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The Maldives’ stunning blue waters, pristine white sand beaches, and array of exquisite seaside resorts make it the one-stop destination for honeymooners from around the world.

Stunning view of coral reefs, whale sharks, and other underwater species to experience while snorkeling, Island hopping, and couple spa treatments are just some of the many attractions of the Maldives for couples.

About The Maldives

The Maldives is an island country in the North-central in the Indian Ocean, in the full Republic of Maldives. It is made up of a string of nearly 200 coral islands. Most islands are tiny and only a few are large enough to house resorts. The international airport is located on one of the largest islands in the town of Male.

The culture of the Maldives has a heavy influence coming from neighboring nations, such as India and Sri Lanka. Traditionally, the males in the Maldives can be generally seen donning a sarong around the waist topped with a cotton shirt while the females traditionally wear Libaas, long dresses adorned with gold and silver threads.

Fish features as the star dish of the Maldives cuisine, since it is the second biggest industry. Most meals include rice and fish, while food for tourists is usually imported because of the arability of land.

Top Things To Do In The Maldives

Island Hopping

Honeymoon couples can hardly find any other place in the world that would provide them the luxury of island hopping sprees. The Maldives is perhaps the only place in the world where honeymoon couples can spend each day on a brand new island with beautiful resorts.

Dhoni Ride

One of the most romantic experiences on this island’s honeymoon destination would be to take a dhoni ride. This is a cruise boat, made locally with palm timber and coconut, affording you an exquisite time together with stunning views all day.

Couple Spa

What makes a couple of spas unique for honeymooners is being in the same room, experiencing the healing techniques together and while enjoying some of the most stunning views of the coral reefs and the sea.

Best Time to Visit Maldives


The best time to honeymoon in the Maldives is from December to April, which is the summer season. This is the time when the island experiences dry weather with very little or no rainfall. This makes it the ideal time to holiday in the islands and is usually crowded with tourists around these months every year.

When it is the peak summer season, like towards the end of April, it is essentially the best time to enjoy the water sports as well and have an adventurous spark in your honeymoon.

Maldives Weather

A hot tropical climate prevails all year in the Maldives. There is rarely a drop in the temperature below 25°C (77°F).

Monsoons occur twice in the Southwest from May to October and in the northwest from November to April. 


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