Most newlywed couples dream of private beach honeymoons where they could do whatever they want, anytime they want and away from prying eyes. With all the stresses that we have been dealing with in our everyday lives, all the hustle and bustle of the big city, the noise, the pollution and the crowds, it is just right to get away for a while and spend an idyllic vacation in a private beach, just you and your loved one.

The honeymoon is a very important phase in every marriage. Here, you will have time to become more intimate with each other, luxuriate in each other’s company and maybe, get to know each other a little better in the process. There will always be those little quirks in each other’s personality that you might not have discovered yet, and your honeymoon might just help you find that.

A Private Beach Honeymoon is the Ideal Setting for a Honeymoon

A private beach is always an ideal setting for a honeymoon, for here you would be able to enjoy each other’s company without having to deal with other people. Most private beaches have an army of well-trained and discreet staff that would leave you to your own devices most of the time. All you needs would be met and you only have but time to consider. You can have your meals delivered at a pre-arranged time and you housekeeping done in the same way so as not to intrude in your private moments. You can take a romantic stroll during sunrise on the shore, frolic in the wonderful beaches, lounge around and read a book, cuddle up in the comfortable couches pr have a romantic moonlit dinner, you only have to choose on the infinite possibilities that you could do when you have a private beach honeymoon.

Listed below are some of the famous spots for a romantic private beach honeymoon, so read on.

Caribbean Islands

When it comes to private beaches, this would be at the top of anybody’s list. These islands are surrounded by emerald waters, pristine sand and gorgeous surroundings. You could not ask for anything more. It is a well known tourist spot, but there are an abundance of private islands that newlyweds could enjoy.

Peter Island for one thing only accommodates 150 people. It is one of the largest privately owned islands there, with a land area of 1, 300 acres, so you would not have to worry about bumping into another person while you walk on the beach. If you get tired of being alone, you could always socialize in its many bars and restaurants. Its overall feel would be secluded, but not stranded in a beautiful island.

Turtle Island, Fiji

The site for the famous movie, Blue Lagoon, many people would grab the opportunity to honeymoon in its wonderful beaches. There would only be 14 villas available, so you and your spouse would feel that much needed privacy most honeymooners crave.

Their villas are traditional and eco friendly cottages made by Fijian craftsmen. It has two spacious rooms with a private bathroom each, a well-stocked bar, a veranda with a queen-sized bed perfect for lounging around or napping during midday. It tranquil setting will surely set the mood for a romantic getaway for every newlywed couple.


Bali offers private villas at reasonable rates and astounding views. Their staff is well trained and discreet, so you may have as much privacy as you want. Couples could indulge in the luxury of doing whatever they want whenever they want for the staff would pretty much leave you alone, except to deliver your meals or clean your villas at prearranged times.

Your honeymoon might be a once in a lifetime thing. So don’t hold back, treat yourselves to a private beach honeymoon now.

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