Thinking of taking a cruise honeymoon? You’re not alone.

Just-married couples all over the world dream of an exotic beach honeymoon where they can just relax and enjoy the pleasures of life. It’s their chance to benefit from all the monetary gifts they received from the wedding guests, and to spoil themselves with a luxurious experience. So it’s no wonder that many couples choose the Caribbean or other exotic honeymoon destinations.

But why go there by plane, when you can make the travel itself an amazing experience? Plus, you won’t need to worry about planning activities, booking accommodations, choosing restaurants etc. A cruise honeymoon can offer you a hassle-free honeymoon that’s relaxing, romantic and luxurious. And you also get to travel the world and see some wonderful destinations. Whether you book a trip with a large cruise ship or rent a small yacht, a cruise is an amazing honeymoon escape.

Now let’s take a closer look at the top 8 reasons you should take a cruise for your honeymoon:

Amazing Destinations

You can choose to head to an exotic island in the Caribbean, to a splendid capital of Europe or even to Alaskan glacier peaks if that’s your thing. The possibilities are endless and there are many wonderful places that you can choose to cruise to. A vacation travel agent can help you make the right decision and choose the best cruise for your taste and budget. Some cruises can even be customized according to your wishes, so you can embark and disembark anywhere you want.

Free of Stress Traveling

After spending endless weeks on planning and organizing the wedding, the last thing you want is to spend even more time researching and planning for your honeymoon. When the wedding is over, you just want a relaxing and romantic holiday together with your loved one. A cruise allows you to travel to nice places while sipping a drink at the pool, eating delicious gourmet meals or joining fun parties and group activities. No more time spent in the airport or train station, missed flights, waking up early, carrying big bags, jet lag and so on. A cruise will allow you to travel with no stress.

Sightseeing While Relaxing

A cruise ship is basically a mobile hotel that allows you to witness amazing cities from the comfort of your chaise longue or room. You can see Venice, Corfu, Mykonos and many other places without having to take long and exhausting walks. Open the door of the balcony, order a drink or a snack, and enjoy the wonderful views on the horizon.

excursions on cruise ships

Everything Is Included

Most of the cruise packages are all-inclusive. This means that you pay a fixed price and then you have access to absolutely everything that is included. No need to order the cheapest items, because now you can get anything that’s on the menu. Including that interesting meal or exotic cocktail you always wanted to try. No need to worry about eating at a random restaurant or calling to get a reservation. Enjoy romantic dinners at five star restaurants together with your loved one. Not to mention that the cruises also include bars, clubs, and parties of all kinds where you can dance and have a wonderful time.

beach cruise ship

No Phone, No Distractions

Let’s face it: when you are on vacation (and especially if you go to beautiful places), you are tempted to let everyone know about it. So you start posting some photos on Facebook, some videos on Facebook stories, some images on Instagram and then some videos on Insta stories. But you may also have an account on Snapchat and you might even want to edit a travel vlog and post it to YouTube. Then, people start to comment on your posts and to message you asking about your vacation. And you end up wasting your time on your phone or laptop. Not to mention that you will not give your spouse the needed attention, as you will be constantly checking your phone for notifications, takings photos & videos, writing captions and so on. But being on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean will force you to leave your phone aside, to completely switch off and to give your partner all the attention he/she deserves. Don’t worry, you will still be able to show off your honeymoon photos when you get back home.

glass of wine included

Date Nights Are Included

No need to plan date nights with your partner or try to surprise them with romantic gestures. Cruises have all sorts of activities for couples, including comedy shows, magic shows, movies, cooking classes, theatre, dancing lessons, romantic dinners, spas and more. There are lots of cool things to do on a cruise ship and they are all included in the price. If you have children you can also bring them along, as the cruises offer plenty of fun activities for the young ones as well.

cruise ship underwater view

Romance At Its Best

Besides all of the above mentioned fun, cruises offer plenty of special activities and cute little things for the couples. You might get a welcoming bottle of champagne, chocolate, a massage session for the couple, a Jacuzzi, some rose leafs on the bed, scented candles, bubble baths, a romantic dinner on a private balcony and so on. A romantic cruise will strengthen your relationship and will make you love each other even more.

cruise ship

Comfort and Luxury

The cruise ships of our days are safe and efficient, but are also equipped with all the amenities you might possibly need. They are basically floating five-star hotels that look breath-taking. So you will end up having an unforgettable honeymoon in luxurious conditions.  Not to mention the experienced and well-prepared staff that will take care of all your needs and will offer you the time of your life. This includes world-class chefs, experienced massage therapists, talented performers, DJs, waiters, lifeguards, sailors, captains and so on.

There are the 8 reasons why you should take a cruise for your honeymoon. We hope you’ll have an epic experience! Don’t forget to tell us all about it in the comments area below.

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