Tahiti is French Polynesia’s largest island, the Archipelago of the South Pacific that includes Bora Bora. It is divided into Tahiti Nui (the bigger, western section) and Tahiti Iti (the eastern peninsula), shaped like a figure-8. It is a popular honeymoon destination, with black-sand beaches, lagoons, waterfalls and 2 extinct volcanoes.

The Papeete’s busy capital is home to a plethora of restaurants and night out bars. Hiking or guided 4-wheel excursions are ways of exploring the countryside, while water sports include swimming, canoeing and snorkeling. There is a lot to do in Tahiti, now lets look at the best places to stay for your Tahiti honeymoon:

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The Brando

Brando is a luxurious luxury resort on French Polynesia’s stunningly beautiful private island of Tetiaroa–an atoll made up of a dozen small islands surrounding a sparkling lagoon 30 miles northeast of Tahiti. The Brando provides unpretentious comfort in the midst of pure nature. Easy flights to the island by private plane, the resort features 35 white-sand beach villas frequented by sea turtles, manta rays and exotic birds. The resort was designed to reflect the lifestyle and culture of Polynesia.

More Information on The Brando

Average Price Range: $3096 to $4137

All Inclusive: Yes

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: Yes

Number of Rooms: 35


InterContinental Tahiti Resort & Spa

An amazing place to spend your honeymoon in Tahiti, InterContinental Tahiti Resort & Spa is situated on 32 acres of lush tropical garden next to the idyllic lagoon. This well-known resort in Tahiti provides fine dining in two restaurants and world-class dinner shows. Guests can indulge in a host of activities, from diving amongst coral reefs to unwinding at the Deep Nature Spa. If you are looking for Tahiti resorts for honeymoon, this is the ideal starting point to your unforgettable South Pacific getaway.

More Information on InterContinental Tahiti Resort & Spa

Average Price Range: $268 to $419

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: Yes

Distance to Airport: 5 minutes

Number of Rooms: 246


Tahiti Ia Ora Beach Resort

Tahiti Ia Ora Beach Resort is the only hotel in Tahiti on a natural white sandy beach with direct access to the turquoise lagoon. With a direct access to the sea, Tahiti Ia Ora Beach Resort offers a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and sunsets. The complex has 146 rooms with views over the tropical gardens or on the sea, and includes 12 bungalows located on the turquoise waters. It offers a view on the Pacific Ocean and the magnificent sunsets. The hotel offers two excellent restaurants, two bars, a fabulous outdoor swimming pool with a sandy bottom. Tahiti remains a myth to be discovered and Tahiti Ia Ora Beach Resort will allow you to discover the best of the island during your honeymoon.

More Information on Tahiti Ia Ora Beach Resort

Average Price Range: $250 to $390

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: Yes

Distance to Airport: 10 minutes

Number of Rooms: 149


Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort

Relax and unwind at this Tahiti oceanfront resort. The luxurious Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort provides exquisite luxury and spectacular views of the coastline in the lush tropical surroundings of Lafayette Beach. With its breathtaking seafront location on the historic Bay of Matavai, this destination resort provides easy access to a variety of activities and makes for a fantastic honeymoon destination.

More Information on Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort

Average Price Range: $260 to $400

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: No

Distance to Airport: 20 minutes

Number of Rooms: 91


Manava Suite Resort Tahiti

The Manava Suite Resort Tahiti offers a superior level of luxury service, with a unique Polynesian welcome for all honeymooners. Situated on the West Side of the island, Manava Suite Resort Tahiti boasts one of the largest infinity pool on the island, complete with the popular Taapuna Pool Bar.

Manava Suite Resort, Tahiti offers a wide selection of 121 luxury rooms and suites to suit every budget, including spacious garden suites and multi-bedroom duplex apartments. Each has been designed by Tahitian architect Bruno Hervochon, to reflect authentic Polynesian decor, and fitted to the very highest standard to ensure your complete comfort and relaxation throughout your honeymoon.

More Information on Manava Suite Resort Tahiti

Average Price Range: $230 to $390

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: No

Distance to Airport: 10 minutes

Number of Rooms: 121


Manava Beach Resort & Spa

The theme of Manava is a tasteful blend of the traditional and the modern with a strong sense of Polynesia. There are 28 overwater bungalows built over the lagoon on the piles, 8 more bungalows on the beach and 28 spread across the beautiful grounds with their own private pools and small gardens.

Near the over-water bungalows, the resort has developed its own coral nursery- To’A Nui – a coral regeneration project and part of a  commitment to protecting the fragile environment that surrounds us. This site encourages the proliferation of marine life whose beauty is so easily enjoyed with simple snorkeling equipment. You will find a luxurious and convivial resort on a human scale, offering a warm welcome to honeymooners.

More Information on Manava Beach Resort & Spa

Average Price Range: $306 to $540

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: Yes

Number of Rooms: 90

About Tahiti

Tahiti is one of the largest Islands of French Polynesia, the South Pacific Archipelago. Tahiti looks like the digit 8 and is divided into Tahiti Hui (the western, larger section) and also Tahiti Iti, which is the eastern peninsula.

What makes Tahiti a popular destination for honeymooners and vacationers are the waterfalls, lagoons, black-sand beaches, and two volcanoes (they are inactive don’t worry).

The old school allure of a Tahiti honeymoon is an ideal combination with its understated luxury. Overwater bungalows are also an invention that comes from Tahiti. These bungalows are a major attraction for honeymooners.

Additionally, the island of Bora Bora is also a mere 45 minutes flight away from Tahiti, giving couples plenty more exploring space, gorgeous beaches, sunshine, and oodles of romance.

Tahiti was explored in the 18th century by Captain James Cook and often featured in Paul Gauguin, the French artist’s paintings. 

The cuisine of Tahiti is typically Pacific Island. Some popular sea foods include fafaru, Pahua Taioro and Ma’oa, shrimps in coconut milk, and many others.

Best Time to Visit Tahiti

The months from May until October are the best for visiting Tahiti. The temperatures normally remain balmy all through the year, but the winter seasons especially experience less humidity.

There are, in actuality, only two distinct seasons in Tahiti. The summertime from November to April, which is humid and tremendously hot.  The winter season brings pleasant temperatures with less rain.

December is usually the hottest month with more downpours. Regardless of any time of the year hotel rates always remain on the higher side here since it is such a terrific vacationing destination.

Top Things to do in Tahiti

If you find yourselves in the honeymoon heaven that is Tahiti, here are the things you absolutely must do:

  • Go exploring the lagoons in glass kayaks
  • Go snorkeling in the Coral Gardens
  • Most definitely stay in the overwater bungalows
  • Sail blissfully away on a Catamaran
  • Charter a seaplane and behold the gorgeous overview of Tahiti from the clouds
  • Go paddling on a rented stand-up paddleboard
  • Encounter rays and sharks
  • Don’t miss the sunrise over the pacific ocean
  • Go hiking up the mount Aorai
  • Do try the local cuisine

Weather in Tahiti

The weather of Tahiti offers warm to and mild temperatures all through the year. The temperatures during the daytime can be between 24 and 30 degrees Celsius. You can find some measure of relief in the waters of the Lagoon, which generally vary between 23 and 26 degrees Celsius. 

The warm sunny days of Tahiti are tempered usually by the winds traded by the northeast and the southeast, which contribute to creating the two distinct seasons- the rainy season and the dry season.

Getting to Tahiti

The island of Tahiti is located halfway between Australia and California.

Fa’a’ā International Airport is the international airport of French Polynesia, located on the island of Tahiti.

If you fly to Tahiti, it will take you the following amount of time to reach:

  • Santiago: 13 hours
  • New York: 12 hours
  • Los Angeles: 8 hours
  • Honolulu: 5 hours
  • Tokyo: 10 hours
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