If you are planning a honeymoon as special as you are, Qatar is your ideal honeymoon destination. The blend of ancient culture and extreme modernism make Qatar an unforgettable experience. The State of Qatar, as it is officially known, is located on the Persian Gulf north of Saudi Arabia. Its capital is Doha, and that is where the majority of people live

It is one of the richest countries in the world. No luxury will be spared on your Qatar honeymoon.

For the ultimate in Qatar honeymoon indulgence, and for the memories of a lifetime, stay at the Banana Island Resort Doha, undoubtedly one of the most luxurious resorts with a breathtaking view of the Arabian Gulf. The adventure begins when you arrive from the mainland by private catamaran and escape the rest of the world. Enjoy a pristine beach with plenty of watersports. Indulge in the wellness center, and stroll hand in hand in the lush gardens. 

The rooms and suites are plush, and that only the beginning. Order a candlelit dinner in your private cabana by the beach. You can even request your own menu from your personal chef. Qatar is a strict Muslim country, and there will be no alcohol to go with the meal. If you love the cuisine – and you will – you can take cooking classes at the resort and learn to prepare them at home. All this deliciousness will be served by your private butler.

When in Doha, visit the Souk for some memorabilia for friends and family. Walk along the waterfront for an unparalleled view of the city with its stunning skyline.

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Banana Island Resort

Ideal Getaway Ensured by a Quiet Cove

Anantara’s Banana Island Resort Doha is a crescent of golden beach and water villas just off downtown Doha’s coast. Accessible by private catamaran, family adventure escape, ocean thrills, or serene spa bliss. With the little ones, enjoy an alcohol-free atmosphere as you surf, dive, golf, bowl, or cinema. Race across lagoon waters with a host of motorized water sports. Relax in an island resort set in the only wellness center in the Middle East, spread over lush botanical gardens.

Rooms and suites with Arabian accents are bright and tropical. Choose your location right in front of the lagoon pool and in the center of it all to hideaway on a quiet cove overlooking the open ocean. Your ideal getaway is ensured by a range of settings across the island. Stay close to the lagoon pool and all the action, hideaway in a beach villa, or drift across the Gulf in an over-water villa.

More Information on Banana Island Resort

Average Price Range: $288 to $507

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: Yes

Distance to Airport: 51 minutes

Number of Rooms: 141

About Qatar

Qatar is where the desert meets the ocean. People embrace fishing with the same passion as they do a desert safari. It is where the old and new blend in beautiful harmony. The citizens of Qatar treasure their heritage while embracing their future. Historic structures are next to modern museums malls, and other adventures.

Until recently, Qatar was a mere collection of fishing villages. Then oil was discovered; that changed everything. The fishing village has become an architectural marvel. The remaining part of Qatar is flat and desert-like. 

Your Qatar honeymoon begins at the Hamad International Airport in Doha. As would be expected from one of the richest countries, Hamad Airport is stylish and luxurious. It is known for its impeccable service. You will be greeted by a huge, bronze teddy bear weighing 20 tons for no other reason than a bit of fun and whimsy. This airport is filled has a variety of different pieces of art to add some charm to your arrival.

Once you are settled in Qatar, social etiquette can vary according to individual Qataris. There is still a distinction between men and women here. Some men may not shake hands with a woman, while some Qatari women are not comfortable shaking hands with a strange man. There is nothing personal in such behavior. If you are unsure how to behave, take your cue from the other person.

Qatar is short on shopping malls, but the souks contain every imaginable treasure. Souq Waqif in Doha is one of the most colorful markets imaginable. Years ago, farmers on their camels came here to sell goats and sheep (FYI, should you arrive on a camel, they will care for, feed and water it while you shop). Today, this souk is still the heart and soul of Doha, with beautiful shops ready to fulfill your every desire. Find your dresses, perfumes, spices, gold, and other memorabilia here. Stop by one of the restaurants for a bite when you get tired. With not a single Qatari living below the poverty line, shopping is an important event in Qatar.

There are no forests in Qatar, as roots are unable to settle into the sand. Qatar is one of the flattest countries in the world, with no elevation to speak of. 

The style of dress in Qatar is conservative. Men should not wear shorts, and women should wear sleeves and dresses below the knees. When at the beach, cover your swimwear with a T-shirt.

There is little nightlife in Qatar, as the sale of alcohol is forbidden. The exceptions are some international hotels in Doha that do not fall under this rule. The Four Seasons Hotel Doha has a delightful rooftop bar and a terrace where you can hang out and enjoy a celebratory drink on your Qatar honeymoon. The lounge at the Double Tree Hotel is known for its grand vista and signature cocktails. The La Cigale Hotel has a rooftop bar on the 15th floor with live entertainment. 

Best Time to Visit Qatar

It’s hard to escape the heat in Qatar. The best time to visit depends on any festivals that might be of interest.

Ramadan, usually celebrated in April, has music and entertainment established in most hotels, so it is fun to join in. 

Following Ramadan, Eid Ul Fitr is another three-day religious celebration. The souks and waterfront are decorated with lights, and musicians perform their music.

National Day, one of the country’s major holidays, is traditionally celebrated on December 18th. This day marks Qatar’s independence from England. In Doha, there is a parade by members of the Qatar military during the day with a light show and fireworks after sunset. 

The Doha Tribeca Film Festival is one of the Mideast’s most important international events. Actors, directors, and film fans from around the world gather for five days in October in Doha. Fifty thousand attendants assemble for a showing of the most important Mideastern films.

Top Things to do in Qatar

Desert Safari

Spend a romantic night under the stars in a genuine desert camp. The camp is comfortable and allows for a refreshing swim in the inland sea of Khor al- Udeid in the midst of the desert. You can also enjoy a camel ride, savor a delicious BBQ diner, a bonfire, and some music before going to sleep. For more information, contact Inland Tours at 974 55694194

Musfur Sinkhole

The Musfur Sinkhole is less than an hour’s drive from Doha in Al Rayyan. It is Qatar’s deepest sinkhole. You can climb down the walls and explore. It is very relaxing down there, and the lack of heat at this depth makes it particularly inviting. Many visitors bring a yoga mat and enjoy some quiet reflection.

The Pearl 

The Pearl is a four square-mile manmade island in Doha. This is where Qatar’s wealth resonates, with its five-star restaurants, premier shopping, and beach clubs. For some unusual dining, try Hasan Kolcuoglu at Plaza Al Hambra, for its mouthwatering Turkish cuisine. 

Take a walk and explore the upmarket homes of the rich who live here, as well as the yacht-filled marina.

Museum of Islamic Art

This museum is by the waterfront and is an artistic wonder in its right. Inside, you will find gems of Islamic ceramics, woodwork, jewelry, and other artwork dating back to the 7th century. Admission to the museum is free.

Dinner Cruise

What could be more romantic than a three-hour sunset dinner cruise in the desert? This is offered by the National Cruise Company on Pearl Island. Once onboard, take pictures of the fabulous Qatar skyline as the boat shifts away from the harbor and into the Arabian Gulf. 

The dinner is a catered feast by the Four Seasons Hotel. Definitely a deluxe buffet. Call 974 66 000 926 for more information. The National Cruise Company also offers fishing and diving cruises.

Qatar Spas

You are honeymooning in one of the richest countries in the world. It’s a good time for some serious pampering. Qatar has redefined sumptuousness and will have you feeling like royalty.

The Bliss Spa Doha at the W. Doha Hotel offers all types of massages, such as deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, four hands massage, Swedish massage, as well as aromatherapy.

The Spa at Al Jasra Hotel has a traditional and luxurious Moroccan steam with massages and aromatherapy.

The Mandarin Oriental Spa has a couple’s suite with sauna and steam. The VIP suites have body and scalp treatments for two and focus on the elimination of toxins in a holistic way. Finish this bliss with a relaxing sauna.

At the Al Messila Wellness Resort & Spa, expect healing mineral water therapy with cocoon beds, flotation tanks, and oxygen rooms. 

Weather in Qatar

Qatar is a desert, so it has mild winters and steamy summers. Without any mountains, there is no higher terrain where it might cool off. The heat is spread evenly throughout the country.

The temperature gets a bit cooler from December through February, while it hits peak steaminess from April through September. During January, Doha enjoys an average temperature of 70 degrees during the day, making it an excellent time to visit. The temperature hits the three-digit level in July. You will need to plan accordingly for your Qatar honeymoon. 

Hot winds from the south can raise the reasonably comfortable winter temperature to over 80 degrees and the summer heat to over 105 degrees. Rainfall is rare in Qatar.

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