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Los Cabos is a beautiful destination in Mexico, situated between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez on the Baja peninsula. It is surrounded by beautiful palm trees, deserts, and amazing resorts.

Los Cabos doesn’t only offer an amazing environment, but it also has to offer different memorable adventures and activities, luxurious resorts, and beautiful white beaches. Los Cabos is the gateway to paradise, especially for the newlyweds who need a break and some time alone from the hectic wedding perpetrations.

A Los Cabos Honeymoon is the perfect way to start your married life and to create a deeper connection with your other half.

About Los Cabos

Los Cabos has been colonized over more than 10,000 years by the first human inhabitants of Los Cabos, who were hunters. The long history has created a rich culture that adds immensely to the beautiful honeymoon destination.

What makes Los Cabos an amazing honeymoon destination is the different types of food you get to taste there. Los Cabos is a hub of great fishing so expect to indulge in a lot of seafood! You will get to experience authentic Mexican cuisine, which includes different fresh types of fresh seafood such as coconut shrimp, shrimp tacos, sushi, and any other seafood dish you could think of having.

Best Time to Visit Los Cabos


May and June is the best time to go for your honeymoon in Los Cabos and October.

There is heavy rainfall during August and September so you won’t be able to try out the outside activities, so avoid going during those months.

December through February is the coldest season, and from March to April, the weather gets extremely dry. To enjoy your Los Cabos Honeymoon, the best time to go is during the summers.

Weather in Los Cabos

There are dry and warm weather temperatures throughout the year in Los Cabos. July to October is the hottest month, with an average of 86 degrees Fahrenheit or 30 degrees Celsius during those months. The coldest months are from December through Feb, with an average of 73 degrees Fahrenheit or 23 degrees Celsius .

How to Get to Los Cabos

You can get to Los Cabos Air flights that bring you to Mexico international airport. You have lots of flights to choose from when you want to go to Mexico. To be precise, you can pick from 250 flights per week. The approximate flight time from the US to Mexico is 3-4 hours, depending on the state you’re traveling from.

You can travel by road, sea cruise and bus services also. Hence it’s not very hard traveling to Los Cabos as you have so many options and flights to choose from.

Top Things to Do In Los Cabos

Los Cabos has many fun activities to offer to make your honeymoon an eventful one. Activities such as:

  •     Parasailing
  •     Jet Skiing
  •     Scuba Diving
  •     Bungee Jumping
  •     Camel ride while exploring the desert
  •     Horse riding along the white beaches
  •     Swimming with whale sharks
  •     Tequila Tasting
  •     Visit Clubs
  •     Have dinner on the beach
  •     Go to the spa

These activities let you enjoy and experience a true Los Cabos honeymoon.

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