The honeymoon is one of the most important moments in the life of a couple. Not only that it takes place right after a stressful event (the wedding), but it’s a time of complete relaxation before starting a new life together, a life that will be filled with problems and challenges.

The honeymoon will lay the foundation for the new marriage so it needs to be an amazing experience. It should combine romance, adventure, calmness and fun, depending on the type of honeymoon you choose to go on. In case you’re not already living in an exotic place or in Australia, if your honey moon happens to be in the month of January, you will probably want to go in a warm and sunny place.

Here are our destinations for a January honeymoon:

1. Bora Bora 

As you may already know by now, this is an amazing exotic destination that looks just like a fairy tale. The average temperature in January is an amazing 28 degrees Celsius (82 degrees Fahrenheit), which is so much better than the freezing temperatures back home.

Here you can lay in the sun, get a tan, go for a swim, indulge in water sports like snorkeling or scuba diving, take a sunset cruise on the island or have a romantic sunset dinner on the beach. There are plenty of amazing and luxurious resorts to choose from.

2. Fiji

This is another exotic destination filled with splendid beaches and great weather. The average temperature in January is 25 degrees Celsius (or 77 degrees Fahrenheit), making it perfect for getting a tan or heading into an outdoor adventure.

You can go hiking in the Bouma National Heritage Park, go scuba diving and discover the amazing marine life underwater, go skydiving or simply get pampered at one of the luxurious resorts and spas.

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3. St. Lucia, Caribbean

This is another popular destination for those who take their honeymoon in January or people who simply want to escape the cold weather and go to an exotic place. This paradise is filled with splendid beaches, beautiful mountains, waterfalls and rainforests.

St. Lucia also features our top ranked Sandals resort for your honeymoon, Sandals Grande St. Lucian. This adult-only paradise makes for an unforgettable honeymoon in January.

The average temperature in January is 26 degrees Celsius (or 78 degrees Fahrenheit), and it includes some amazing hotels, resorts and spas, including many all-inclusive resorts. While here, also make sure to explore the Pigeon Island, the Rodney Bay or the Anse Chastanet, to savor the culinary delights and to try fun activities like diving, snorkeling or bird watching.

4. Vienna, Austria

If exotic islands are not really your thing, you can go to Europe instead. One of the cities that is definitely worth visiting is Vienna, the capital of Austria. The city features some amazing architecture, special cultural events, cozy wine taverns and plenty of great restaurants.

Make sure to dress properly as the average temperature in January is -1 degrees Celsius (or 30 degrees Fahrenheit). Some places that are worth a visit are the Schonbrunn Palace, Tiergarten, Hofburg, Prater, and the St. Stephen’s Cathedral. If you want to admire the entire city from above, you can also take a ride in the Riesenrad, an old giant ferry from the 19th century.

5. Male, Maldives

Male is the capital of the popular touristic destination of Maldives, and also a well sought place for winter honeymoons. It has narrow streets, colorful buildings, busy markets, white sandy beaches and a great culture.

The place is very warm with average temperatures of 27 degrees Celsius (or 80 degrees Fahrenheit) and it also includes the popular activities of exotic islands – snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking and more. But unlike other places which only have the ocean and the beaches, this city also includes historic attractions such as the Friday Mosque, the Islamic Centre, the National Museum and the Hulhumale. There are hotels, villas and resorts for all tastes in the Maldives. While an exotic destination, there are also options for all honeymooner’s budgets.

6. Bali, Indonesia

This is a very popular destination for tourists, for digital nomads and also for couples on their honeymoon. It includes splendid beaches and sceneries, volcanic mountains, ancient architecture as well as luxurious resorts. But it also includes very cheap places where you can eat like the locals. The culture is rich and the night life is vibrant and energetic. The average temperature in January is 26 degrees Celsius (or 78 degrees Fahrenheit), so you can lay in the sun, do kayaking, surfing, muck diving, or snorkeling. Some of the places that are worth visiting are: Tanah Lot, Mount Batur, Ulun Danu Temple, Bali Safari and the Marine Park.

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7. Budapest, Hungary

This is another wonderful European city for those who do not want to go and lay on the beach all day. It is famous for its architectural masterpieces, vibrant nightlife, spas, thermal baths, shopping places and much more. It is a great destination for a January honeymoon for newlyweds interested in history and sightseeing. Just make sure to dress accordingly, as the average temperature for a January honeymoon is around -1 degrees Celsius (or 30 degrees Fahrenheit). Some of the places you need to see are the Buda Castle, the Fisherman’s Bastion, the Parliament Building and the Faust Wine Cellars.

8. Swiss Alps, Switzerland

If you and your spouse both love snow and winter sports, then this is definitely the best choice for a honeymoon. It includes some splendid mountain sceneries, amazing skiing slopes and romantic resorts where you can sip on a hot drink and enjoy a massage after a long day in the snow.

It can get really cold here, so make sure to have proper clothes and the suited gear for the sports you want to try. But don’t worry, you don’t need to take your skiing gear with you if you are living too far away, as you can always rent some. Also make sure to travel on the Glacier Express and to visit a chocolate factory, as the country is famous for this.

9. Krabi, Thailand

We’ll wrap things up with another warm place, where the average temperature is 27 degrees Celsius (or 81 degrees Fahrenheit). It includes nice and exclusive beaches, architectural wonders, mangrove forests and much more. On some days you can go shopping, while on others you can go out and explore nature. Places worth visiting are the Phi Phi Island, the Railay Beach, Koh Lanta Yai, and the Tiger Cave Temple.

Have fun and enjoy your January honeymoon!

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