Over two million Americans get married every year and the vast majority of newlyweds go on a honeymoon shortly after their wedding. We asked hundreds of American newlyweds where they went on their honeymoon. Honeymooners from the USA travel all over the world including staying in their hometowns to traveling all the way to Antartica!

Top Honeymoon Locations for Americans

Most Americans stayed within the country for their honeymoon. The most popular domestic destinations are Hawaii, Florida, and Las Vegas. Outside of U.S.A. borders, about one fifth of Americans travel to the Caribbean and Mexico for their honeymoon. Less than 5% of Americans travel to Europe for their honeymoon. The vast majority of American honeymooners are seeking a beach honeymoon, so the tropical destinations make sense.

american honeymoon in hawaii

Below is a breakdown on where Americans go on their honeymoon. While staying domestic is the most popular choice, don’t be afraid to explore the world and the amazing honeymoon destinations that are out there.

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