I used to think I could never in a million years afford a butler or that it was even worth it on my vacations. Usually, I would picture a butler as someone you would have to pay an arm and a leg for, and it was only for the rich who are used to being pampered daily. But once I started looking into Sandals butler service, I quickly discovered that neither of these is true. 

Sandals butler service is an extra that is included with certain types of rooms. They are more expensive than their standard rooms but less than you think. The butlers’ only job is to make your vacation as stress-free as possible, so they are there as much or as little as you would like.

If this sounds intriguing, read on to find the low down on everything there is to know about the Sandals butler service. Find out what rooms you need to book to receive this fantastic service and how much you can expect to pay. It may be exactly what you need on your next trip to the Caribbean.

Sandals Rooms that Include Butler Service

Sandals Resorts have a few different categories of rooms, including Sandals Luxury, Club Sandals, Butler Elite, and Love Nest Suites. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, but only a couple come with butler service. They are Butler Elite and Love Nest Suites.

Butler Elite and Love Nest Suites themselves are the nicest rooms out of all of them, being the largest rooms and coming with the most amenities. These rooms are super private and secluded compared to the others and either has a separate sitting area or bedrooms. They also usually have a private plunge pool or tranquility soaking tub on their large outdoor patio. You can also find over-the-water bungalows at certain resorts in these room categories.

Club-level rooms have something similar to Sandals’ butler service, called concierge service. This includes room service, a private lounge, a few upgraded features in your room, and more. However, it does not quite live up to Sandals’ butler rooms, which include your own private butler that does so much more. 

Services Your Butler Provides

Before you even arrive at your Sandals resort, you are assigned your own butler. The Guild of Professional English Butlers trains the butlers at Sandals, so you know you will always get consistent service. This butler will only serve you and nobody else, so you have their full undivided attention from the time you step onto the property to when you say goodbye. 

You can also set up specific preferences with your butler before you arrive, such as certain wow factors and food preferences. Have your butler shower your room in rose petals, or have champagne in your room before you get there. Sandals butlers are there to ensure you have one of the most unforgettable trips of your life. 

Once You Arrive

  • Meet you upon arrival with lemon-grass hand towels to refresh after your flight.
  • Escort you to your room and have your luggage sent to the room.
  • Offer cocktails and snacks that you may be interested in.
  • Check you in from your suite and give you all the information you need on the resort.
  • Unpack your luggage and press your first outfit. 
  • Set up any accommodation preferences to make you comfortable.
  • Give you a cell phone to contact them anytime for anything you need.

During Your Stay

  • Book your dinner reservations, tours, activities, and spa treatments.
  • Serve your lunch and drinks poolside or at the beach.
  • Ensure your room is kept in mint condition and arranged the way you prefer.
  • Serve all of your room service orders. 
  • Set up a romantic dinner on your suite patio or the beach, where you can order from any restaurant on the resort. 
  • Take and put away your laundry and shine or clean your shoes.
  • Escort you to your dinner reservations, where your table is uniquely decorated.
  • Turn down your room for the night before you return from dinner.

When It’s Time to Say Goodbye

  • Set up your luxury airport transfer.
  • Help you fold your clothes and pack your luggage.
  • Save all of your preferences for when you visit again.
  • Take you to the Butler lounge and help with the checkout process.
  • Ensure your bags are brought to your private car, and say goodbye.

You should also expect a lot of happy surprises from your butler throughout your trip. The butlers at sandals are some of the most friendly and detail-oriented people you will ever meet. You may even be lucky enough to have a super-talented butler who will sing for you. 

What Else is Included in Butler Rooms

The butlers in Butler Elite and Love Nest Suites are not the only advantage to staying in one of these top-tier accommodations. Besides all the typical inclusions you will find at any Sandals resort, like scuba diving, entertainment, and green fees, rooms with butler service have a bunch of extras included. 

Some of the things you will find in Butler Elite and Love Nest suite are as follows:

  • Private, luxury airport transfers in a Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz, or BMW.
  • Super soft robes and slippers.
  • Room service.
  • A full-service bar with water, juice, soft drinks, beer, wine, and premium liquor.
  • Luxury furnishings.
  • A list of pillows to choose from, including down.
  • A weekly cocktail party and all Club Sandals activities.
  • A private lounge with games, books, a big-screen TV, and more.

How Much Does Sandals Butler Service Cost?

As long as you are staying in a Butler Elite or a Love Nest Suite, butler service has no extra cost. It is included in your nightly rate. However, the nightly rate for these rooms is higher than other room categories. Therefore, the butler service cost is factored into your rate. 

A Butler Elite or Love Nest Suite can cost anywhere between $450-$2,300 per person nightly. The cost will fluctuate depending on the location you go for, the room you decide to stay in, and the time of year you travel. Some examples of rooms and their prices are as follows:

Tipping Your Butler at Sandals

Sandals has a no-tipping policy as part of their all-inclusive experience. Therefore most of the staff will not accept any tips. Not tipping someone for exceptional service always makes me a little uncomfortable because I like to let my service providers know they are appreciated.

However, you can tip your butlers and spa staff. This makes sense because they are the employees that go above and beyond what is expected of them by their job. Butlers are typically tipped anywhere from $20-$100 per day. The higher end of that figure is not expected, but you can adjust your daily tip based on how often you use the butler service. 

You can tip your butler at the end of your stay, so you don’t have to stress about how much you should give them every night. The average percentage people usually tip is around 5% of your nightly rate. So if your nightly rate was $1,000, you should tip $50 a day or $350 on a 7-night stay for exceptional service. 

Is Sandals Butler Service Worth it?

In my opinion, Sandals butler service is totally worth the money! With the nicer rooms, extra amenities, and the fact that you literally have nothing to worry about during your stay, the additional cost of butler rooms is nothing. In fact, paying for the butler room, with everything included, is cheaper than paying for a separate butler service at other similar resorts.

If you add up the average a la carte cost of everything that Sandals butler service provides, such as luxury airport transportation, romantic settings in your room, and in-room dining experiences, it would cost almost double. The fact that Sandals includes all of this makes it one of the best butler services out there.

Sandals butler service is not something I would splurge on with every vacation. Maybe only for my honeymoon or anniversary. However, if you are someone who only takes a vacation every once in a blue moon, Sandals butler rooms could very well be your favorite home away from home.

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