After months—or even years—of stressful wedding planning, there’s no doubt that you and your partner deserve a memorable honeymoon. The good news is that you don’t have to travel halfway around the world for the perfect honeymoon destination. The USA is filled with picturesque, exciting, and relaxing vacation spots to take your winter honeymoon. 

If you cannot take time off during the spring or summer or have an affinity for the winter, there are tons of travel-worthy places in the USA. There’s a common misconception that honeymoon destinations should be warm and tropical, but it depends on the couple and their interests. Plus, taking your winter honeymoon is a great way to snag unreal vacation deals while avoiding the crowds of over-eager tourists. 

Check out these ten winter honeymoon destinations in the USA for couples considering a honeymoon from December to March

Top 10 Winter Honeymoon Destinations In The USA

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Known for its mild winter weather, whale-watching, and sandy beaches, Cannon Beach, Oregon, is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts. When visiting in the winter, honeymooners will have the opportunity to explore the coastal city without the crowds. There’s also plenty of charming restaurants, cafes, and breweries in Cannon Beach, ideal for a romantic dinner or latte after walking the beach. 

With Portland and Willamette Valley nearby, couples can take day trips in their own vehicle or a rented car. The Willamette Valley boasts a selection of wineries, making a perfect day-trip for those who appreciate wine tastings. A day trip to Portland provides a slightly different vibe as it’s filled with unique eateries, breweries, tattoo parlors, arcade bars, and of course, tasty donut shops. 

Whitefish, Montana

Montana has become a very popular honeymoon destination, which we suspect has something to do with the TV show, Yellowstone. Whitefish offers natural beauty, luxury resorts, and winter activities at Glacier National Park. But if you and your honey are planning a trip to Whitefish in the winter, be sure to pack your parkas and wool socks as it will be cold. 

The mountain town also boasts some of the top BBQ joints where honeymooners can dig into plates of fried pickles, cornbread, and ribs. 

Visitors should also check out Yellowstone National Park for a day trip. The volcanic hot spot spans over Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, and features alpine rivers, forests, and canyons. Photos taken at Yellowstone National Park are sure to be Instagram-worthy.

Kauai, Hawaii

If you’ve got your heart set on a tropical winter honeymoon, Kauai will definitely meet all of your expectations. Kauai is one of the less busy islands found in Hawaii, with Maui being one of the islands to avoid if you get antsy around large groups of people. 

In Kauai, couples can take in the breath-taking views from the sandy beaches, sip on mai-tai’s from the hotel pool, or take an ATV tour to check out the waterfalls and rainforests. There are loads of romantic dining options where you can explore the island’s signature cuisine and cocktails. And before heading home, be sure to get a relaxing couples massage at one of the hotel spas so that you feel relaxed and refreshed upon return. 

Aspen, Colorado

This luxury ski vacation destination is ideal for honeymooners who would like their trip to include some adrenaline-pumping winter recreation. In Aspen, Colorado, folks can enjoy skiing, ice skating, tubing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, winter hiking, and more. 

After spending the day on the slopes, couples can head back to their hotel for a warm beverage and hot tub. Aspen will provide winter honeymooners with an unforgettable experience. 

Sedona, Arizona

Horseshoe Bend At Sunset

If the two of you are looking to avoid the cooler winter temperatures, an escape to Sedona, Arizona, will help you do just that. Sedona is close to the Grand Canyon and its desert landscapes are absolutely jaw-dropping. Red Rock State Park is a must-visit park that can be enjoyed from above in a hot air balloon or from the ground, on foot. 

Honeymooners can take advantage of the hotel pools, authentic Mexican restaurants, botanical cactus gardens, spas, and scenic hikes. Sedona is also home to several golf courses for those who recharge when playing a round of golf. 

Fairbanks, Alaska

There’s something just so romantic about watching the Northern Lights in Alaska. Honeymooners can watch the gorgeous light show from their hotel balconies or from one of Fairbanks’ soothing hot spring pools. 

Like Colorado and Idaho, the weather in Alaska during the winter will be chilly so pack accordingly. When you’re not watching the Northern Lights or wandering the town, love birds can try their hand at ice fishing or go dog sledding. 

Sun Valley, Idaho

Idaho is home to America’s first destination ski resort, Sun Valley. Honeymooners are encouraged to get the complete Sun Valley experience by staying at the renovated Sun Valley Inn. The mountain offers tons of winter activities for honeymooners like snow shoeing, skiing and snowboarding, and hiking with crampons. 

Sun Valley is slightly less busy and expensive than some of the other mountain resorts found in the USA, making it a great option for newly weds. Because the winter scenery at Sun Valley goes unmatched, we suggest bringing a couple disposable cameras to capture the cozy memories. 

Stowe, Vermont

This charming Northeastern town is great to visit year round but it’s definitely most special during the winter months. For the best experience, honeymooners should stay at one of the winter resorts in the area, like the Trapp Family Lodge or Stowe Mountain Resort. 

Stowe is perfect for newlyweds with a knack for skiing and snowboarding. But if you’re not interested in hitting the slopes, several nearby spas, restaurants, and museums can provide a unique date experience. 

Salt Lake City, Utah

If you’re a fan of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, then this is the honeymoon destination for you. In addition to visiting all the filming locations, newlyweds can go skiing or snowboarding, ice skating, snowmobiling, or shopping in the town center. Because this location gets very chilly in the winter, we suggest packing as much warm clothing as possible. 

Salt Lake City is also home to a burgeoning arts and culture scene, with several art galleries and theaters where you can catch a live show. It is a great location for an active and vibrant winter honeymoon.

Teton Village, Wyoming

Last but certainly not least is Teton Village in Wyoming. The village is located 12 miles from Jackson and is home to the famous Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Teton Village has a rather small population so that you won’t encounter lengthy lineups at any local restaurants or shopping boutiques. Teton Mountain Range is a must-visit for honeymooning folks who love to ski and snowboard. 

Along with a world-class ski mountain, Teton Village also offers dog-sledding, cross-country skiing, wildlife tours, sleigh rides on the National Elk Refuge, and other cultural events. As soon as they step foot in Teton Village, honeymooners will feel as if they are living inside of a snow globe. 

Wyoming also makes a great winter honeymoon destination for couples seeking romance during the other three seasons. 

Winter Honeymoon Ideas

With the summer heat, a lot of people are now considering to have winter weddings, and are eager to carry out their winter honeymoon ideas. It makes the whole idea of winter fitting in to your plans, and you should take note of this as you go along in planning your wedding and honeymoon. The months of winter provides great options for post-wedding adventures.

The moment you think about your possible honeymoon, the first thing that might be on your mind are some tropical islands, sea breezes, and the beach in general. Having a summer honeymoon at the beach or some nature-tripping in the waters are also good ideas, but not everyone who got married during summer is interested to spend their honeymoon in the sand. If a couple has chosen the month of December to get hitched, they would have probably talked about their winter honeymoon ideas.

Relax and unwind after your much anticipated wedding. Try to imagine you and your loved one cozying up by fireplace as snowflakes gently fall down outside. This is a type of honeymoon that you may have to experience in traditional cold weather resort destination. The following are some ideas that are sure to suit your adventurous side.

Ski Honeymoon

The first thing that is worthy to note is a ski resort honeymoon. If you want to learn how to ski, or simply love it, these kinds of resorts may be a perfect get-away for you as a venue of romance and outdoor activity. Most of these ski resorts also offer a variety of shops and lots of restaurants. Hotels can offer a romantic and luxurious feel, and may have amenities like a spa, amazing cuisine and different kinds of entertainment. Skiing during the day and at night, relaxing in front of a fire would be the perfect activities for winter honeymoon. Notable destinations for this type of honeymoon are in Canada and in the East Coast of the USA, like Vermont.

Winter honeymoon ideas can be done in the West Coast of America, like in California. In the southern part, there’s a picture-perfect weather all year. Go up a little to famous San Francisco coast, for the weather tends to be better during the winter than the summer. You may stroll along the waters, or take a ride on the cable cars. As they say, as always, there is something wonderful to do in California any time.

City Honeymoon

Honeymoons in big cities can also be a good option. In cities like New York or Chicago, the holidays are much celebrated and these places can be fabulous.

Wonderful holiday displays are in stores and this time may be perfect to get all dressed up and watch an opera or a ballet. There are great restaurants and shopping places that can be accessible and are available any time. If you’re still undecided, definitely think about this one as you may like to spend a busy and fun honeymoon time in these big cities.

If being on a beach means a lot to you for a honeymoon, there are also some great winter honeymoon ideas. Make your way possibly, further South, in the Caribbean islands, or to an island like Aruba that has warm weather all the time. You can also enjoy a deserted beach closer to your home, as it can also have its special charm and meaning to you.

Are you ready to make your wedding honeymoon ideas come true? Pick from the options presented to you. Make your honeymoon memorable and fun. Wherever you may spend it, what is important is that you are spending it with the person that matters most to you, your spouse.

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