive up and experiencing towns nearby. Not to be missed in Portugal is the amazingly beautiful and understated countryside. The countryside is decorated with colorful flowers, full of beautiful wildlife, and features small little hill towns. Head to these hill towns for an authentic countryside experience and take your Portugal honeymoon to the next level!

Best Time to Visit Portugal

Honestly, there is not a bad time to visit Portugal. No matter what month you want to take your honeymoon, Portugal will be an amazing destination that will offer anything you could imagine.

Depending on what you want though, there are some times that are better than others to take your Portugal honeymoon.

The busiest and most expensive season to travel anywhere in Portugal, is August. Europeans generally take their summer vacations in August, and the city will be very crowded and finding a place to stay can get very pricey. If you are on a budget, it is best not to go in the summer months or around major holidays, such as Christmas and Easter.

So, as we said, depending on what you want to do, and whether you are on a tight budget or not, all times to visit Portugal are amazing. If you are planning on staying at a beach resort so you’re close to the beach and can jump in the water at any time, you may want to plan your Portugal honeymoon for the late summer. The coastal waters of Portugal are not known to be very warm, so if that is what you are after, it is best to wait until it has had all summer to warm up! If you are an expert surfer coming to Portugal to catch some gnarly waves, be warned that summer is not the best time. Though the waters will be far less enjoyable temperature wise, the best waves come in the winter.

From March to May is a beautiful time to visit the country. As it is just coming out of winter, the trees and flowers start blooming, making it a beautiful sight in the countryside. Temperatures in spring are comfortable and many beach resorts are opening up again after shutting down for the winter. The spring is a popular time to visit, though you won’t feel crowded.


Top Things to do in Portugal

If you decide to take your Portugal honeymoon during the summer, you must spend a few nights at one of the beach resorts. The resort towns are beautiful, and you can be guaranteed a romantic, secluded time with your newly wed. Most of the country’s cities and major towns are situated along the coast. The ocean plays a huge role in Portugese culture, and you cannot miss it! If you’re craving seafood and a day spent reading on a beautiful beach, then these beach towns are perfect for you. Just north of Porto is the smaller town called Viana do Castelo. Viana do Castelo is a gorgeous architectural dream for anyone that loves antique buildings and history. The Gothic style buildings and Renaissance influence makes the town feel incredibly romantic. Experiencing the beach is only half the fun here in Viana do Castelo. Take a trip to make your Portugal honeymoon as romantic as you possibly could.

If you take your Portugal honeymoon in the summer, there is much more to experience than the pristine beaches. Portugal is known for its nature and beauty. You can explore this by hiking through thousands of different trails, biking down the countryside, or taking a cruise through the mountain-surrounded rivers. If you’re not so sure all this outdoor exploring is your thing, head to a winery! Portugal is one of the best wine destinations in the world. The Alentejo region was named the World’s Best Wine Region in 2014, and offers spectacular wine tours.

After a long day of exploring nature (or the vineyard) you’ll want to head to the city for a delicious romantic meal and maybe some adult beverages. If you are staying in Lisbon, you must try riding Tram 28. Similar to San Francisco, the Tram is a huge attraction and is famous for the historic lines. Team 28 will take you right to the Alfama district, where you get that old time, fisherman village feel. It is the oldest part of the city, surrounded by tile-fronted chapels and great cathedrals. If you’re starting to get hungry, you must head over to Barrio Alto. This place has amazing cafes and international restaurants, and is also the city’s top nightlife spot. Take your Portugal honeymoon to the next level by following up your delicious, 5 star meal with dancing to live music for the rest of the night.

The cities in Portugal are beautiful and you definitely need to experience them. But, what will make your Portugal honeymoon even more spectacular and unforgettable, is going to the countryside. If you take your Portugal honeymoon in the Spring, you will be lucky to see the entire country lighting up with blooming flowers and rolling, green hills.

Between rolling hills and beautiful mountains, you’ll find small hill towns that host great, authentic food and a magical countryside experience. Do not skip this part of your honeymoon, it may be the part you remember the most fondly!

Weather in Portugal

The climate in Portugal is unique because it is in close proximity to many different geographical influences. The tall mountains reside in the North of the Country, influencing a cooler climate.

The Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean are the other two influences, combining to create a humid zone over most of the country. Generally, the climate in Portugal is characterized by warm temperatures and a Mediterranean climate with a wet season in the winter.

Usually temperatures in the winter average around 61 degreesF, and temperatures in the summer hover around 78 degreesF. Portugal may be Europe’s sunniest country, with 11-12 hours of sunshine during the summer days and about 5-6 hours during the winter days.

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