Few activities are as exciting as planning a vacation. It’s an opportunity to escape the daily ordinary and soar with the extraordinary. The last thing you want is a commonplace vacation – that is why Sandals Resorts are your best choice for getaways, great cultural experiences, honeymoons, or destination weddings.

All Sandals Caribbean resorts are all-inclusive and adult-only, and they know how to cater to their guests’ fantasies. These resorts are located by the finest beaches and offer exciting activities, plush rooms, as well as luxury dining and drinking – all for one all-inclusive price. No worries about monies. No wondering how much the dessert will add to your bill. A Sandals All-Inclusive vacation is paid for before you even arrive, so have two desserts without the guilt. The only exception may be certain golf course fees and spa treatments.

The only thing to do is for you to find your best options, as Sandals resorts offer many packages, deals, upgrades, etc. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend time doing a lot of research Your Sandals Travel Agent can help you determine what is most important to you: 24-hour personal butler service (the ultimate in pampering) or a simple room upgrade that includes replenishing premium liquor in your room each day? If you are an avid golfer, do you want all-inclusive green fees? Your travel agent can customize your vacation to create the perfect memories of a lifetime.

Why Choose the Caribbean in the First Place?

The dazzling Caribbean consists of many different islands and countries – and Sandals is located on the major ones with fabulous luxury resorts that pamper their guests and treat them to the ultimate paradise vacation. Visitors here will find year-round gorgeous tropical weather, with many coming from December to April to escape their native cold. 

Undoubtedly, the Caribbean has some of the most stunning beaches. An ocean-front resort can provide the ideal best couples’ getaway.

The Caribbean’s Sandals Resorts are known for their incredible all-inclusive food options, whether it’s for a romantic dinner or a large wedding dinner prepared by award-winning chefs who offer dining at its finest

Most Sandals resorts have fascinating local activities, from the world’s best snorkeling to exploring ancient ruins. There are fascinating local cultures to explore. And being all-inclusive, it is all very affordable, especially with the deals that trained Sandals Travel Agents can offer.

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Using a Sandals Travel Agent vs. Self-Booking

Travelers may be tempted to book their own Sandals vacation online. It is a great option to book directly through Sandals.com. It’s easy and the user experience is fantastic.

A specialized and trained Sandals travel agent can help understand your requirements and do the research necessary to find the best flight and accommodation packages.

Sandals travel agents are independent and can determine what might not work for you at a specific resort. No need to go through a long list of reviews. If there are problems, the Sandals agent will fix them.

For the most worry-free Sandals vacation, there are several reasons you should be using a certified Sandals travel agent.

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Top Reasons To Use A Sandals Travel Agent

1. Sandals Travel Agents Are Free

A Sandals Travel Agent can elevate your vacation from a mere getaway to a visit to paradise, all while saving you time and money. The agent receives a commission from Sandals, but you receive all these services free of charge.

Their entire job is to help you enjoy your Sandals vacation and get the most out of your budget. Their services are not just available to the elite. They are free to all, even if this is your one and only Sandals vacation.

They will work within your budget and your vision.

2. Sandals Travel Agents Are Specialists

A certified Sandals Travel Agent specializes in arranging travels to Sandal resorts. This is their job, and they are experts at it. They have been trained about every Sandals nuance and detail, what each resort offers, and they have the latest information at their fingertips.

They have probably visited several or all resorts and are familiar with details that a regular travel agent or the Sandals’ website won’t have – such as, if new construction is being planned, etc. They know actual individuals who work at the resorts – perhaps the spa manager or housekeeper – and can deal with specific individuals directly, if necessary.

They can also take care of small matters that will brighten your day – such as arranging for champagne to be in your room upon arrival or allowing you access to a comfortable airport lounge. They can arrange for local ground transportation and local reservations – anything to make your Sandals stay more comfortable. Why go it alone when you have such a team on your side?

3. They Help You Select The Perfect Sandals Resort

Choosing a Sandals vacation guarantees you a stress-free, exciting getaway. But which Caribbean-based Sandals? They all offer an exotic location, fabulous rooms, suites, or villas, superior all-inclusive cuisine and liquor, and great activities. Some resorts offer an emphasis on romance (Hello, Sandal Grand Antigua!). Others attract A-listers and even royalty (Sandals Royal Bahamian). For travelers eager to see the great culture of the Aztec civilization, there is Sandals Negril. Anyone have a wish to go swimming with adorable piglets? There is a Sandals for that, as well.

Sandals is a superior vacation choice, but which Sandals? You can spend hours researching each Caribbean Sandals resort for intimate beaches, large beaches, stunning sunsets, and other amenities. Or, you can easily discuss with your Sandals Travel Agent, who knows the details about each resort and the surrounding area, has probably visited in person, and can answer any of your questions before you book – how far will my room be from the beach? How noisy does it get? Where is the bar? Little details make a huge difference.

While choosing the best Sandals is important, Sandals has instituted an island-hopping program that can give guests even more enjoyment and value for their vacation money. Your Sandals Travel Agent can arrange this in various ways. A particular favorite is hopping from Sandals Grange Antigua to Sandals Grenada, then to Sandals Barbados to explore three very different but exotic Sandals resorts during one vacation. 

For golfers, have your agent book a stay at Sandals Emerald Bay Tennis & Spa with its award-winning golf course, then enjoy some soothing relaxation at Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort.

For new and stylish, guests will enjoy the new Sandals Royal Barbados with its rooftop pool and bowling alley. Then book a stay at the Sandals Grenada Resort & Spa, with its ten restaurants and exquisite dining with unlimited premium liquors.

The more you island hop, the more of Sandals you can experience, so be sure to discuss these options with your Sandals Travel Agent, who will make all the arrangements.

4. Save Money

One of the major reasons – besides the ease and comfort – of using a certified Sandals Travel Agent is to save money. Sandals is the top all-Inclusive resort destination in the Caribbean. They are known for their quality and exceptional service. However, are you getting your money’s worth?

With dozens of room categories, ranges of activities, a variety of neighborhood offerings, different room views and amenities, where are your best deals? By working with a Sandals Travel Specialist, you won’t end up paying for items you don’t want, and you will be assured of getting plenty of what you do want at the best possible price. 

Sandals, like most resorts, offer promotions and discounts, such as military, law enforcement personnel, or to former guests. You may not be aware of these discounts, but the travel agent will be. He or she knows all the available special deals that can add so much to your vacation in terms of savings and pure enjoyment.

Airline fees can be confusing. A Sandals travel agent may be able to bundle the airfare with the resort fees. This can lock in the entire vacation package at a low price.

If you book online, you are booking Sandals’ fixed prices and are not receiving the benefits of many possible discounts. Finding a top Sandals Travel Agent is worth the effort – and probably the only vacation-planning effort you will need. Note that the top agents are members of the prestigious Chairman’s Royal Club Sandals Resorts.

These are the top agents, the best of the best, who have demonstrated continuous outstanding work habits, great customer service, and attend annual workshops for the latest in Sandals news and training. You want the best vacation possible; put yourself in the hands of the best travel agent. There is no need to be shy about asking for the agent’s qualifications.

5. Sandals Travel Agents are Flexible

Life happens when least expected and least convenient. Travel plans may need to be changed at the last minute due to illness or weather. A Sandals Travel Agent will help you reschedule your plan without you having to spend time calling Sandals directly. They will even rebook at a lower rate with greater discounts if this becomes available at a future date. There is no need for you to spend time monitoring Sandals’ promotions and deals– it is being done for you. You can live your life while they do their job. 

6. Help With The Details, Details, Details

Planning a vacation, especially to a foreign country, is complex and can involve several crucial details – currency, passport, local requirements, etc. Sandals Travel Agents are specifically trained to keep an eye out for details.

Your Sandals travel agent will get to know you and your situation and lead you through everything that needs to be done step by step. Once you have decided on the ideal resort for you, they can help create an itinerary of important local attractions for your entire stay or provide insider hints of the best places and restaurants to visit.

Keep in mind there are no charges for all these money-saving and time-saving add-ons, and you can be assured of not missing out on anything. It’s all win-win.

Using A Sandals Travel Agent For Your Wedding

Why Your Sandals Travel Agent Should Book Your Sandals Wedding?

With its breathtaking beauty, the Caribbean is one of the top choices for destination weddings. And couples know they can rely on Sandals’ Caribbean resorts for a lifetime of memories. 

A destination wedding does have certain built-in advantages – it shortens the guest list considerably and can be honed down to those guests that really matter. To make planning a destination dream wedding easier, your Sandals Travel Agent can coordinate the entire celebration with Sandals’ own wedding planners. These

Sandals Travel Agents are referred to as Sandals Specialists and represent another way guests at Sandals need only deal with one person who knows all the ins and outs of sandals. They receive additional training not only in Sandals vacations but in planning a once-in-a-lifetime Sandals wedding and/or honeymoon.

Not many couples are aware of everything their travel agent can do for them. According to Sandals chairman and founder, Butch Stewart, “Destination weddings are big and becoming even bigger business, but the folks in the key bridal audience are unlikely to appreciate how to work with our best partners — our travel agents — in bringing the Sandals experience to life. We aim to fix that.”

Why Have a Sandals Destination Wedding?

The ring’s on the finger, and the future in-laws have met. So far, so good. What’s the next step? It’s planning the Big Day. If your plans include the tropical Caribbeans, and they should, you may be nervous about the details. How can you be sure everything will be as you’ve dreamed about? Whether you are inviting five or fifty of your closest friends, your Sandals Travel Agent can be your best ally during this happy yet stressful time and deal directly with the resort of your choice, saving you hours and hours of planning. Here is why a Sandals destination wedding is your best option:

Top Reasons For Booking A Sandals Wedding

Three-Day Test Visit

Even with your Sandals Travel Agent’s advice, choosing a specific Sandals resort can be a challenge. That is why Sandals allows a three-day test visit for as low as $250.00 a night. This provides couples the opportunity to sample the restaurants, pool, beach activities, and neighboring sights. They can also meet the entire Sandals wedding planning team. Once your travel agent books your wedding package, you will enjoy up to $1,050 toward wedding expenses.

Options of Sandals Wedding Packages

Sandals has a myriad of wedding packages to suit every situation. Many of the packages are free of charge if guests stay for a minimum of three nights. This includes some of the best beach locations in the world, a bouquet and boutonniere for the couple, and a wedding cake and cocktail reception. And that’s just the basics. Your Sandals Travel Agent can make all the arrangements – from basic to absolutely elaborate with exquisite menus, decorations, and services. 

The Longer You Stay, The More You Get

Spend seven or more days enjoying your Sandals honeymoon, and you may qualify for an upgraded room with a personal 24-hour butler and romantic, candlelit dinners. Not a bad way to begin your life together.

Location, Location, Location

Locations don’t get any more spectacular than the six Sandals islands – Antigua, Barbados, the Bahamas, Grenada, Jamaica, and Saint Lucia. Your Sandals Travel Agent is familiar with all the fabulous options – an over-the-water chapel? Barefoot in the sand? A rooftop wedding overlooking the Caribbean? So many options and your travel agent can help you pick the best one for you.

Cost of Food and Drinks

The expense of food and drinks can be a major headache for couples. With a Sandals wedding package, a reception dinner can be under $20.00 per person, alcohol included. 

Additional Perks

When your Sandals Travel Agent books rooms for friends and family, you will enjoy additional perks and privileges, including a free reception dinner, cocktail party, or room upgrade.

A trained Sandals Travel Agent will work with an expert in Sandals wedding planning and get the most out of your Sandals wedding and honeymoon. All you need to do is show up – shoes are optional.

Photograph and Videograph Your Special Day

Your wedding lasts a day or so. The memories, however, will linger for a lifetime. Your Sandals Specialist can arrange for Sandals’ trained wedding photographers to be present and capture every precious moment and lovely detail – from first look to exchanging your vows at sunset. Their state-of-the-art equipment ensures that the wedding photos will be authentic and stunning.

Sandals videographers can narrate and tell the story of your wedding in any style you choose, leaving you with an exquisite masterpiece. The mood can be playful, elegant, traditional – and all of it set to the music of your choice.

Since many friends and family members probably will not be able to attend your Caribbean destination wedding, sharing these photographs and videographs will be especially important to you and to them. They will certainly appreciate being a part of the wedding – even in absentia. 

Great Experience for Your Guests

Every night at Sandals is a Caribbean celebration, from live evening shows to DJs by the pool. During talent nights, it’s the guests who get to perform. Your Sandals Travel Agent can find the best in entertainment, from fire dances to steel pan bands on the beach and themed parties by the beach. 

Awesome Parties

There is more to a wedding than just a ceremony. Most include bachelor and bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, and other festivities such as a customized spa day. Sandals has private islands, beaches, poolside, and restaurants for every occasion. Go beyond the usual pianist and string quartet and immerse your guests in authentic Caribbean reggae, calypso, or steel pan music. Include local fire dancers and stilt walkers in the festivities.


Preferred Sandals Specialists are recognized industry-wide and Sandals experts. Their training and education provide them with the latest necessary information at all times. To quote a Sandals Preferred Sandals Specialist, “We have been to every Sandals Resort and go back every year. We’ll help you compare resorts from personal experience and decide which is the best Sandals Resort for your honeymoon or vacation. We fix problems. Even better, we anticipate problems and reach out to our clients proactively when there are resort closures, weather worries, or renovations taking place. We care about your vacation and will do everything possible to make it perfect.”

This is the attitude that has made them Sandals connoisseurs around the world. To find the nearest Sandals Travel Agent near you, go to http://totemtravel.com/5-reasons-to-book-your-sandals-vacation-with-travel-agent.html#ixzz7da0Docqg.

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