Switzerland is one of nature’s marvels, especially as a choice for your destination honeymoon. Surround yourself with majestic mountains, quaint, serene lakes, cozy fireplaces in a charming chalet. A Switzerland honeymoon is aware-inspiring. The villages are enchanting and the cities, such as Zurich and Geneva, are picturesque and sophisticated. The sheer beauty of Switzerland is breathtaking.

Switzerland’s proximity to France, Germany, and Italy has a tremendous effect on Swiss cuisine. They love their food, so be prepared for some regal dining. Of course, the country is famous for its cheese (think fondue) and chocolate.

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About Switzerland

Switzerland is crossed by the Rhine River, and you don’t want to miss a romantic boat tour. You’ll be cruising through the Alps, one of the world’s most remarkable sights. Depending on which cruise you choose, you can see most of Switzerland or go as far as France. Switzerland is small enough that you can enjoy several of the delightful villages as well as the major cities, such as Zurich, Geneva, Bern, and others. There, look forward to European culture in the form of museums and galleries. Less known but a must-see are the variety of Swiss castles still standing from the Medieval Ages.

Wherever you spend your Swiss honeymoon, a roaring fire and a cup of famed Swiss cocoa await you. You will find snow on the mountain tops year-round, which keeps Switzerland fairly cool and prevents it from becoming overly hot and humid in the summer. It is a fairy tale made for skiing and snuggling beneath an eiderdown cover.

Switzerland is surrounded by the imposing mountains of the Alpine range. With its grand mountains and glistening lakes, Switzerland is all about the extraordinary outdoor scenery. It is home to the Matterhorn, the majestic 15,000-foot-tall mountain located at the Italian border near the village of Zermatt. The village is frequented by skiers in the winter and hikers in the summer.

St. Moritz

If Zermatt is a delightful resort, St. Moritz is its chic and elegant urban cousin. It is a well-known resort by Lake St. Moritz that offers a multitude of entertainments, from skiing, hiking, golf, polo playing, and horseracing. St. Moritz is where the elite meet, and it is yours to enjoy, as well.


Lucerne, located in central Switzerland by Lake Lucerne, is surrounded by mountains. In addition to the charming, glistening lake, there is shopping, and medieval architecture to explore, such as the wooden Chapel Bridge. Check out the Baroque Hofkirche (church) and nine towers that rise above Luzern and are part of the old city wall. Four of the towers are open to the public and well-worth exploring. The view from the towers is spectacular.

The statue of the Dying Lion is carved into a rock commemorates the Swiss Guards that died in the French Revolution. It was one of the few instances the Swiss did not remain neutral.


Because of its milder climate, Montreux has been referred to as Switzerland on the Riviera. Unique for the area, it has both palm trees and mountains. A truly unique sight. It is located on Lake Geneva and is surrounded by lovely vineyards. Like so many towns in Switzerland, it has a splendid vista and excellent shopping. Montreux is best explored by strolling along the Quays of Montreux, which runs along the Lake. Don’t forget to ride the Golden Pass train for the most outstanding view.

Another popular Montreux visit is the Chateau de Chillon. Inside, marvel at the excellent examples of 14th century paintings. When you are back outside, explore the beautiful courtyards.

If you’re feeling lucky (it’s your honeymoon, so that should be a given) visit the Casino Barrière de Montreux. Enjoy some gambling while appreciating some exquisite dining and a view of the Alps and Lake Geneva. Should you win, Montreux has some exclusive boutiques that await you.


This quaint village is a short train ride from Montreux and a terrific short excursion. You’ll find a 13th century castle to explore. This is where the famed Gruyeres cheese is produced, so visit the factory for a free sample.


If you want to mix your vista with some culture, you will love Geneva, located by the lake for which it is named. French is spoken here.

Like anywhere else in Switzerland, the views from Lake Geneva are magical. (As an aside, this is where the water for your beloved Evian water comes from, from melted alpine snow.) A popular Geneva destination is the Jardin de Botanique, an open-air botanical garden. When in Geneva, wander to the harbor and watch the Jet d’Eau statue spewing 130 gallons of water to a height of 460 feet. If you appreciate Swiss precision in watches, visit the Patek Philippe Museum.

In Old Town, you will find St. Pierre Cathedral, a church that has survived for 850 years, probably due to Switzerland’s mostly neutral political stance.

Best Time to Visit Switzerland

Switzerland is always an idyll. However, you’ll get the most out of your honeymoon in Switzerland if you choose the right time of year to visit. Switzerland doesn’t get overly hot in the summer – as a matter of fact, the mountains remain snowcapped – but the summer brings in the tourists. As a consequence, it can get very crowded. The cost of everything also soars.

Fall and springs months, which are April through June and September through October, are your optimal choices to honeymoon in Switzerland.

Whatever month you choose, Switzerland will always be picture-postcard perfect. The mountains, lakes, and charming villages are always in season.

Planning your honeymoon in April through June will give you the beauty of the snowy mountains without the ski crowds. That means more apres-ski for you. The weather can be damp, but the wildflowers will be in full bloom and cable car rides will provide you with magnificent views. Don’t miss the art festival in Ascona in May or Geneva’s Fete de la Musique in June.

July to August will have great weather for hiking, if you don’t mind the crowds. The temperature will be a perfect 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Accommodations and other prices can be 50 percent more expensive during these months.

The fall months, with their dazzling colors, are the perfect time for your Switzerland honeymoon.

The winter months in Switzerland, of course, are meant for skiing and Christmas markets. You can easily combine your Swiss honeymoon with a Swiss Christmas. Riding the cable cars will give you a snow-covered panoramic landscape.

Top Things to do in Switzerland

Switzerland is such a small country, one terrific advantage for your Switzerland honeymoon is that you can take in several towns, villages, or other sights in one day by car or easily accessible train.

Zurich is the place to visit if you enjoy culture more than wildflowers or want an unbeatable combination of both. The view from the promenade of the surrounding mountains is classic Switzerland. After a good alpine viewing, Zurich offers great food, casual cafes, museums, and galleries.

1. When in Lausanne, by Lake Ouchy, visit Lausanne Castle, where you have a view of the entire city from its terrace. From the castle, take a romantic stroll to the nearby Lavaux Vineyards. Sip champagne and hold hands while enjoying a 360-degree view of Zurich. Lausanne offers some beautiful gardens for a romantic picture, as well as museums and galleries.

2. Speaking of champagne, one of the hottest events in Zurich is the Jardin Du Champagne. Contact them, and they will email you the secret location of their next cocktail and champagne extravaganza.

3. While it is unlikely, perhaps you’ll need a break from Switzerland. Should that happen, go down south to Canton (Swiss subdivision) Ticino, which borders Italy. This is the place for mouth-watering Italian food and incredible baroque castles.

There are three castles in Bellinzona, Ticino, alone. Also in the Canton Ticino is the town of Ascona. This is a place for walking, as cars are not permitted in the center of town. There, you find a labyrinth of medieval cobblestone streets that will take you to the Piazza Motta at the border of Lake Maggiore with its palm trees (yes, palm trees) where you can enjoy a cappuccino while reminding yourself that you are still in Switzerland.

Take a boat ride on the lake to the Brissago Islands for their subtropical botanical garden. It’s Switzerland at its most unexpected.

4. The Rhine Falls at Schaffhausen is the strongest waterfall in Europe and couldn’t be more appropriate for newlyweds – think Niagara Falls. One million people visit this phenomenon every year.

The waterfall itself is surrounded by quaint villages and mountains. The closest village, Neuhausen am Rheinfall, is a mere kilometer away. The nearest actual city to the Falls is Schaffhausen. This is an easy day trip if you are staying in Zurich.

Weather in Switzerland

Switzerland does not have any kind of excessive climate. It gets hot during the summer, up to 82 degrees Fahrenheit, but that is still quite comfortable. The spring and fall months hover between 45 and 60 degrees. It gets cold and snowy during the winter months of December and January. But the snow is less than might be expected. Many resorts import artificial snow.

Switzerland does have regular seasons. In the spring, the trees bloom and the landscape turns green. Like everywhere else, fruit trees (or wineries) are harvested in the fall while the colors change to bright and exciting colors.

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