Virginia is for Lovers. That’s not only the state’s slogan, it’s also a promise. With its magnificent landscape, stunning Virginia Beach, Shenandoah National Park, inviting wineries, and the history and culture of Williamsburg, Virginia has everything you could dream of for an unforgettable honeymoon.

Virginia Beach’s False Cape State Park is one of the last undeveloped regions by the Atlantic Ocean and offers a multitude of romantic activities. Here, nature is at its most genuine and makes a wonderful getaway. Virginia Beach also offers the opportunity for boating, horseback riding on the beach, and watersports. Away from the beach, there are many museums and sites of historical interest.

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For those in the mood to continue the wedding celebration with more wine, Virginia has a number of wineries and wine tastings. Shenandoah Valley, which is close to Washington, D.C., has more than 200 vineyards with dozens of romantic bed & breakfasts. If you are visiting in the winter, imagine getting snowed in and cuddling by a warm fireplace sipping some superior wine. 

Virginia’s Colonial Williamsburg is the world’s largest living museum. Built as a monument to our past, four centuries of our history come alive here. Costumed actors recreate special moments and everyday events surrounding the Revolutionary War. Visit the Yorktown Battlefield, where British rule ended, and America began. During the course of a day, you can discuss history with George Washington, listen to the Marquis de Lafayette, debate the status of a woman on trial for witchcraft. Then, you can take a horse-drawn carriage to one of the many taverns to go over the average day in historic Williamsburg. 

For anyone in Williamsburg in November, nearby Bush Gardens, named the World’s Most Beautiful Theme Park, lights up with 10 million holiday lights and the largest Christmas exhibit in the country. 

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The Inn at Willow Grove

The Inn at Willow Grove is an attractive luxury hotel situated in the center of Virginia wine country. The historical 18th-century plantation home and adjacent cottages have a 40-acre property in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The Inn showcase a wonderful mix of sophisticated and exquisite “city meets farm” design. It provides superb world-class facilities and polite southern hospitality. Loosen up in one of the 25 guestrooms, or visit the Vintage Restaurant for a delicious farm-to-table dinner.

It is a great place to visit for wine connoisseurs and history enthusiasts. You can explore James Madison’s Montpelier, Chateau MerrillAnne, and Skydive Orange to pass the time.

The hotel is excellent for a passionate honeymoon, rural traveling, and people searching for a beautiful, soothing, and unique getaway. Visit The Inn at Willow Grove. Relax and enjoy. 

More Information on The Inn at Willow Grove

Average Price Range: $295 to $378

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: No

Number of Rooms: 25


Williamsburg Inn

Williamsburg Inn is a Five Star, Five Diamond lodge. Recently, the hotel got reinvented to provide you with the finest of the classic and contemporary worlds. The structure embodies the pinnacle of elegance in Colonial Williamsburg.

The hotel enhanced the dining and beverage selections to meet modern preferences while maintaining its magnificent Regency architecture. You’ll also appreciate the spectacular renovations to the outdoor areas and the remodeled trademark-themed rooms.

The guestrooms feature air conditioning, sofa bed, telephone, TV, minibar, free toiletries, coffee makers, etc. You can take the bridal suite for your honeymoon or the interconnected rooms to stay with friends.

The property amenities include free parking, internet connectivity, an outdoor pool, golf course, bar, spa, fitness center, and many more. The hotel also doesn’t charge for kid’s accommodation.

Check-in at the hotel on your next vacation. Williamsburg Inn team looks forward to welcoming you.

More Information on Williamsburg Inn

Average Price Range: $449 to $621

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: No

Number of Rooms: 62


The Jefferson Hotel

The Jefferson Hotel has been known for its elegant look and magnificent design since 1895. The beautiful bedrooms and genuine hospitality make it a desired place in Richmond for both honeymoon and vacations.

The Jefferson Hotel offers exceptional cuisine in Lemaire Restaurant, 24/7 housekeeping, free Wi-Fi, and a free on-site fitness center. You can also enjoy the indoor swimming pool, spa, massage services, lounge, and walking tours. This is also a pet-friendly hotel.

The guestrooms are spacious and have a great view of the city. Every room features air conditioning, a safe fridge, on-demand movies, a coffee/tea maker, and walk-in showers.

All of the city’s top landmarks, restaurants, pubs, and shops are near the hotel. You can explore places like Capitol Square Park, Virginia Capitol Building, etc., conveniently.

The Jefferson Hotel provides the finest of Richmond at your disposal, ensuring a comfortable and pleasant vacation.

More Information on The Jefferson Hotel

Average Price Range: $268 to $386

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: No

Number of Rooms: 181


The Historic Cavalier

Established in 1927, The historic Cavalier recently got renovated to its distinctive grandeur. It offers luxury rooms with world-class services and facilities.

The hotel, which is part of Marriott’s prestigious Autograph Collection, has outstanding oceanfront scenery. It also features the Cavalier Beach Club, an exclusive gathering facility renowned for exceptional cuisine and breathtaking sea view.

You can choose from the guestrooms with ocean views, bridal suites, and family rooms according to your requirement. Every room features housekeeping, air conditioning, TV, seating area, free toiletries, telephone, safe and walk-in showers.

Additionally, the property facilities include an indoor and outdoor pool with a view, a fitness center, free internet access, a hot tub, etc. There are also evening entertainment, programs, and activities available to pass the time. Also, you can make use of their conference room for any corporate events.

If you want a traditional place for your honeymoon or vacation, visit the Historic Cavalier.

More Information on The Historic Cavalier

Average Price Range: $346 to $845

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: No

Number of Rooms: 85


The Omni Homestead Resort

Active since 1766, The Omni Homestead, is among America’s most famous resorts. Delivering exceptional service and southern hospitality on 2,000 acres in the Allegheny Mountains of southwestern Virginia.

The Homestead is known for its beautiful hot springs. It has 483 lavish guest rooms and suites with a mountain view. Every room features complimentary toiletries, TV, air conditioning, and housekeeping facilities.

The resort has 72,000 sq ft of a conference center, a spacious spa, and world-class golf courses. You can choose from a broad selection of fine and flexible dining options too.

The hotel has one of the country’s greatest mountain courses (The Cascades) and Allegheny Springs, a 2-acre water attraction. There is also a ski facility, an Equestrian Center, a Shooting Club kayaking, bird watching, and many other entertainment options.

Visit and enjoy your honeymoon or holiday at The Omni Homestead Resort.

More Information on The Omni Homestead Resort

Average Price Range: $240 to $466

All Inclusive: No

Adults Only: No

Villas Available: No

Number of Rooms: 483

About Virginia

Virginia is one of the original 13 states, with Jamestown as the first real settlement in the New World. Richmond it the state capital This is where America began, and it has one of the longest histories of any U.S. state. Initially, most unexplored territory was considered to be a part of Virginia. Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay region features George Washington’s birthplace, the estate of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, Stratford Hall, as well as the homes of our founding fathers, Mt. Vernon and Monticello, which are among the most historical and most visited homes in the U.S.

Virginia borders Chesapeake Bay to the east. Nestled near the stunning beaches are President Washington’s birthplace and General Robert E. Lee’s home, Stratford Hall. The beaches by the Bay are the perfect Virginia honeymoon destination. Virginia Beach is one of the most popular beaches with excellent golfing and a vibrant nightlife. Chesapeake Beach is famed for its 17-mile long bridge and tunnel. When in Norfolk, Ocean View Beach is the beach of choice. Jamestown Beach is a hidden gem with picnic grounds, grills, and a pier. All of Chesapeake Bay is perfect for sailing, kayaking, and taking a romantic sunset dinner cruise.

In Central and Western Virginia, Charlottesville embodies Virginia’s most historical side. Locals refer to it as “Mr. Jefferson’s Town.” You will also find James Monroe’s home, Highland, nearby. Mixed in with all that history are fashionable coffee shops and indie music performances. Here, old and new blend effortlessly. Charlottesville is at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, which offer hiking, lovely vistas, and pure mountain air. These grand mountains are a natural wonderland of mountain peaks and valleys. 

When you are thinking of wine, your thoughts probably shift to the West Coast’s Napa Valley instead of the East Coast. However, Virginia has its very own “wine trail.” This includes 160 vineyards,  47 of which are award-winning wineries. Visit as many as possible for some great wine tastings.

Richmond, Virginia’s capital, is a cultural and culinary winner. Its Fan District was called “The South’s Best Neighborhood,” by Southern Living. And National Geographics placed Richmond on its list of the world’s “top 10 places to travel for food.” 

Richmond certainly exudes culture. The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts has exhibits from Europe, the Far East, as well as Russia’s Faberge’s jewels. The Richmond Symphony is a leading musical venue. The city is also on the try-out tour for many Broadway plays. 

The James River runs through all this magnificence. The Virginia Capital Trail along the river is a great place to hike and bike. All of Virginia is the ideal place for a love affair.

Best Time to Visit Virginia

Virginia has a lot to offer year-round. Pick your visit time to visit.

Big Stone Gap Celtic Festival

This festival involves the entire community, beginning with a Celtic concert in Big Stone near Roanoke. This is followed by Celtic demonstrations and highland games. There will be plenty of food. 

Food, Art, and Wine at Virginia Beach Chill Fest

You can chill out because this weeklong extravaganza in January mostly takes place indoors in Virginia Beach. It begins with Restaurant Week, when local restaurants serve special prix-fixe meals. Lunch may be $10, while a three-course dinner may only be $20.00 This is followed by two days of the Coastal Virginia Wine Fest, with 40 wineries offering taste samples. In conjunction with the wine festival, visit the MOCA Art show at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art.

Chocolate Lovers Festival in Fairfax

Do you dream of chocolate? In February, your chocolate dreams come true. If Virginia is for lovers, Fairfax is for serious chocolate aficionados. Start off with chocolate drinks – wine and beer with chocolate, chocolate milk, etc. – The following day, move on to a BBQ and ice cream Sundaes lunch at the Kiwanis Club. Vendors are selling their tasty products. 

Samedi Gras

New Orleans isn’t the only place for Mardi Gras. Kick off the celebration in February in Purcellville. The Breaux Vineyards will offer dancing, costumes, beads, and wines. Live music will accompany the Cajun cuisine.

Annual Fredericksburg Fine Arts Show   

In mid-March, the annual Fredericksburg Fine Arts Show is a three-day event allowing both professional and new artists to exhibit their work. There are usually over 200 pieces, and it’s a great opportunity to consider decorations for your new marital home.

Norfolk Wine Festival

This event happens twice a year, in May and October. Over 30 wineries offer samples and wine pairing in Norfolk. Wine Enthusiast Magazine has proclaimed this festival to be “one of the 10 best wine travel destinations in the world!”

Top Things to do in Virginia

Williamsburg Ghost Tours

Explore a few historically haunted places on the Williamsburg Ghost Tours. There is enough history in Williamsburg for a ghost or two. After 300 years, Williamsburg is filled with shadows. Investigate the rumblings on sacred Indian burial grounds. There have been plenty of murders throughout the centuries. What is the story behind them? Beautiful Williamsburg is not always peaceful. And the tour provides a fun history lesson of one of America’s most vivid cities.

Luray Caverns

The Luray Caverns System in the Shenandoah Valley has been four million years in the making. It is the largest cavern in the U.S. Some of the rooms are the size of cathedrals with 10-story high ceilings. Bodies of water form large lakes, with stalactites and stalagmites filling the ceilings. The Great Stalacpipe is actually the largest musical instrument in the world, with the stalactites letting out gentle sounds throughout the entire cavern. This is like nothing else on earth. It’s the Michelangelo of caverns. There is no artist more talented than nature.

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond has a collection exceeding 35,000 pieces which encompass 5,000 years of history. From Asian to Impressionist to Post-Impressionist, the exhibits also include Art Nouveau, Art Deco, as well as modern artists such as Picasso. The museum is open every day of the year.

Visit Jamestown

Jamestown is where it all began. It is America’s first settlement. Here, visitors can view artifacts used by the original settlers. There is also a living museum that re-creates how the original settlers lived and coped. Climb aboard replicas of the three ships that delivered the British adventurers to their new home – the Discovery, the Susan Constant, and the Godspeed. And don’t miss the statue of Pocahontas. 

Visit Monticello

Thomas Jefferson’s home, Monticello, is located on a hilltop in Charlottesville. Before touring the house, stroll through the stunning garden, which provides a wonderful view of Charlottesville. It also contains Jefferson’s grave. Monticello still has several original items belonging to Jefferson, including a large collection of letters. Interestingly, the house contains a bust of his enemy, Hamilton. 

Maymont Mansion in Richmond

This Romanesque Revival 33-room mansion harks back to a different time. It serves as a monument to a gilded age of millionaires living life to the extreme in the 1890s. Following the original owners’ death, the mansion was turned into a museum with many of the original furnishings and articles intact. It was radical and modern for its times, with central heating, plumbing, an elevator, and a phone. The house is an interesting exhibit of downstairs/upstairs, with the owners’ and servants’ quarters living in stark contrast. The first and second floors display the plush life of the upper class. The “below stairs” quarters contain the wine cellar, butler’s room, pantry, maids’ quarters, and laundry. It’s the American version of Downton Abbey.

Weather in Virginia

If Virginia is for lovers, so is Virginia weather. April through October is warm and comfortable, although the rainy season begins in May, with summers bringing on thunderstorms. The summers can get pretty humid, but the temperature remains in the low 80s.  

The temperature begins to drop significantly in November, and the evenings can fall below freezing. The temperature gets colder the higher the up the location, where a Nor’easter can cover the ground with a few feet of snow in record time. December through February are cold, but the beautiful Christmas lights make up for the chilly temperatures. Snowfalls are rare, and by March, the outdoors begins to bloom.

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