Post-wedding every couple wants to travel to some exotic destination which has lifelong memory. After the typical ceremonies and rituals of marriage, crowd of relatives, olds, young, couples wish to go away from maddening crowd and a trip to some isolated beach or hill station can be just pleasing. Couple of days spend in the company of each other during a honeymoon trip can be amazingly pleasing and memorable entire life.

One of the best things in planning a wedding is deciding where to spend your honeymoon. For some couples, it doesn’t take much time for them to come to an agreement as to where they wanted to go. But there are also couples that find it quite difficult to compromise. Let’s face it even those seemingly compatible couples have different tastes and personalities.

There are those who love the beach. No matter what time of the year it may be. Obviously, the best choice would be to spend their honeymoon on a beach somewhere- powdery, white sand with crystal clear blue water. They can lie on the sand all day long, soaking in the sun while reading, napping, chatting or just being with each other.

For the more adventurous ones, they would probably prefer going somewhere they could still get a dose of adventure in the midst of their honeymoon, whether hiking or doing extreme sports. The simple yet romantic couples sometimes opt to just stay somewhere near but would definitely detach themselves from the outside world. But if you could go to a place where all these is available to experience, wouldn’t it be wonderful? Honeymoon destinations Europe have it all. Below are some of the amazing less travelled places Europe has to offer.

Honeymoon in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country known for its picturesque views and natural beauty which could be one of the best honeymoon destinations in Europe. With a number of luxury hotels and resorts to pamper you during your honeymoon, Bulgaria is one of the most up and coming honeymoon destinations in Europe. The luxurious accommodation on offer, combined with the facilities and services that are provided means that your stay in Bulgaria will be easy to book and lovely once you arrive in this exciting destination.

Get to experience traditional Bulgarian culture during your honeymoon and taste some of the incredible dishes and liquors that are produced in Eastern Europe. From the mountains to the glorious coastal regions overlooking the Black Sea, Bulgaria has plenty to see and experience. The charm and character of Bulgaria will leave you with some fabulous honeymoon memories and a taste of how beautiful this Eastern European country really is.

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Honeymoon in Montenegro

Honeymoon destinations Europe could be in a mountainous area like Montenegro. Lying along the Adriatic Sea, Montenegro is beautiful and the perfect location for a honeymoon that is all about romance. With mountain views, it is the ideal romantic setting for you to start your married life. With lots of tiny villages, all with their own unique style and charm, you will not be short of places to explore. The north of the country has stunning mountain views and beautiful lakes, while the south of the country is where you will find the coast, with idyllic beaches and deep blue waters.

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Honeymoon in Cyprus

Your European honeymoon destinations should be in the legendary birthplace of Aphrodite, Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and sits midway between Europe and Africa. It enjoys year-round sunshine, tempting beaches, varied and scenic countryside and a wealth of historical and archaeological sites. It has sophisticated cities yet in rural areas, such as the valleys of the Troodos Mountains with their sheltered Byzantine churches, it feels like the way of life has remained the same for centuries making your honeymoon destinations Europe the best it could possibly be.

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