September is considered one of the best months of the year for having a wedding and then for going on a honeymoon. The weather in most countries is great for outdoor wedding photoshoots; it’s sunny, not too hot but definitely not cold either. Plus, the school holidays are over and most families with noisy children have already left the touristic destinations.

Whether you go to an exotic island, a safari in Africa or some sightseeing in Europe, there are plenty of amazing places that you can see. Now let’s have a look at some of the best honeymoon destinations to visit in September:

1. Seychelles

Young happy woman enjoying in beautiful sunset on the beach while swinging above the water.

 This is a unique collection of islands and the only granite-formed oceanic islands in the world. The views are splendid and they include plenty of idyllic beaches with white sand and crystal clear waters.

Here you can lay on the beach and get a tan, experience water sports and activities, go scuba diving, taste the local cuisine or enjoy the vibrant nightlife. It also includes plenty of resorts and secluded beaches which are perfect for freshly married couples.

It’s the dry season here in September, making the weather warm and dry. This is the nesting season for many species of birds, and you will be able to admire them in the wild. But during this time of the year, you can also view the incredible whale sharks off the coastline of Mahe. The weather is not too hot, but definitely not cold, so you can spend days exploring the nature or just relaxing on the beach.

2. South Africa

If laying in the sun and getting a tan is not really your thing and you want to do something more fun and exciting, then you can head to South Africa. The safari experiences will show you the African savannah as you can only see it on Animal Planet.

But you can also head to the amazing city of Cape Town and witness some of its beauties. Here you can climb the iconic Table Mountain (whether on a hike or with the cable car), walk on the Tree Canopy Walkway, visit the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art, admire penguins at the Boulders Beach, visit Robben Island where Nelson Mandela served many years in prison, eat, drink and shop at Kalk Bay or the Long Street and so much more.

The weather in South Africa in September is dry and sunny, which makes for some great wildlife watching experiences. It’s also the right time for spotting whales in Hermanus, and from here you can also go to Mauritius or Mozambique and witness some amazing exotic places.

3. Indonesia

This is a large Asian country that has so much to offer, from exotic beaches to splendid mountain sceneries, from temples and historic landmarks to interesting looking rice terraces.

Bali is a popular destination for tourists and digital nomads and couples on their honeymoon. The beaches here are wonderful, the locals are very friendly and there are plenty of temples and waterfalls to explore. Lombok is another must-see location.

The weather here in September is dry, warm, and sunny, making it perfect for lying on the beach or exploring the wildlife. The coast of Komodo island is a great location for diving and snorkeling or plenty of other water activities.

4. Canada

We are aware that not everyone likes hot and sunny places with exotic beaches, and some people would rather go on hikes and explore cold mountains. Canada is a huge country with plenty of places to visit, and the weather in September is just right for hiking and exploring.

It’s the best time of the year to see the salmon run, where thousands of salmons are heading upstream. Where are salmons there usually are grizzly bears too, so be careful!

The mountain landscapes are simply amazing, and there are also plenty of amazing cities to visit such as Vancouver or Toronto.

5. Mauritius

Now, let’s return to an exotic and warm paradise, such as the island nation of Mauritius, part of the African continent and in the Indian Ocean. The place includes splendid landscapes, sandy beaches, colored reefs to enjoy, all-inclusive resorts and much more.

This is truly a unique place that will offer you an unforgettable honeymoon. The weather here in September is dry and warm, making it the perfect time to lay on the beach or explore the wilderness. It’s the end of the winter here, and the average temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit).

6. Tahiti

Tahiti is the largest island of the Society Islands in French Polynesia and it’s located in the central part of the Pacific Ocean. The views are breathtaking and this is the place where the first overwater bungalows were ever built. It is a great destination year-round, but makes for a spectacular destination for a honeymoon in September.

One of the popular locations here is Bora Bora, but there are many others that are just as beautiful. It’s the dry season in September, so the weather is warm and sunny with no rain or clouds. Most crowds have already left this place, giving you more privacy and relaxation. This is also a good time to spot humpback whales, which arrive from Antarctica seeking warmer waters.

7. Italy

If you plan for a European honeymoon, then Italy is definitely a must-see country. Its cities have plenty of amazing historical landmarks to visit, and the flooded streets of Venice are unique in this world.

The weather in September is just perfect for walking and visiting, with an average of around 27 degrees Celsius. The country also includes mountains that you can climb and splendid beaches where you can lay in the sun. And the great thing is that the large crowds of tourists have already left, giving you more peace and privacy. Don’t forget to try the popular Italian foods pizza and pasta.

8. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka comes to life in September. The monsoon season is ending, and the island has a fresh and new feeling. Honeymooners looking for a romantic getaway will want to stay at one of the luxury beach resorts on the island’s east coast. You can enjoy sweeping views of the Indian Ocean and take advantage of the pristine beaches.

The weather in September is ideal for outdoor activities. The warm sunshine is perfect for exploring the gorgeous island. Take a tour of one of the tea estates, most offer tastings in fabulous garden settings. It’s a great way to relax with your partner while also learning about the island’s history and culture.

Newlyweds feeling more adventurous will want to take a hike around Pidurangala Rock. You can also take a safari through Minneriya National Park. Nilaveli and Arugam Bay offer plenty of opportunities for pictures. After all, you want to remember your Sri Lankan honeymoon.

9. Kenya

Kenya is often synonymous with safaris, but the African country is also a great place to honeymoon in September. The weather is glorious, especially if you are planning a honeymoon on the coast. Kenya has more to offer than wildlife, the eastern side of the country is surrounded by sandy beaches.

Honeymooners that want to spend most of their days on a romantic beach will want to head to Nairobi, Tamarind Dhow, or Rift Valley.  You’ll find luxury resorts and romantic boutique hotels, all within sight of the water.

The Nairobi National Park has areas where you can enjoy romantic strolls. You can also join one of the safari expeditions. Kenya is also home to some exceptional wineries, so make sure you sample some of the local brands. When you want to relax and enjoy the tranquil view, head over to Manda Island.

10. Fiji

Are you dreaming of a honeymoon surrounded by white sand and coral reefs? If so, Fiji has everything on your list and more. While September can see an occasional rain shower, it’s still a great time to visit the island.

Occasionally known as the Soft Coral Capital of the World, Fiji has something for everyone. Honeymooners that are looking for plenty of privacy can take a helicopter to one of the clifftop suites on Wadigi Island.

Along with plenty of water activities and beaches to explore, take some time to enjoy a traditional Kava ceremony or take part in the Lovo Feast.

11. Greece

There’s something special about a Mediterranean honeymoon in September. You get around ten hours of sunlight during the day, giving you plenty of time to experience everything the country has to offer.

During the long, lazy days, you can visit the country’s historic tourist attractions like the Parthenon and Acropolis of Athens. Don’t forget to stop in the museum to learn more about the country’s rich history.

The gardens of Mon Repos Palace are the ideal place to take a romantic stroll. Nothing beats the view from a cliffside restaurant in Santorini or Oia for dinner. More adventurous newlyweds may enjoy staying in a cave house, while others may prefer the amenities at one of Greece’s fabulous resorts.

12. Ireland

Not every newlywed couple is looking to spend their honeymoon on a beach. Ireland in September offers both charm and stunning views, along with plenty of activities to ensure your honeymoon is memorable.

The Galway Oyster Festival is held in September and it’s a must-see if you are honeymooning in the city. Dublin is a thriving city with plenty of romantic hotels and the capital city also boasts thriving nightlife.

The bluebells at Belle Isle Estate are blooming in September. It’s the perfect place for a romantic photo and a kiss. If you want a little more privacy, spend the day on a private island not far from Argyll.

13. Morocco

The weather in Morocco is calm and mild in September, making the mountainous country ideal for honeymooners. You can experience a blend of elegance and class, while surrounded by the Atlas Mountains and ancient Roman ruins.

Honeymooners, and other visitors, are welcomed with a refreshing glass of lemon tea. You can spend the day trekking through the Sahara Desert and watching the sunset over the dunes. The city of Essaouria is the perfect place for beach lovers to stay. You can even go horseback riding along the water’s edge.

If you want to step back in time, you can stay in an Asni town. If pampering and luxury are priorities on your honeymoon, you’ll find several all-inclusive resorts and spas. During your stay, stop in the Jama El Fna Market and tour the majestic Hassan II Mosque.

14. The Cook Islands

The Cook Islands are becoming a popular destination spot for honeymooners in September. The weather is ideal for water activities or just lying on the beach. Whether you stay at a luxury resort or boutique hotel, you’ll see postcard-worthy views of the stunning blue water.

The mating season for humpback whales begins in September, and it’s a sight you won’t want to miss. Along with exploring the island’s multiple beaches, be sure to visit the Punanga Nui Market. Muri Beach provides amazing views, while the Te Vara Nui Village lets you immerse yourself in island life and culture.

15. Tanzania

Wildlife enthusiasts may want to consider a September honeymoon in Tanzania. The weather is great and there are plenty of activities for couples.

Explore the country’s forests or take a safari trip through Serengeti National Park. You can also explore Mount Kilimanjaro or go scuba diving off the coast. Zanzibar is the ideal place to stay. You can choose from romantic resorts or enjoy a stay at a luxury boutique hotel. 

Here were some of the best honeymoon destinations to visit in September. If you decide to try one of them, make sure to tell us everything about your experience in the comments area below.

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